Coach George @ WEEK 1/3, PHASE 1/3 – DETOX of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT!


Well as you know BE FIT HUB is the brain child and baby of both myself and my business partner and Coach George.

I am the the REAL FOODS POWER WOMAN on a mission to spread the message that “STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY” and have been posting on my BLOG “Power Foods Fitness” for the past 13 weeks.

My first transformation was to share with you all the concept of “Power Foods Diet” and the three phases essential to RESET your metabolism, RESTART fat burn/lean muscle growth and REFINE your functional training! Thus being a “TEST DUMMY” for “Power Foods Diet” to show you all that you can transition from “ordinary fitness” to “optimal fitness” by eating real foods and training your body in functional movements. The results speak for themselves if you refer back to the post of “ME @ WEEK 4/4 of PHASE 3/3 – LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH.”

Now as you know I have embarked on training at an athlete level using the platform of our “Power Foods Diet” to become lean and strong and make Top 10 of the Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Competition in 2014. So NOW I am in my second transformation that will show you how our “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle will take me from “optimal fitness” to “competition level fitness”!!! I WANT ALL WOMEN TO KNOW THAT BEING LEAN AND STRONG will give you your feminine curves and keep your body “fat adapted” and cellular health optimum!

…who wants to be chained to the scales?

… think thin and skin hanging of bone is ideal – remember that saggy skin is where lovely lean muscle SHOULD be – ?

… or become so weak as an older women that you can’t hold your posture tall ?


NOW George has been involved in competitive level sports his whole life and knows too well commitment to training and fuelling your body with just the exact “macronutrients” to peak and execute success!

In contrast to my experience and to show the diversity of our “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle – to deliver optimum cellular and fitness health in every stage and goal/s in life –  George has decided to travel a road that he has not been on and become FAT – 10kg heavier (in fact) to show you men out there, that you can with the will of your mind, commit to new habits to loose your excess weight whilst building lean muscle tone.

So each week for the next 11 weeks George will post his experience as he now is in WEEK 1/3 of PHASE 1/3 -DETOX  from the sugar he ate to gain the 10kg in combination with getting the body moving again to create fat burn and lean muscle growth.

* Coach George talks on “FAT to FIT”:

Years of Personal Training meant I’d heard all the excuses under the sun.

“I’m tired”

“I have no energy”

“My days really busy”

“I’m always hungry” etc etc…

But I’m not sure I fully understood the meaning behind it. I haven’t really stopped ‘training’ (it definitely has evolved but never stagnated) for the past 4 years. After a few frustrated weeks I decided my own goal was not to get in the best shape possible. It was the opposite. I was going to go outside my comfort zone and focus on not training and eating a diet high in processed carbs and drinking alcohol on a weekly basis.

So off I set on the path to gaining 10kg the worst way possible to see just how it felt to have no energy and eat processed foods on a daily basis. Without this knowledge, I’m pretty sure my skills as a PT are limited in who I can help but more so how to implement strategies to help this sugar addiction. It’s also given me a chance to show you how well our “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle actually works by doing it !

17/4/13 I weighed in at my heaviest weight EVER.. 95kg! With my measurements and photos done, I’ve begun my transformation to show you all it can be done, regardless of lifestyle, excuses, work load etc etc. It sure as hell doesn’t feel good, the effects are really affecting me and my lifestyle but I’m determined to show it can be done!

For all the males out there, my goals is to shed the 10kg I purposely gained and add some good lean muscle tissue in the process…

For more information regarding my fat loss plans and Be Fit Hub’s “Power Foods Diet” contact us via this BLOG “Power Foods Fitness” or FACEBOOK “Be Fit Hub”.

Stay tuned!

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