Coach George @ Weeks 2 & 3/4, PHASE 2/3 – FATBURN of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT! *TOPIC: EDUCATION BEFORE DECISION!

This fortnight Coach George and myself launched our “Power Foods Diet” website as well as presented a Nutrition Workshop to an international retail group to inspire and teach the real foods and functional training lifestyle. As with ALL experiences in our lives we learnt so much from the evening… about our ourselves as experts in fitness and nutrition… as well as the community’s perception of the fitness industry… This post from Coach George encourages you all to seek education before decision on starting any fitness goal/s. Read on…

For those of you who are new to this blog, this is my own account of a health and fitness LIFESTYLE. I care very little for weights lifted and number of veins or how many people look at you at the beach. 

I’m here to educate the average everyday Australian who has never picked up a weight in their life and help them take the steps required to become a better representation of their current self.

As my business partner – Sofija – and I ran a workshop on Wednesday evening, it became very apparent we had over prepared our content for the random group that had joined us. From my understanding, they would have had a reasonable level of nutrition knowledge; which was not the case… 

Standing in front of a group of strangers with very few knowing what we were talking about, it became clear that this small cross-section was a great representation of the general population.

Of course I mean no disrespect in saying this, but it’s very clear a lack of general knowledge and fundamentals are missing in regards to the fitness industry. I say this within reason as the level of knowledge required for someone looking to “complete a triathlon” vs someone looking to “get lean” are completely different; but that’s not the topic of discussion here.

I believe in: EDUCATION before DECISION… For example, if I had a problem with my plumbing, I’d call the plumber. I wouldn’t google a response and then go knees deep in shit trying to fix it! Can you see my point here? 

I’m not begging you all to go out and throw money at Personal Trainers to do basic movements while they text away and mumble “2 more reps to go…”

Like anything in life, the beauty is in the detail: 

1) FIND out what you want to achieve

2) DECIDE if it’s what you really want

3) REALISE it’s going to require effort and then decide if it’s REALLY what you want…

4) SEEK out who knows what they’re talking about. Ask for their help…

Personal Training may be a little out of your price range and that’s ok, myself like all Personal Trainers are happy to program for your specific goals in regards to training and nutrition. As a minimum a structured nutrition and training plan is by far the most important beginning to your training life.

Seek out the help and educate yourself! 



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