Coach George @ Week 3/3, PHASE 1/3 – DETOX of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT! *TOPIC: IMPORTANCE OF TESTOSTERONE!

This week Coach George talks on one of the essentials to growing lean muscle mass for both men and women – “Importance of Testosterone” – read on:

The scary “T” word, most link the though of it automatically to the injectable steroid kind! All those terrible side effects of testosterone doping have people scared for all the wrong reasons!

Truth of the matter is, the body is hugely efficient at producing its own high levels of testosterone with the right method! Testosterone isn’t the “be all and end all” in muscle building, but it sure is important.

Male or female, the human body is in a constant state of speeding up and slowing down the responses to hormonal balances/imbalances regardless of age, training experience, lifestyle.We are a very responsive machine, designed to make the most of each scenario.

My 5 most important tips to increasing natural testosterone production:

1) Eating smaller regular meals! This is a given when it comes to calorie restricting but the benefits stem to a higher production of testosterone! Easy done!

2) Increase your zinc consumption! A highly active individual may be suffering from a diet low in Zinc, a crucial mineral that’s required to build a lean physique.

3) Take vitamin C! Proven to lower to cortisol (the muscle growth inhibitor) post training and on a daily basis. Stops the production of the hormone that eats away at hard earned muscle tissue AND also keep the common cold away? Sounds pretty good to me!

4) Avoid alcohol! I’ve heard it so many times “vodka soda and lime only has 50 calories” try drinking them every weekend for 2 months and tell me they don’t have an effect on physique… I dare you! They stimulate the production of oestrogen (the female hormone) and inhibit testosterone getting to work and doing what it does best!

5) Stay hydrated! Low hydration levels mean higher levels of cortisol, nobody wants that. As a minimum shoot for 37mL/kg of body weight. For a 70kg person, this equates to 2.6L per day. In my experience, the general population is seriously undermining their efforts by sticking to this 8 glasses a day crap!

Success is the sum of small, daily efforts. Do the extra 1% things to make sure you actually get where you want to go!


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