January 12, 2013 *TOPIC: I become the Test Dummy for Be Fit Hub’s “POWER FOODS DIET!”

Hello ALL,
Well where do I begin… in the NOW.
I am NOW in the testing phase of Be Fit Hub’s “POWER FOODS DIET!”
My goal is to be the testimony of optimum health and happiness as a result of aligning my diet with the foods our bodies are programmed to ingest. In doing so I will reduce my body fat and build lean muscle tone, improve the function of my organ systems, as well as mitigate my riskof contracting diseases of civilisation such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, acne, candida and all other autoimmune conditions… Excellent! So this brings me full circle… having been born into this world an omnivore for 16 years, exploring vegan for 2 years, settling into vegetarianism for 16 years, opting for diversity and richness of pescetarian (i.e. vegetarian that eats fish) for 3 years and as of last weekend reintroducing meats and poultry – yes an omnivore once again with a primal twist…. Eat how we ate when time began… Unprocessed, organic and natural food is my intention.Why eat like our cave ancestors?
The first thing to note is that most of humans throughout history did not have factories, food engineers, and they did not have laboratories. So my aim therefore is to not eat anything that has gone through a factory or that comes in a box. In a perfect world your food should not have a nutrition label. Instead, it should be as natural as possible and organic would definitely help. This will increase the nutrient content of my food, as well as prevent me from ingesting pesticide and packaging toxins. But the most important part is to get away from the labels, and from all of those ingredients our genes have never been exposed to.So which foods are the most natural?
Some foods that nutritionists think are just fine I believe are toxic to the human body. These include grains such as wheat (unsprouted and unfermented especially), omega-6 vegetable oils (canola oil, corn oil, soy oil, vegetable oil), sugar, soy products and dairy.
This isn’t to say that everyone who eats these foods will immediately run into problems. But over and over again in the literature I see confirmed the fact that most people optimise their health by eliminating toxic foods. Eating them once in a great while is certainly okay. But that is just like drinking alcohol once in a while is okay, or skipping sleep once in a while is okay. It’s not optimal, but it can be tolerated, at least by many individuals.What foods remains for me?
Organic grass-fed animal products
Vegetables of all sorts
Fruits in moderation
Ghee and/or butter
Coconut and coconut oil
Olive oilIn general, we at Be Fit Hub believe moderate protein, somewhat higher fat and a little bit lower carbohydrate intake is optimal, though honestly this recommendation varies far and wide based on individual needs and preferences. Animal products are important. Quality is important. Being adapted to burning fat is important.

All that said, there are three things more important than eating the proper foods. They are:
1) Sleep. 7 hours each night, at minimum.
2) Reduce stress.
3) Love yourself.

So as of Monday 14 January 2013 George and I begin Phase 1 – Detox…
George and myself will be posting my before and after measurements and photos every 3 weeks, my weekly diary, photos of my pantry and meals to inspire you all to broaden your awareness of eating for your body type to maximise your cellular health and manage your weight for life.

Health is achieved holistically. Your mind cannot heal without your body, and your body cannot heal without your mind. Nurture yourself.

Namaste xx

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