PRE & POST-WORKOUT MEAL – using Real Foods & “Be Fit Hub’s” Pure Whey Protein Powder!


This is a tasty and nutritious, healthy muscle-building snack using our – Be Fit Hub’s – pure whey protein powder formula and real foods.

This is best placed in your menu plan as follows:

1. Fuel your workout – aid muscle movement and endurance to efficiently burn fat – as a pre-workout meal; and

2. Accelerate your growth of lean muscle – by instantly providing all the amino acids and fats for cellular repair and renewal – as an immediate post-workout meal. 


1 – 2 scoops Be Fit Hub’s Pure Whey Protein Powder

1C Blueberries or combination with Blackberries, Boysenberries, Raspberries and Strawberries (antioxidants and low GI fructose)

1 tbsp Raw Almonds (good fats)

1 tbsp LSA (gentle fibre and good fats)

Water and Ice added to make 500ml in blender*

*Note: 1 shot Coffee may be added to the shake for a stimulant effect and fat burning.

If you are on the “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle this will be specified by either George or myself if required in your unique menu plan.

An awesome shake to give you a protein boost before and after training as well as being a balanced snack for those on-the-go days!

Be Real – drink and eat Real Foods not Food Product! xx

4 thoughts on “PRE & POST-WORKOUT MEAL – using Real Foods & “Be Fit Hub’s” Pure Whey Protein Powder!

  1. Great idea for a healthy pre and post workout shake as well as snack with greater nutritional value having the good fats from almonds and antioxidants from berries!
    Nancy xo

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