Train Like A Warrior – MIND OVER BODY! Focus on each part of the movement in every repetition!

Everything is mind over matter.
Every disease is mental first.
Everything is about thought.
Everything is about vibration.
Everything is about the way you feel.
Practice scenarios that feel good—and never mind reality.
Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating.
Train the mind to be sharp, and strong in its belief to stay present in this moment.
Focus on each part of the movement in every repetition!
Like I preach to my clients and students:
“You are here now, this session/class! Stay present and give each moment/each exercise your dedicated attention and channel all your energy to move beyond your comfort zone…
Knowing that once you finish you want to ideally reflect on the session/class and know you gave it your all.
By conquering your mental focus and stamina your body follows and this ripple effect spills over into other parts of your life…”
Train like a Warrior! xx

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