“Power Foods Fitness” FOOD PYRAMID

Finding the right path to take on your fitness journey can be tough with all forms of information circulating from the health, fitness and medical bodies as well as government guidelines and ALL are so heavily influenced by our economy of growth and the media’s response to this… BLAH! No wonder we are confused!!!

There are certain “rules” that are accepted as facts that you really need to question in terms of efficiency… The “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle is about MAXIMISING RESULTS for YOUR GOALS. 

The buck doesn’t stop there!

A lifestyle of fitness and health doesn’t really have an end date, and it shouldn’t. Choices are made everyday that influence what you do and where you end up; that’s why I have created the “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle. 

We want to get our bodies working as efficiently as possible! Sacrificing muscle tissue and intestinal health to lose weight on the scales is not the brightest idea, yet it’s seen as an achievement when “weight” loss occurs. 

We at Be Fit Hub eat “real” food – fresh, natural foods like: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. We choose foods that are nutrient dense, with lots of naturally – occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more or less calories and are a poor source of basic nutritional requirements. And food quality is important! We are careful about where our meat comes from, and buy produce locally and organically as often as possible.

Mission Statement of “Power Foods Fitness”: “Eat Real Foods NOT Food Product!”
The concept of  “Power Foods Fitness” is not a low calorie “diet” … we eat as much as we need to maintain strength, energy and a healthy weight. In fact, our diet is probably much higher in fat than you’d imagine. Fat isn’t the enemy!!! Fat is a great energy source when it comes from high quality foods like avocado, coconut and nuts. 

As we also say at Be Fit Hub “You need to eat fat to burn fat!” 

And we are not aiming to eat a “low carb” diet, but since we are eating more vegetables and fruits instead of loading up on bread, cereal, pasta and rice, it just happens to work out that way.

Fueling your body right is a lifelong task and it is your choice!!!
It’s one of the most amazing and rewarding tasks you’ll ever undertake!
Trust us – we at Be Fit Hub are living the optimum fuel system and we are becoming the best versions of ourselves physically and mentally!

“Power Foods Fitness” has in its framework the influences of the ‘Metabolic Precision’ and ‘Fighter Diet’ nutrition principals. 
The “Power Foods Lifestyle” is simply about eating the most nutrient-dense foods possible – which happen to be WHOLE, UNREFINED, NATURAL FOODS! These are the foods that kept people healthy, fit, and free of disease before the advent of processed sugar and oils, grains, and “health foods” packaged in boxes, bags, plastic wrap and capsules. 

*This is a basic list of foods that you’ll ENJOY with this “Power Foods Fitness” approach:

Meats, Eggs & Seafood 

When possible, seek grass-fed or pasture-raised meats and wild-caught seafood. Well-raised meat is an excellent source of healthy fats, minerals like iron and zinc, and complete protein! Get a VARIETY of healthy animal protein – different types contain different benefits: 
for example; red meat is excellent for iron; oysters for zinc; and salmon for omega-3. 

Veggies & Fruits 
Your focus will be opening the door to as many new, fresh, fun varieties of fruits and vegetables as possible! The plant world is full of unique, flavourful, and versatile fruits (berries) and vegetables (kale), and these are the healthiest carbohydrate and calcium sources on the planet. 

Concentrate first on non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, zucchini)

and spices (turmeric), 

and add starchier veggies (sweet potato) based on your goals and activity level. 
Whole, fresh, frozen, pre-cut – anything goes! 

Unrefined Fats & Oils 
Whether you’re cooking or simply looking to add flavor to your meals, the BEST quality fats are from unrefined, minimally processed, natural sources such as: 
butter, ghee and other fats from GRASS-FED animals; 

fatty fruits like avocado, coconut and olive;

coconut oil, flaxseed oil and  Extra-Virgin Olive Oil fit the bill. 

Egg yolks are an excellent source of choline, Vitamin A and healthy, cell-building cholesterol – so do NOT throw them away!

“Traditional” Foods 
If you’re interested in SUPER-charging your menu plan, incorporate the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. These are the foods your Grandmother probably ate all her life:
organ meats (kidney and liver), cod liver oil, sauerkraut, kombucha, raw milk, and homemade broth!

Of course we should all eliminate processed and irritating foods. So lollies, soda, and white bread are clearly very poor choices. But did you know that certain so-called “Health Foods” – such as muesli or energy bars – can stall fat loss, negatively impact performance, and cause chronic illness? 

Foods that dis-regulate blood sugar or irritate -“inflame”- your system will ALWAYS make it harder to reach your optimum cellular and fitness goals. When your body is preoccupied with repairing the damage caused by poor-quality or difficult-to-digest foods, it can’t focus on what YOU want it to do. 
Unfortunately, many modern health myths about the following foods are STILL hanging on – don’t be fooled – wisdom is knowledge applied to serve your purpose!!!  

*This is a basic list of foods to MINIMISE following the “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle:

Gluten-containing items

Gluten inflames, damages the gut lining, and is associated with many underlying, chronic conditions both inside AND outside the digestive tract – and yes, even in people who DON’T have celiac disease! Have you heard of “Leaky Gut” – mmm… join the dots?!
You’ll find gluten in most “whole grains;” breakfast cereals, wheat, barley, rye, spelt, millet, bulgur, durum, couscous, pasta, bread, beer, and MANY other common foods.

Grains – including “Whole Grains” 
Let’s be honest… Most “Whole” grains are not “Whole.” Love this question: Are YOU eating a stalk of wheat? Well? No you are not! 
Many grains contain gluten, and ALL grains carry baggage that inflame your gut that other, more nutrient-dense carb sources like starchy vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash, yams) do not. 
Grains also manipulate blood sugar without providing good nutrition. In fact, the minerals found in grains are often added after-the-fact. Ever wondered what “fortified” means?… and these minerals are also poorly absorbed – did you know that grains have components called “anti-nutrients” that can bind to minerals like zinc, calcium and iron, preventing your body from using them properly? Are you having a “lightbulb” moment yet?

Grains include, but aren’t limited to: 
wheat, barley, rye, millet, spelt, bulgur, buckwheat, amaranth, 
quinoa (not technically a “grain,” but has similar issues), 
all types of bread and pasta, 
hot OR cold cereal (including granola, oats, and cream of wheat) 
and – for most people – even corn and rice should be minimised or eliminated to allow your body to heal! 

Refined Grains & Packaged Snacks
This should be a given: eliminate breads, muffins, scones, croissants, English muffins, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, corn chips, packet-pancake mix, packet-waffle mix, pasta, pita bread, bagels, danishes, donuts, crackers, cannolis, cakes, burger and hot dog buns, pizza, cereals, pop-tarts, cookies, pretzels, chips, breakfast bars (yes, even those marked “healthy” or “natural”), …and so on…

Rule of Thumb –  Anything sold in a box, bag, plastic wrap or capsule should be eliminated as they are all garbage!!!

“Gluten Free” packaged products are definitely NOT a good substitute
If you’re starting to feel deprived, understand this: the makers of these products don’t care whether eating them causes your cellular health and fitness to suffer. These products are addictive and designed to be that way to ensure their industries thrive!!! Even if you think you like them, they are all hurting your body – even in the smallest amounts!

Once you detox from these junk foods, you will  find yourself less and less interested in them as your taste buds are no longer at the mercy of your imbalanced belly!

Just give yourself the chance to desensitise and have all in harmony with your optimum fuel system.

Alcoholic Beverages
We are not saying NEVER drink again. But for the time being, eliminate alcohol! Or at the very least limit your intake to 1-3 drinks (maximum) per week – if you want to see real results! 
Choices should be gluten- free, thus limited to wine (red is best) or clear non-grain alcohols (tequila, vodka, rum) with soda water mixer – flavoured with plenty of fresh lemon, lime or mint. 

Modern Dairy
Most modern dairy is derived from unhealthy, antibiotic-and hormone-supplemented cows; then stripped of all nutrients in the production process. Underlying dairy sensitivity is extremely common and dairy is a limiting factor in fat loss and appetite regulation. 

Minimise all conventional dairy – including:
milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and frozen yogurt; 
and stick to butter or ghee ONLY as you heal your body from chronic inflammation. 
If you suspect or know you have a dairy allergy then remove dairy completely.

For all dairy fans you may still enjoy the texture of yoghurt as well as mousse and ice-cream that is dairy free and made from coconut milk.

Stay tuned to our “Power Foods Fitness” Recipes to learn of these healthier options for all culinary favourites… Yes ALL! This is an exciting learning process!!!

Beans and Legumes
The facts are: 
Beans are an inferior source of protein and they spike blood sugar without providing adequate nutrients! 
Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, and cashews) are similar, 
and peanuts are often contaminated with a dangerous substance called aflatoxin. 
No thanks! 

Sugar is the epitome of an “empty calorie” because when you eat it – whether alone OR in processed foods – your body has to expend energy and stored nutrients to process it! 
Since the sugar doesn’t come packaged in nutrients as other carb sources do (like starchy tubers – potatoes, yams, fruits and other vegetables), it “steals” nutrients from your body! 
Sugar causes dramatic blood sugar spikes and crashes, and this is a recipe for fat storage and all associated with obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Sweet Beverages (Even Diet & Calorie-free ones)
Anything sweetened with refined sugar, fruit juice, or artificial sweeteners should go! 
Diet soda, regular soda, energy drinks, fruit juices, sweetened teas or coffee, smoothies or shakes are off the menu. 
For now, just drink water! (A cup of black coffee or unsweetened tea is good to go, too.) 
You can flavor your water with fresh lemon, lime or mint for an added nutrient boost. 

Most Caffeine
It is a healthy goal to DECREASE your caffeine consumption, even if you stick to black coffee or unsweetened tea!

Rule of thumb: 2 cups TOTAL or fewer each day – limited to BEFORE 12pm – is a good target. This will ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep is key in appetite control, fat loss, muscle growth and improved athletic performance! 

Processed, Refined, or Damaged Fats & Oils
Industrial fats like margarine, canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and partially hydrogenated oil ALL endure a complex industrial process before they reach your table – including chemical extraction, deodorisation as well as refinement. This process degrades the fatty acids and damages their structure, making them damaging to our cell structure – this means YOU, I – US. Contrary to popular belief from what we see and hear in warm and fuzzy advertising, these are NOT healthy fats! 

A truth on fruit: Unfortunately, fruit has been selectively bred for sweetness! We LOVE sweet things and we are sublimely as well as physically driven to satisfy this desire so be cautious about how much you consume. Make sure fruit doesn’t become a crutch in your quest to detoxify from sugar! A single daily serving – berries are best as high in antioxidants – should satisfy.

Whatever your goal… to lose fat, build muscle, or simply be healthy, the “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle will help you  succeed! 

Be a Health & Fitness Warrior! xx


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  5. Greetings from Colorado! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the knowledge you present here and can’t wait
    to take a look when I get home. I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just
    3G .. Anyways, awesome site!

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