BRUSSELS SLAW – A “Power Foods Fitness” salad packed with antioxidants & good fats.


Brussels Slaw

An awesome salad packed with antioxidants and good fats to accompany any protein… Barbecued, grilled  or roasted chicken, fish or meat.

The process of making this Brussels Slaw will refine your culinary skills as you learn the art of  chiffonade and rendering fat from bacon. These techniques will serve you well in the kitchen as you create your own variations of dishes using the “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Framework.


910g  x Brussels Sprouts, cleaned and trimmed of large stem pieces

170g x Dried Cranberries

1/2 Cup x Roasted and Salted Shelled Pistachios, roughly chopped

1/2 Cup x Fresh Lemon Juice

* Rendered Fat from 6 Slices of thinly sliced Bacon plus Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make 1/2 Cup x Fat

1/2 Cup x Chiffonade of Fresh Mint Leaves, lightly packed

Chiffonade is a cutting technique that you can use to cut up any flat leafy food. It works great on things that you are going to eat fresh, like basil and lettuce and helps you cut uniform, curly, strips of food quickly and elegantly.

2 Tablespoons x Bavarian Seasoning

Bavarian Seasoning is also known as Bavarian Spice or Bavarian Blend

Originating in Germany and Bavaria this seasoning will do wonders for any pork, turkey, vegetables, veal, lamb and sauerkraut recipes giving them a spicy, full flavored, strong with a hint of mint in the taste and aroma.

You may create an exact replica of a true Bavarian seasoning using the following ingredients: Brown Mustard Seed, Thyme, Garlic, Rosemary, Sage and Bay Leaves

2 Teaspoon x Sea Salt, or more to taste

1 Tablespoon x of Dijon Mustard (optional) would be a really nice addition to this vinaigrette



1. Using the grater attachment of a food processor, shred the brussels sprouts. Transfer to a large bowl.

2. In a small bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, mint, Bavarian Seasoning, and sea salt. Slowly whisk in the 1/2 Cup of oil. Add additional seasoning, if needed.

3. Add half of the dressing to the brussels sprouts and toss well to combine, adding more dressing as needed. Top with chopped pistachios, dried cranberries and bacon pieces, and serve drizzled with Waltanna Farms flaxseed oil to add a nutty flavour.


1. Heat a large skillet on medium-low heat. Lay out several strips of raw bacon. Let the strips cook for 10 or 15 minutes, turning them occasionally.

2. When they are nicely browned and crispy, use tongs or a fork to lift the bacon pieces out of the pan and place them on paper towels (to absorb the excess fat) on a plate.

3. With the remaining fat in the pan, do not pour down the drain! Either soak it up with paper towels (after it has cooled a bit) and discard, or pour into a jar, and put the jar into your refrigerator. The bacon grease will solidify to a slightly off-color white. When you cook bacon again, pull out the jar and add more of the excess fat to it.

4. When cooking with bacon fat, spoon it out from the jar. Usually half a teaspoon is all that is needed to give a flavor boost to what you are cooking.

Note: If you make more bacon fat than you end up using, just throw out the whole jar and start a new one. Do not ever pour bacon fat down your sink drain; it will cool and then solidify, stopping up your pipes.

Learning is Living! Living is Growing! xx

One thought on “BRUSSELS SLAW – A “Power Foods Fitness” salad packed with antioxidants & good fats.

  1. Revelatory! Made this salad on the weekend to have with roast chicken cause I knew my visiting friend liked brussel sprouts. (and so do I). I even had all the herbs for the bavarian seasoning in my garden. Was a total hit. Thanks for posting.

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