Life Lessons Relearned So We May Actually Feel Them (Post from January 15, 2013) *TOPIC: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!” A must read to understand the “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle.

As we know this Blog is now in real time and I wanted to save this post from my original Facebook posts and share with those of you recently following “Power Foods Fitness” and again with clients this important life awareness – “You are what you eat!”

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well and winding down to embrace the chillaxed weekend vibe!

Well another amazing week full of lessons or as I call them blessings. I choose to come from a place of gratitude where ultimately all on our path is for us to learn more of ourselves and grow in our compassion to receive and give love.

I am into week 2 of the 2nd phase – FAT BURNING of our “Power Foods Diet.” One lesson I have am re-learning is “DO MORE OF WHAT FEELS GOOD” so that is exactly where I am at!!!
Our “Power Foods Diet” has changed my life in regards to respecting the fuel system of my body as the CORE of all the other systems within as well as creating the platform for a calm mind. I also have been over and over again a passive positive influence to my clients, students, neighbours (they no longer drink on weeknights) and surfing buddies (now inspired to intensify their training) as all quietly observed the changes in my body, energy and mood.

On a training front I have increased my reps and sets in my HIIT training as well as Full Body Strength Training as a result of my increased carb intake prior to training to accelerate insulin production to assist in muscle growth. This is when insulin is in a positive system in our body!!! I am pulling the sled x 20kg x 18 reps a hugh improvement in strength and stamina from x 6 reps in my first week of training.
Hey, I was so excited to run my surfboard to the top of the sandhills (after 1 hour of surfing) where I left my towel without even thinking about it – my body felt like it! 
WOW – an increase in energy for me!!!

I am also adding in another HIIT session on the bike on Saturday to accelerate my fat-burn process as well as build leg strength and stamina.

On the food front I am enjoying the additional carbs from vegetables. The taste, texture and diversity allows my meals to be a piece of artwork if I choose to go there. The additional skins of the vegetables is helping me regulate my bowel movements – a work in progress for the last 25 years of my life… Many of you have shared your frustrations with me and know exactly what I mean.
Guess what??? I had my first coffee free day!!! On Thursday I mixed things up with a morning surf and had a scoop of our protein powder as a pre-workout meal. Then breakfast after the surf, then swim, then clients… then 7pm and realised no coffee has passed my lips… Prior to the “Power Foods Diet” I was in headache-land by 1pm craving coffee in every cell of my body and barely able to keep a serene thought in my mind or genuine smile on my face. 

My aim is to share with you an ordinary girl’s journey as she makes the transition to the ultimate FOOD PYRAMID – PROTEINS & FATS – the optimum FUEL FOR OUR BODY AND MIND! 
By living the journey I can come from a place of authenticity as I guide and support you on your path to a healthier and happier version of yourself. 
As for my business partner and personal trainer – George – the journey is much the same and focuses on refining the process to achieve the goals of the professional athlete along with the elite athlete in us all.

Enjoy your weekend!

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