ME @ WEEK 7/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp! *TOPIC: BALANCE IS “BEING THE DOING”!


BALANCE is optimum health and fitness!!!

BALANCE defines who we are and the direction the various paths in our lives are taking! BALANCE strengthens, restores and renews us! Likewise – the opposite is true of  “IMBALANCE” that can destroy our relationship with ourselves and keep us separated and fearful of our fullest potential to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves.

As I drive home from our studio on Tuesday night a smile is on my face… I am getting real with getting balance. My poor stomach and head have been fiercely fighting off the onset of the flu for days and so I listen and sleep more since Sunday, ditch my own Tuesday night HIIT session to head home for an early night to allow me the space to restore and renew my body and mind with what it needs most in this moment – quiet and rest!

For the first time I did this without guilt that I will be behind in my business chore list or lagging my training schedule…

For the first time I knew I was loving myself enough to stay true to all the areas in my life by restoring to my fullest vibrancy and being in a position to give authentically when tomorrow comes.

For the first time I was maintaining my gains knowing all is still growing and thriving in this moment – this week; being at week 7/52 of my next transformation; enrolling into my Nutrition Therapist course to further validate my works as well as presenting our first public Nutrition Workshop

– and I can only do so if I am embodying BALANCE!

As a Trainer/Teacher/Coach I NOW feel

I am GETTING REAL when I preach “BALANCE”:









BEING in the NOW in your body, mind and spirit!

ALIVE and awake that this is your life and not the expectation of others!

LOVING yourself when at play, work and rest!

ALIGNMENT to purpose in your personal, professional and spiritual lives!

NURTURE your soul – it is your “Higher Self” guiding you!

CONGRUENCY – actions speak louder than words so “WALK the TALK”!


Aim for your fullest potential that only BALANCE can bring you!

You were born to be ALIVE IN YOUR LIFE and AWAKE to your GREATNESS!

PAUSE, REFLECT and DIRECT every cell in your BEING to presence with you, your dreams and the goal/s you have set on your timeline to BECOME your fullest POTENTIAL. Along the way… if you need to play the body then do… if you need to rest the mind then do… if your spirit needs meditation and prayer then do…

Your are DOING the BEING when you are in BALANCE! xx


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