ME @ Week 4/4 of Phase 3/3 – LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH from BASIC to OPTIMUM CELLULAR HEALTH & FITNESS! *TOPIC: Introducing the “80/20 RULE” to keep you “FAT ADAPTED” for life!


I am now “FAT ADAPTED” and that is “ALL GOOD!”

I have now completed all 3 Phases of our Be Fit Hub “Power Foods Diet” and “the proof is in the pudding!”


BEFORE @ Week 1 and NOW @ Week 11

Test Dummy “ME” is happy to share my measurements with you!
These measurements are to inspire you all to make the right change to real foods and to live the “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle.
Measurements NOW were taken Saturday 6 April 2013
and Measurements BEFORE were taken Friday 11 January 2013
WEIGHT  NOW 63.5kg  Before 65.6kg
CHEST NOW 87cm Before 92.5cm
WAIST NOW 70cm Before 78cm
HIPS NOW 99.5cm Before 103cm
RIGHT BICEP NOW 30cm Before 31cm
RIGHT THIGH NOW 52cm Before 54cm

My intention with each week’s Functional Training/Nutrition post is to educate you on the right choices that only you can make and successfully maintain to achieve optimum cellular and fitness health.

As I am now at the end of the total 11 weeks recommended by “Power Foods Diet” I have achieved the conversion to a “proteins and fats” fuel system and so no longer burden my body with continual insulin spikes, accumulating fat storage, increasing inflammation and nor am I allowing my hormones to ruin my chemical balance and mental serenity. This brings me to this weeks post detailing the “80/20 RULE” and I feel it is most appropriate to elaborate on this NOW at the END OF MY FIRST TRANSFORMATION to help you solidify the health benefits and lifestyle of “Power Foods Diet.”

One of the most common questions asked of us at Be Fit Hub in reference to our  “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle is:

“Can I have a CHEAT MEAL/DAY”

or “What about this food combination instead of that…”

or something to this effect…

In reality CHEATING is ok once you have become “FAT ADAPTED” at the beginning of Stage 3 – “LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH”* of the “Power Foods Diet”, as long as you don’t do it too much.


NOW enters the 80/20 RULEThis simply states that you will get 99% of the benefits of the “Power Foods Diet” if you adhere to it 80% of the time. Sweet! Pardon the pun. It is as simple as that!

When you are in the first 3 weeks of the “Power Foods Diet” you are in DETOX from your addiction to refined sugars and simple carbohydrates… So you can ultimately switch your fuel system to “Proteins and Fats” you will continue to eat REAL FOODS for the next 4 weeks as you are in Stage 2 – FAT BURN… YOU will achieve this by eating the foods in the NUTRITIONAL FRAMEWORK. You will eat REAL FOODS that will not spike your insulin and add to the horrendous cycle of glucose overload and fat storage!!! When you reach week 7 you will enter the final 4 weeks – Stage 3 – “LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH.”

* So at week 7 – this is where the 80/20 RULE comes into play… As you are now “FAT ADAPTED” i.e. burning fuel from “Proteins and Fats” you eat – IN CONTRAST to dipping into fat stores and muscle tissue – you can enjoy the OCCASIONAL TREAT once a week!

The “Occasional Treat” is going to a social gathering and being tempted by sweets or something non- “Power Foods Diet”!?

If you really want to eat some dairy desserts or bread or some other grain based dish, we say do indulge when in this setting. These occasional indulgences are fine as long as it doesn’t upset your stomach and as long as you don’t make a habit of it. Make VERY sure your 80/20 is exactly that not 70/30 or 50/50 or worse… Life is too short to not enjoy all it has to offer. 

Honestly, Me personally? I like a healthy dose of traditional full fat Greek yoghurt with fruit… I don’t drink a lot of alcohol any more either. Once a year though, I’ll drink enough to get me buzzed and wake up with a slight hangover the next morning. My Business Partner and Personal Trainer George has a true weakness, full cream dairy milk chocolate. We have both gotten to the point that our body’s will let us know if we cross that 20% boundary. 

Bottom line is I will feel like crap if I eat too much junk!

Light bulb moment: Cheating is ok every now and then, but don’t cheat on your cheating! Even if you don’t pay for it like I do being yeast allergic and gluten intolerant, you won’t be getting the benefits of the “Power Foods Diet.”

Bottom line when it comes to “REAL FOODS” I subscribe to the 80/20 rule. Eat clean, healthy, whole natural REAL FOODS 80 percent of the time and allow yourself to indulge 20 percent of the time. What this comes down to is eating healthy, wholesome, unprocessed foods about 5 or 6 days of the week and easing up on yourself for one meal or snack, one or two days a week.

Be respectful to your cells and your training goals and think for a brief moment what you are about to eat in these indulgent instance. Avoid embarking on a burger-and-fry fest for lunch and/or dinner during this “cheat meal/day” or down an entire meat lovers pizza.

Seriously remember the “GOLDEN RULE IN LIFE” – “MODERATION IN MODERATION” to keep you true to your health and fitness goal beyond the moment you are in!

If you’re going to embark on an indulgent splurge, I do have one ONLY piece of advice. Do it right: 

Choose the highest quality product you can find, made with fresh, natural ingredients. For example, if your weakness is apple pie, rather than buy a cheap factory made product wrapped in plastic, look for one that is homemade in a bakery/cafe with natural ingredients like butter, flour and fresh apples (no preservatives or additives). When you choose the best you will enjoy your splurge more and you will  feel better about it later. 

So your stuck at the football stadium??? Then use common sense – choose a small handful of fries and one large or two small slices of pizza – and you’re on the road to a successful, happy, healthy food plan you can live with forever!

For every indulgent splurge: be flexible, be reasonable, and portion out your servings. 

Nevertheless, as you get accustomed to eating clean, you’ll savor these “off” meals (I call them “splurges” or “indulgences” and  others call them “cheat meal/day”) less and less.

Let me explain the two reasons why you will crave these “off” meals less and less:

1. You may find that you’ll be satisfied with only a bite or two of these rich foods rather than eating the whole serve.

2. Like me – many people who eat clean find they eventually lose their appetite for the foods they once craved. For example, after enjoying fresh fruit, vegetables and homemade simple desserts sweetened with honey over a number of weeks something like a piece of caramel slice can taste sickly sweet and artificial. Also other foods like baked potatoes may taste overly salty. Consequently, all this FOOD PRODUCT is not as attractive and desirable as they once were.

In essence, I eat REAL FOODS because I enjoy the taste of wholesome, fresh, natural food. Simply prepared with herbs and spices – this is the food I crave pretty much all the time!


Unfortunately, the 80/20 rule doesn’t apply to those dealing with serious health challenges or allergies or intolerances to specific foods. It’s never a good idea for someone with Hashimoto’s disease and gluten intolerance, for example, to just throw caution to the wind and have a pancake or French toast feast. That could trigger an immune reaction lasting up to several weeks and take months to recover from on  a cellular level.

Life is a process of “GETTING REAL!” As convenient as it would be to have a “one-size fits all” diet that works for everyone, we’re not robots with the same settings. We as human beings are much more diverse than that. Someone who’s dealing with an autoimmune disease, leaky gut, arthritis and skin rashes would certainly benefit from a strict “Power Foods Diet” and may even need to follow that approach for the rest of their lives. BUT for someone that is fundamentally healthy (both cellular and fitness), such a diet may be unnecessarily restrictive.

The answer, of course, depends on the person. For healthy people, I suggest they follow a high-fat/protein, nutrient dense diet that removes the most significant food toxins such as wheat, dairy, sugar/HFCS & industrial seed oils.  If they do well with properly prepared grains that become the foods they need to reach their macronutrient levels to meet their health and fitness goals* we at Be Fit Hub don’t have a problem with that. 

* This applies to athlete level training and body building fitness goals. 


NOW this where I will “flip the pancake to the other side”… But beyond just the 80/20 rule being “good enough”, I believe in many cases, the 80/20 rule is “BETTER” than adhering 100% to a diet.  

You ask “Why???”

I answer “Holistic health!!!”

We at Be Fit Hub advocate “HOLISTIC HEALTH” incorporating nutrition and functional training to achieve optimum cellular and fitness health for every stage and goal in life.

And with the term “holistic” we’re normally talking about using food as medicine… allowing the body to heal itself by giving it the proper raw materials… eating an ancestral caveman diet fits right into this paradigm.  We do tend to forget what “holistic health” really means.  According to Merriam-Webster

Holistic – relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body>

Yes, eating real, natural, nutrient-dense food is good for your health. Pastured meats, fish, farm grown vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, as well as oils are the REAL FOODS essential for optimum health.

But health is about more than just the body. We are also spirit… Health is also about the mind and the soul! 


Yes there’s more to life than eating healthy.  And there’s more to health than just what you eat. What about love? Family?  Happiness?  Fulfillment? It is my firm belief that through these entities, food product can occasionally be a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Let me paint some pictures for your mind; eating a piece of your own wedding cake, buying an ice cream in a waffle cone from a random cafe as you walk along the beach whilst on holidays with your family, a glass of red wine on a date… you need no more as I know you are on my wavelength now!

Part of the “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle for many people involves claiming their physical selves (their cellular and fitness health) and also their physical experience of the world – from a new vantage point and deeper level of connection. Some people start from this premise, others find it along the way and most like me are committed to leading others to these right choices – right under their nose! On the “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle, people discover what previously held them back from living fully and richly in their own skin within their natural environment!

Signing off WITH LOVE and these POWERFUL WORDS! xx


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