January 23, 2013 – Week 2/3 of Phase 1 – Detox. *TOPIC: BLOATING gone!!! Hello WEIGHTED SLED!

Hello Everybody,
Hope your well & looking forward to the Australia Day weekend!
Apologies for the late diary entry! Our computer is not co-operating & is off for a service at the Genius Bar…

Well since last Monday all is still on track with the Detox Phase. Plenty of greens & nuts to accompany the beef, pork, chicken & salmon.

Loving my afternoon meal consisting of our Be Fit Hub Protein Powder and Protein Balls – watch this space – they will be available for sale very soon… We are in the final stages of refining the nutrient content & packaging!!!

My favourite creations are Wednesday night’s grilled salmon with sesame seeds on a bed of baby spinach & Saturday’s dinner of grilled pork eye fillet with broccoli drizzled with avocado oil. These recipes will be available as part of our online material for our “Power Foods Diet” very soon.

The biggest lesson for me this week comes back to that old saying “FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL!” 
It is vital to plan ahead to accommodate your schedule by cooking ahead parts of your meals e.g. on Monday morning grilled chicken tenderloins for 3 lunches & for “rush out the door” Tuesday morning – I prepared two serves of breakfast on Monday to have ready to eat the next day. Also writing your shopping list down to ensure that your always buying what you need when you need to maximise freshness. 

I have enjoyed not waking up bloated for the first time in my life & a few of my closer students & friends have noticed & commented.
I am loving no longer having the afternoon slump where you are craving a coffee as overall my energy, focus & concentration is at a consistent level all day.
Another bonus has been sleep as the foods are more grounding & portions assist your body-clock in knowing when to retire, to fast while you sleep & to break the fast when you wake.

As for training… OUCH! I started my sessions with George on Thursday & really enjoyed the new exercises & intensity. I am now pulling and pushing the weighted sled pictured below to build gluteal and leg muscle as well as strength. Arms were fine & my legs lived in DOMS world till Sunday night – it was sooo agonizing to sit on a chair let alone attempt my weekend surf! I am so pumped to maintain these sessions with my usual training of weights, core, swimming & surfing as the challenge is refreshing mentally & physically. “Change is as good as a holiday” & this also applies to our training schedule.

Any feedback or questions in regards to our “Power Foods Diet” & products is encouraged by both George & myself.
Embrace the day!


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