Me @ Week 4/4 of Phase 2 – FAT BURN. *TOPIC: You need to eat enough calories around training to support your fat loss and lean muscle growth goals.

I am now in the final stage Week 4/4 of Phase 2 – FAT BURN of Be Fit Hub’s “Power Foods Diet.”  As most of you are aware this lifestyle takes you back to the ancient years and essentially aims to create a diet that our cavemen ancestors would have eaten.

As we evolved modern technology and cooking processes have changed significantly from our ancestor’s years. While they would have had to go out and hunt for the foods they were going to serve up for dinner, today we just take a simple trip to the grocery store where we’re greeted with rows and rows of prepared and processed foods to choose from.

This brings us to our challenge today as fitness and health professionals and clients…  by creating these so called “convenient” changes in food preparation we have degraded the nutrition content of our daily diet and have moved further and further away from eating as Mother Nature intended.

The concept of the “Power Foods Diet” then is to get back to ancient times where you forgo all the processed foods you find at the supermarket and instead focus on foods that either occur in the wild or come straight from the ground.

In essence, if it was available thousands of years ago, it’s going to have a place in your meal plan. This means that your daily diet will primarily consist of meat and fish, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds. Oils such as olive and coconut are allowed in moderation and foods to be avoided include dairy products, cereal grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, fatty meats, and foods that are very high in salt content (such as processed meat products and salted nuts).

I have found by using the “Power Foods Diet” framework I am eating enough protein which is something that is critical for both my fat loss and muscle building goals. I am including lean meat sources with each meal. By choosing to incorporate a wide spectrum of high antioxidant fruits as well as vegetables in my menu, I am managing  to keep my calorie intake on the lower side, so this will be beneficial from a fat loss point of view.

As I am actively looking to continue to build lean muscle I do require a higher calorie surplus to deliver fuel to my muscles to complete my current training regime of  Functional Training x 2;  HIIT x 2; Foam Roller x 1; Yoga x 1 sessions per week + surf! So along with my  pre and post-training meal around Functional Training  I am eating  larger doses of nuts and seeds to help boost my calorie and healthy fat intake.

On Monday I begin Week 1/4 of Phase 3 – LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH. So in terms of daily meals I will add more complex carbohydrates such as 120g x sweet potato at dinner to increase my energy intake to be fresh to train and grow lean muscle. Most importantly I will continue to incorporate my PRE and POST-TRAINING meal around FUNCTIONAL TRAINING as well as HIIT sessions.

In detail, I am drinking 1 x scoop of our Be Fit Hub Pure Whey Protein Powder with 1 x tbsp honey mixed with 500ml x water 20 – 30 minutes prior to training as well as a shot of coffee 10 minutes prior to my first set. On completion of either type of session I will have  another scoop x protein powder, 1 x tbsp honey and 500ml x water.

My next meal ideally would be within an hour of training and with the nature of running sessions and classes in our studio I aim to have more than half my meal within 75 minutes of my training session as worst case scenario.

My journey is to keep reducing my body fat and continue to gain lean muscle tissue. To be precise as the amount of predicted weight loss for me is less than 10kg I am training predominately with weights rather than a blend of weights and long moderate cardio sessions.

I am so excited about my new training program that begins in 2 days and  will take my strength and stamina mentally and physically to the next level:


Monday – Functional Training  with Personal Trainer 

Tuesday – Explosive Sprints with me @ home + Yoga x 1 @ studio class 

Wednesday – HIIT with Personal Trainer + Foam Roller x 1 @ studio class

Thursday – Rest or Surf

Friday – Functional Training  with Personal Trainer 

Saturday – HIIT with me
Sunday  – Rest
What I also want for you all to understand that if your weight loss goal is greater than 10kg then your menu plan and training regime will be different to support this goal i.e. no post-training meal and increased cardio sessions.

The “Power Foods Diet is not a very low carb diet like the Atkins plan as it does contain vegetables and fruits in abundance. Rather it is a diet variation that is going to offer numerous health benefits that support a well-functioning system. The “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle will help you easily reach and maintain your goal weight and can be modified to meet the unique nutritional and fitness needs for major or minor fat loss as well as all levels of  lean muscle growth required for optimum fitness as well as athlete level training/performance goals.

Stay Beautiful xx


4 thoughts on “Me @ Week 4/4 of Phase 2 – FAT BURN. *TOPIC: You need to eat enough calories around training to support your fat loss and lean muscle growth goals.

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