Wow!!! We as a global community need to know this reality:

This year – 2013 – is the first year in human history that more people will die from diseases and illnesses associated with obesity rather than starvation. 

Not a proud milestone… Is this statistic not enough for you to pause and reflect on your own health and fitness plan???

Now think about that for a second…

There isn’t a single large food manufacturer thinking of us as human beings… merely cash cows and consumers. Connect the dots… If they – the manufacturers – can get their consumer to eat in the way they wish them to eat from almost childbirth to adulthood they have business and guaranteed their income and profitability for decades to come.

There are 14 of the world largest food manufacturers listed in the fortune 500. Their combined revenue in 2009 was $244 Million. 

Fact: None of whom sell anything that remains in its natural state. 

As we say at Be Fit Hub “EAT REAL FOODS NOT FOOD PRODUCT” and our core belief eliminates the support of their product sales – the only reason for their existence.

Another eye opener for you… 

Practically every chemical deemed safe for human consumption is addictive. It’s safe as in small quantities it has been shown not to show any, what would be deemed as major side effects. 

These are the same rules that apply to medication. 

Do we need to bring you more “light bulb” moments?

Optimal Health can only be achieved when we understand the relationship between these 4 signposts of our body/mind: FOOD, HORMONES; LOW INFLAMMATION; and ACTIVITY.

Firstly we have to accept that our body and mind is one. Then we need a basic understanding of the concept of each signpost in order to reap most of the benefits.

1. Food – we need to know how our bodies deal with the major macronutrients, specifically carbohydrates.

“Power Foods Fitness” draws on similarities of the diet of our caveman ancestors using this guideline: meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some starch, little fruit, and low sugar. This menu plan minimises grains, refined sugars, legumes and dairy and will help many regain control of their health and body and reverse  chronic disease. 


The truth is we need carbohydrates in out diet to thrive in this world. Our bodies need good, natural carbohydrates that fill our muscles with energy and not our waistline with fat! We need “smart carbs” that release energy slowly and steadily and supply our body with nutrients and brain with fuel. 

Carbohydrates are essentially fast-acting fuel for our cells. 

– When carbohydrates enter our system they broken down into simple sugars including:

1. Glucose; 2. Lactose and 3. Fructose.

– Our body will utilise these simple sugars differently…

1. Glucose is sent directly to the bloodstream to feed activity, repair and replication of cells;

2. Lactose is digested into even smaller sugars being galactose and glucose; and

3. Fructose (sugars from fruit and packaged as HFCS) is sent to the liver to be processed and stored.

– Glucose (sugar) is the most common of these simple sugars and fuels our muscles and metabolism as well as the brain that requires the most to keep up with its to-do list of functions.

Carbohydrates and their sugars are processed at varying speeds… 

So let us introduce you to COMPLEX and SIMPLE carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates slow down the rate at which foods move through the stomach – i.e. gastric emptying – as well as determine the speed of nutrition absorption. Complex carbohydrates are “SMART CARBS“, which make up vegetables, such as kale, broccoli and sweet potato, are full of fiber and therefore take longer for the body to breakdown – thus  providing a steady release of glucose.

Simple carbohydrates are foods such as sugar, sweet beverages and lollies, enter the blood stream quickly, providing a jolt of energy in the form of a glucose spike driven by an insulin spike – see the ‘Sugar Addiction’ diagram below… Fruit and packaged foods contain a significant amount of fructose and this fat goes straight to the liver (where much of it is turned into fat) rather than fuelling hungry cells.

The body needs some glucose (sugar) within the bloodstream to function as this is the energy that powers our cells. We do not need more glucose circulating by eating an oversupply of simple carbohydrates. 

Now visualise this… The body will attempt to store glucose for later by sending it to one of the three storage banks:


Muscles lack the enzyme that exports glucose from cells so this glucose fuel bursts of intense activity.


The liver can deal with deposits – being excess glucose in the system; and withdrawals – sending glucose into the system when glucose is low.

Energy stored in the liver is easy to access and essential to steady the body’s glucose levels between meals as well as during sleep. The liver when FULL will send excess energy to fat storage…


Yes, our fat cells expand and contract based on how much extra energy they are storing. So when muscle and liver cells are full the excess makes its way to dwell in long-term storage… our fat cells…

As this fat storage or should I say ‘savings’ is like an insurance against future scarcity, it is therefore harder for the body to access compared to energy in the muscles and liver. How much more difficult is it to access money from your mortgage overdraw in contrast to your savings account?

These fat cells will only release the energy when dietary levels of glucose in the rest of the body are low or during extended moderate metabolic activities.



As it’s Greek origin implies protein is “of prime importance”. Protein is the  fundamental building material for the body. It is required for the operation of every cell’s metabolic activity and it is the second most common molecule in the body after water. Protein also forms the antibodies we create to fight off disease, as well as some hormones that regulate our body’s activity. Can you see the full picture?… 

When we eat protein our body breaks it down into  amino acids – its basic building blocks.

– There are 20 amino acids that are incorporated into various peptides and proteins. Our bodies can manufacture some and we do know that 9 can only come from food plants, poultry, meat, fish, nuts and eggs.

– So for adequate and balanced protein consumption we need to source our amino acids from Real Foods and a protein supplement with a high absorbance rating such as ‘Power Foods 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder’.

– These amino acids can be reassembled into the various proteins necessary for the body’s essential activities, such as construction of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood as well as used to make enzymes and hormones.

– Unlike carbohydrates or fats, proteins is not stored. Rather as soon as protein enters the digestive system, it begins to be broken down and put to work.

– When we eat proteins, hormones released in our stomach and gut to feel full & satiated are created. These “I’m full” hormones include: cholecystokinin, peptide YY, gherkin and insulin – they signal the body to stop eating.


As we say at Be Fit Hub “YOU NEED TO EAT FAT TO BURN FAT” as fats are essential to the human body. Fats once eaten are broken down into fatty acids that help form cell membranes and hormones. Fats are also stored throughout the body as they need to be available for use as an energy source as well as to regulate body temperature and to cushion the organs.

– Like protein, fats trigger the release of the “I’m full” hormones (see Proteins). As fats take a long time to break down in the digestive tract than proteins do this feeling of fullness lasts longer. Bonus!

– With a carbohydrate restricted diet, your body can run off its own storage supply i.e. excess fat such as belly etc.

– When you eat more calories from fats and proteins rather than from carbohydrates, your body begins the transition to burning its own fat. This transition takes some time i.e. the reason for the three phases of the “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle as your body needs to adjust to processing the new form of fuel (fats).

– Once your body has shifted from carbohydrates/proteins to fats/proteins as the primary source of fuel, you are said to be “fat adapted.” This is awesome!

Overall we need natural foods that are easy for our body to digest, replenishing our nutrient stores instead of depleting them. We need to be eating real foods not processed food products.

2. Hormones – we need to understand how our diet affects fat storage through the hormones insulin and the stress hormone cortisol.

In a snapshot hormones are chemical messages sent through the blood to tell us what is going on and how to behave and are made in a variety of locations… We have various systems in our bodies – some being: circulatory, digestive, muscular, nervous, respiratory, urinary, lymphatic, immune…



= All systems required to UNITE for BODY to operate 

= Communication between systems is via HORMONES

The ideal is to have your hormones working for you to achieve minimal fat storage, maximum satisfaction from food and to better manage your stress levels to make you stronger not weaker! Let me present to you the major ‘hormone players’!

Insulin IS A BLAST OF ENERGY and is the most important hormone according to our “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle.

– When we eat carbohydrates, particularly simple carbohydrates that blast into our system very quickly, glucose is quickly released into our blood stream.


As glucose levels rise, the pancreas receives a signal to secrete insulin

= insulin is essential to reduce the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream

= insulin causes cells in the muscles, liver and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood and converts this glucose into glycogen storage

= glycogen is a cell’s storage system for the body to easily access energy later

= when excess glucose is circulating through the bloodstream, insulin levels soar and this makes us fat. 

IN SIMPLE WORDS: High levels of insulin levels in our blood means more glucose is shuttling into the adipose cells to be transferred into the dreaded excess fat on our waistlines and around our vital organs.

– High levels of insulin increases the amount of time our bodies store fat and contributes to insulin sensitivity* (see ‘Sugar Addiction’ diagram above) and decreases the time available to burn it.

– STOP the ‘INSULIN DOMINO EFFECT’ by monitoring your carbohydrate consumption. ALL carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, and glucose triggers insulin… So does it not make sense to choose COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES (i.e. slow burning fuel such as greens, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potato) as detailed in the “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Framework???

* Insulin sensitivity is when we have consistently high levels of glucose in our system and thus our pancreas (the insulin factory) begins to tire from the extra work and decreases the cell’s ability to listen to the message insulin sends. As glucose is not dealt with efficiently as a result of this communication breakdown the glucose remains in the blood stream (rather than being transported into the cells to be used as energy) making major health conditions from skin disorders to distortions in our DNA.

* Cortisol is our GET US MOVING hormone and allows us to get up and going after a long night fasting by preparing our bodies to deal with whatever is in our environment as soon as we wake.

– When cortisol circulates, it tells us to release glucose to fuel our muscles and get us going until we provide our body with more energy from food… Now this will help you understand the importance of a balanced and nutritious breakfast or should I say ‘break of the fast’!

– Thus cortisol levels decline as the day progresses until they reach their lowest point  in the early evening.

Adrenaline FUELS FIGHT OR FLIGHT and releases glucose into our blood to be victorious. Adrenaline is vital for action and to meet the physical demands in a dangerous world (e.g. being chased by a predator) as the surge of glucose makes our brain think and react intelligently whilst giving muscles the energy to perform well. Our fats and proteins are also quickly metabolised into energy.

– Our bodies were designed to deal with bouts of stress not to deal with chronically high levels of stress. So beyond your waistline… high levels of stress from hectic daily life, combined with constant exercise such as repetitive cardio workouts*, is a recipe for disaster.

* Functional Training is the method of movement we adopt for the “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle as this encourages functional movement with sound biomechanics to build a lean and strong core and muscular body as well as powerful cardio system.

– To make cortisol work for you: avoid foods that spike blood sugar, avoid consistent cardio workouts, sleep in a dark room, avoid bright lights before bed, be aware of super low-carbohydrates diets if you are an athlete and meditate** to de-stress your life.

** Every ‘Yogilates’ – Mat Pilates as well as Core and Back Strength class at Be Fit Hub ends with a short serene meditation practice.

Leptin and Grehlin MAKE OR BREAK OUR APPETITE and both these hormones are produced in the gut as well as also being secreted by adipose (fat) tissue.

– Grehlin tells us to eat = GO

–  Leptin tells us to stop eating = STOP

– When we eat unhealthy food product, the rush for space becomes so great that the storage units (fat cells) are in danger of not keeping up with demand so they produce elevated leptin to tell the body to stop sending nutrients their way. Thus we feel satisfied and stop eating, but excess leptin can have a neutered effect…

– Also, when we are not getting adequate sleep* our hormones become imbalanced. Our level of leptin decreases by 18% and grehlin increases by 28%. This explains why you are always more hungry after an interrupted night’s sleep or experiencing sporadic sleeping patterns such as shift workers.

– With chronic leptin exposure the body the no longer can hear the ‘I’m full’ message as over time chronic leptin release cannot pass the blood-brain barrier that allows us to translate a hormonal message into action. Therefore we find ourselves eating and eating and never feeling the ‘I’m full’ message or satisfied and we actually begin to think we need more food as our brain instructs us to eat more.

– The bottom line is that the foods we eat affect the hormones controlling our appetite and it is up to us to make sure we are eating the right foods that produce the right amount of ‘enough-to-eat’ hormones to make us to stop eating. Why now knowing this do you want to continue eating food product that elevate the hormone leptin to the point our brains tunes out to the ‘I’m full’ message out. 

* Sleep is an essential biological function with the following attributes: helps regulate your appetite, affects your decision making, changes the way your body processes sugar, affects mental and physical performance and affects stress.

3. Low inflammation – we need to understand how the food we eat affects chronic inflammation. Inflammation – ACUTE OR CHRONIC – is an important part of the healing process.

– Acute inflammation is good as it promotes healing in our body. Acute inflammation arises out of our control when we need to fight bacteria, a virus or healing from injury.

– Chronic inflammation is the result of being constantly in healing mode. We move into chronic inflammation where we are fighting on one front and nothing left for other fronts and so the spiral begins.

– Most people have chronic inflammation as they continue eating simple carbohydrates combined with not moving their bodies and so are living in this minefield in their cellular body that:

– ages you faster

– damages DNA and makes you prone to replication errors

– errors in DNA increases the onset of cancerous cells

– increased risk of diabetes

– increased rise of blood sugar

– weight gain

– prevents glucose from getting to the hungry cells

Chronic inflammation is bad as this occurs when our bodies are fighting off intestine imbalances predominately. Inflammation in the intestine lowers efficiency and prevents glucose from getting to hungry cells. Not good…. as your body then tells you to eat more and so to get better quickly we are compelled to eat bad food that are processed quickly… So bad foods cause more inflammation and more of this vicious cycle. 

Now take a moment to reflect… Candida, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more… do they not share the same origin??? 

4. Activity – we need to look at physical activity and maximise the types of movement that bolster our health.

The modern day society is so caught up with looking muscular and lean, we forget about efficiency. Working such a small amount of muscle to look bigger and leaner is the LAST step of training. It’s like putting the finishing touches on a beautiful home without the foundation…

“Power Foods Fitness” recognises our base as our cells. By incorporating Functional Training we are completing functional movements that build core strength and allow our body to grow lean muscle tissue evenly and in proportion whilst still keeping muscle flexibility and strength. The result is a lean and strong body supported by optimum cellular health whilst giving us the ability to be EFFICIENT with our training time and create balance in our health regime.  

In essence: 

Food choice does play the largest role. Our choice of food will be better informed when we think about how the foods we choose affect hormones, inflammation, and the ability to participate in physical activity. By making the changes to eating real foods, we will positively affect every system in our body.

The “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Plan is unique as it evolves over 3 Phases: DETOX; FAT BURN; and LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH, to assist our body’s systems to transition to their optimum fuel source of protein and fats whilst eliminating those hormones and free radicals that have sabotaged our digestive tract and created chemical and physical imbalances. 

Phase 1 – Detox (3 weeks)

The first phase of the “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Plan is basically ridding your body of the terrible effects caused by simple sugars, gluten and yeast as well as chemical addictions – ever wondered why you keep going back for more takeaway when deep down you know it is far from the best option???. 

This phase is designed to make sure the body goes back to basics and begins to absorb food the way it’s supposed to. Modern society puts a lot of pressure on people to conform to certain ideals of how to “diet”. With “Power Foods Fitness”, each menu plan is individualised; taking into account all ages, body types, weight and exercise abilities!

Phase 2 – Fat Burn (4 weeks)

The second phase is priming the body to torch body fat as the “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Framework is used in conjunction with our Functional Training to begin to reshape bodies into athletic physiques that we all desire! 

The aim is to increase out metabolic rate via a combination of feeding our bodies the essential proteins and fats to repair and renew cells as well as introducing complex carbohydrates from vegetables to fuel our Functional Training to shed body fat and to grow lean muscle.

Phase 3 – Lean Muscle Growth (4 weeks)

The third phase of  our “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Plan is an extension of Phase 2, however we break all the rules of traditional ‘diets’ and INCREASE your real food intake to keep shedding body fat and gain lean muscle. We begin to introduce all of the food groups from the “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Framework into your menu plan and teach you how to best prepare and combine foods to maintain your lifestyle as well as reach your fitness goals.

The human body is an amazing machine and keeps on responding to the real foods we eat and so we avoid the pitfalls of a plateau. Waist’s and dress sizes beware, by this time your body weight and body shape are a world away from when you started and the beauty is you’re eating more food than you ever did. The only regret you’ll have not starting sooner!!! 

Each phase of  the “Power Foods Fitness” Nutrition Plan is an opportunity for you to increase your awareness around food choices whilst experiencing the positive changes physically and mentally. This feedback is essential for you to maintain these changes as you move forward equipped with the knowledge and cellular memory to continue living the “Power Foods Fitness” lifestyle.

Knowledge is WISDOM APPLIED! xx





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