February 4, 2013 – Week 1 of Phase 2 – FAT BURN. *TOPIC: Power Foods Fitness = EATING FOOD not FOOD PRODUCT

Hello Beautiful People,

I am now beginning Phase 2 of Be Fit Hub’s “Power Foods Diet!” Yeah I am now rid of any sugar – carbohydrate addiction having spent the last 3 weeks eating anything that had a “face” or is found “green” in nature!

In essence the “Power Foods Diet” is eating FOOD not FOOD PRODUCT… So no dairy, no grains, no processed foods & no alcohol for the Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 as you reset your energy systems to run on “protein and fat” as we were designed rather than protein and carbohydrates from food product. 

When you are running on the optimum energy system of protein and fats you can then adopt the 80/20 rule and in this case your body will process the occasional food product carbohydrate rather than allocate more to your fat cells or increasing your fat deposits. Right now if you are eating food product your body produces glucose, sugar and those lovely fat deposits!!! Do you want more of the same???

So for me I feel it is worth all the effort to clean out my system, detox and reset my energy systems to the “protein and fats food pyramid”…. Think of the food pyramid as meats, poultry and fish as base, vegetables next layer, fruits next layer, nuts and seeds the apex… Check out my photo below – awesome dinner of grilled eye fillet pork with chargrilled zucchini and greens. Too easy!

So far I am proud to say that the 3 week Detox Phase has been an absolute success and my results are testament to this as per the following measurements:

Weight NOW 63.8kg BEFORE 65.6kg
Chest NOW 89cm BEFORE 92.5cm
Waist NOW 72cm BEFORE 78cm
Hips NOW 102.5cm BEFORE 103cm
Right Bicep 29cm BEFORE 31cm
Right Thigh 52.5cm BEFORE 54cm

Stay tuned for this week’s diary as I enjoy more vegetable carbohydrates to fuel my day as well as workouts. From a training perspective this will burn more body fat and create increased muscle mass as I maintain my current eating pyramid of protein and fats!

Enjoy your night!


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