Me @ Week 1/4 of Phase 3 – LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH. *TOPIC: Focus on best nutrition for pre & post-workout meals as well as best training combination to support fat burning whilst growing lean muscle mass.

Greetings Awesome People,

Well I have begun Week 1/4 of Phase 3 – LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH of Be Fit Hub’s “Power Foods Diet.”

One thing I leave learned this week is commitment and focus to a goal remains despite all else if you truly believe this is your potential and destiny… Where do I begin a hectic work schedule that roared from Monday to Saturday afternoon, ramped up training schedule to coincide with this new phase, business conference calls Sunday morning  and a blocked pipe now overflowing gunk in the bathroom on Sunday afternoon… To have the discipline to make space between your dismay and fatigue at all that is swirling around you and to know in the middle of all this commotion you choose what is important to you and your next step in achieving your goal/s is our gift in life. As I always say “be the person you would want to look for inspiration” and your life’s outlook will change from stagnation to pulsation. 

Yes my training schedule this week saw me introduce Tabata within a PT session as well as my own session of Hill Sprints.


Sprints are great because they are exactly the type of movement that man has been making for hundreds of thousands of years. Think about it…

First of all, sprints most closely emulate the type of activity our caveman ancestors would have performed. You know – slowly stalking and hunting an animal for hours at a time  (constant, steady movement) only to erupt with an intense burst of speed for the final kill (the sprint). Then our caveman ancestor would have to lug the thing back to camp (deadlifts, squats, and other high-intensity weight bearing training).

Tabata training, a type of super high-intensity interval training is becoming more popular and delivers big results such as improved aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, muscular endurance and fat burning.

Professor Izumi Tabata’s findings from a 1996 study on moderate and high-intensity interval training helped legitimize a movement – away from chronic cardio and toward high-intensity workouts. He showed that high-intensity intermittent training actually improves both anaerobic (intensity and muscle building) and aerobic (slower, oxygen consuming) body systems, while aerobic exercise only improves aerobic systems.

Tabata’s study even spawned a specific training method: the Tabata. Quite simple and effective, a Tabata session consists of twenty seconds of maximum output, followed by ten seconds of rest, repeated eight times without pause for a total of four minutes. Any exercise will work (running, cycling, burpees, jump rope, squats, etc.) Doing Tabata sprints is perhaps the most rewarding – and physically taxing – way to spend those four minutes.

The best thing about Tabata Hill Sprints, in my honest opinion, they only take four minutes to complete. Four minutes! To be honest I will never look at the hill out the front of my place the same again and the sprints – they killed my legs. The Tabata Hill Sprints once the shock of the whole exercise wore off  (completed these just out of bed with a shot of coffee in my system) had me alert mentally and robust physically for the remainder of the day as well as sore… a good “have moved my body” sore. There’s simply no excuse not to try them, so drop what you’re doing and get out there and sprint!

My PT session on Wednesday was 7 x 4 minutes = 28 minutes of Tabata exercises. I started with the rower, then bike, followed by double ropes, pushups, abdominal curls, prisoner squats and piston lifts. Yes, absolute fat burn and at the same time invigorating and energising!!!

My business partner and personal trainer George made a permanent change to my pre-workout meal to stimulate my metabolism and increase fat loss. So now my fuel prior to training is 1 scoop Be Fit Hub’s Protein Powder and 1 shot coffee with 500ml water. My post-workout meal in the window of 15-30 minutes where insulin lies dormant is 1 scoop Be Fit Hub’s Protein Powder and 1 tbsp honey with 500 ml water…then my meal of 150g grilled chicken and bunch of baby spinach drizzled with apple cider vinegar and olive oil within 90 minutes of my session.

Personally I am experiencing more strength, endurance and muscle tone that others are noticing in me also! My own HIIT session on Saturday afternoon (just yesterday) was a Personal Best for me! YEAH! Chin-ups with legs long 1 in 1st set then 2 for 2nd and 3rd sets, Back Squats up 5kg to 30kg and 3 sets x 12 reps, Double Ropes originally 50 reps x 3 sets now 90 reps x 3 sets, Tabata Bike Sprint now level 10 for all 8 intervals and Abdominal sequence of 3 exercises x 16 reps x 3 sets.

My relationship with food is blossoming as it stays aligned to nurture my goal for optimum cellular health and fitness whilst feeding my soul… being present with my food, knowing life is precious and taking a moment to be grateful for all the lessons and the awareness I have  that each lesson is a blessing. Meal time is now a reflection in gratitude for the amazing life I have and the wonderful people and opportunities in it. For me loving my neighbours even more as their bathroom becomes mine until the plumber can come 9pm tomorrow night after my clients and classes to create harmonious flow in my pipes once more! LOL!

Only you can create the life you want. In every moment only you can decide where you will harness your precious mental and physical energy to. Give this focus all your heart and then you have absolute commitment my dear friends!

Ciao for now! xx


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