January 30, 2013 – Week 3/3 of Phase 1 – DETOX. *TOPIC: NOW beginning to train like an ATHLETE!

Hello Beautiful People,

Hope you are all well & enjoying your shorter work week!

I am now into my third week of Be Fit Hub’s Power Foods Diet. So I will complete the final week of the 3 weeks Detox Phase this Sunday.

I am proud to say that as of today’s session – quoting my Personal Trainer & Business Partner George (pictured below before his altitude training session) – “I am now beginning to train like an athlete!!!!” I had the most awesome session pushing all the boundaries with multiple sets of sleds, ropes, kettle-bell squats, sprint rows & crawling push-ups… 
This was welcomed by my body as I had a fairly intense personal training session last Wednesday followed up by my own training session following a similar format on Friday night. It is so much harder to push yourself when you are training yourself & to keep your momentum building & sustained… I can honestly say I now value the work of a Personal Trainer even more & understand my role more intimately from having this contrast.

My diet is brilliantly clean (loving the consistent energy flow) & the long weekend did present the challenge of a surfing road trip & social dinner on Australia Day. As you will see from my Food Diary this day was deliberate & clean in my choice of fuel with our blend of Protein Powder for breakfast, grilled barramundi & salad for a cafe lunch & rare eye fillet with steamed broccoli & snow peas at my cafe dinner. Loads of water & sparkling water to rehydrate from 3.5hours of excellent surfing conditions at The Farm.

I also had to make some finer adjustments to keep me regular as the new intake of meats as well as abandoning dairy & soy had wrecked havoc with my bowels in the first 2 weeks of the Detox Phase. Finally after increasing my psyllium husks to 2 teaspoons twice daily a week ago – regularity has been restored as of today… Hope this continues as I move forward into the next phase.

Stay tuned for the makings of my next phase in my next diary post!

Wishing you all a gorgeous week of sun & peace!

P.S. My next measurements & weight to be recorded & posted this Friday!


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