Coach George @ Week 1/4, PHASE 2/3 – FATBURN of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT! *TOPIC: GOAL SETTING – “S.M.A.R.T.”

This week Coach George and myself have been reviewing our business goals as well as setting new business goals as like life new opportunities and ideas knock and challenge the importance and relevance of existing rituals and processes…

I love the “SMART Model” and have utilised this for many years when I first began working for myself and running a small business 13 years ago. And agree with Coach George as he talks on this model and its relevance across all business and personal endeavours…

Goal Setting – Is what you think you want what you really want? 

May sound really stupid but some ideas we generate may come from a previous experience under very different circumstances than our current ones; so the expectation to succeed and prosper becomes quite big! 

I’m a massive fan of setting goals and taking small baby steps each day to achieve those goals. A few “musts” I use in setting my own personal goals are as follows:

I have to actually want it! I can’t just kinda want it… If I wake up in the morning and its on my mind or I catch myself drifting off and thinking about it on a daily basis then I’m in the right track. 

It must have an end date. If not then where will the sense of urgency come from?? I know if I have a date to ‘compete’ on, I don’t want to let myself or anyone else down for that matter.

It must be realistic. At 6 foot I’ll never be an NBA star. That’s a fact…

It must scare you! If it takes you out of your comfort zone then you’re truly on the path to achieving something great. If not, then is it really a challenge? What will you gain from it?

How will you track progression? Be specific in your markers of progress. A body fat calliper test is a great tool for someone looking to change their physique but if you have a competitive goal for a sport, it becomes relatively useless in measuring skill progression!

Just be S.M.A.R.T guys… 





Time based

Follow this criteria and you can’t go wrong!  



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