*TOPIC: CUT THE “BS” & “GET REAL”!!! – ME @ WEEK 8/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Well let me just put it out there – this week’s post is not to offend!!!

MY INTENTION is to spark some thought as to the lie many of you are living!

An amazing week of BALANCE and lessons relearned as I allowed for pride and humility to dance within my heart in gratitude for my life, my health and the beautiful souls that play along my path… Yes I am now at week 8/52 of my next transformation and embracing the positive changes in body, mind and spirit!

As many of you are aware I am a Pilates/Yoga Teacher, Personal/Rehab Trainer and Nutrition Coach in the Health and Fitness industries for almost 15 years…

Now I feel I have completed the full circle having opened the doors to our studio “Be Fit Hub”; collaborating on nutrition and training concepts with my Business Partner/Coach; as well as – Writer – wanting to share all that I know via this blog. My aim is to inspire and teach you all to make the right choices to be healthier and happier versions of you! To become your fullest potential in body, mind and spirit.  

* So why is it that when you want to learn to drive you enroll into a Driving School, then involve your friends in accumulating your learning hours?

* So why is it that when you buy your first property you research madly and see as many Mortgage Brokers as you can to learn of your options rather than borrow from the first financial institution you encounter in this scenario?

* So why is it that when you are to marry you have a Celebrant, Priest or Pastor that you have a history and/or connection do so, rather than go with who the person sitting next to you in the office had marry them?

* Now when it comes to YOUR FITNESS most of you are choosing to have the “BLIND FOLLOW THE BLIND”!!!

“Annoyed” is an understatement to how I feel at the moment!!!

So many of you are happy to have “Jan” your peer at work or “Jo” your neighbour next door tell you exactly what is working for them and how it will work for you in regards to diet habits exercise rituals.

Then add in the “self-esteem/self-love equation” and most of you remain suppressed  as well as concocting your own nutrition and training plans based on media feedback and your so called EXPERT’S guidance from peers, friends and family… And so you spiral downwards as nothing is really changing for the long-term good… What change you see is cyclical to your awareness of where your fitness regime is at in that particular moment! For example: that slight rush of endorphins for going for a morning walk; or your body rejoicing in having its first series of eggs, greens etc for breakfast for the first time in years;  reducing your week-night wines that instantaneously eases the toxic release work of your kidneys and liver…

Then give and take a few busy weeks and social gatherings – Guess what?… your old habits creep in! Then the next magazine article on “no carbohydrates” captivates you and the person on the bus suggests a “term of boot camp to loose weight quick” LOL LOL LOL and off you go again…

TIRED of reading this… I am TIRED of watching and hearing this… YEAR IN and YEAR OUT!!!

YOUR BODY IS YOUR HOME – not the bricks and mortar you have a mortgage for 40 years on!

YOUR MIND IS YOUR VEHICLE and drives your life – not the people and circumstance around you – sorry to say this: you create this with your strength of mind. 


So why feel that to give yourself attention and speak openly about your frustrations with your body and mindset is a vulnerable trait? It is actually your first step in loving yourself to want a better quality of life for you! 

Why wait until the life-changing awakening – THE BULLDOZER (I call it)???… the diabetes diagnosis, the cancer scare, the fatty liver syndrome confirmed, heart attack, stroke, knee replacement, shoulder reconstruction etc.

Act on THE TAP… the little voice in you head that says: “I am sick of feeling tired all the time – I want to feel more stamina and play with the kids!”… “I want my skin to be clear and glow – not red and blotchy from stress, sleep deprivation and processed food!”…

If you have gone past “the tap” and are at THE KNOCK: “I am out of breath on the stairs every day?!”… “I am 2 dress sizes up in the last 6 years and only heading north!”… “My food is out or control – so want to know what to eat and when around my desk job and training?!”… then why volunteer yourself thru your own ignorance for “the bulldozer”?…

AH HAA MOMENT!!! Why would a stranger LOL/EXPERT in the Fitness and Health industries not be your first port of call?

Duhh! We – the EXPERTS: the NUTRITIONAL COACHES as well as PERSONAL/REHAB TRAINERS – are in the Fitness and Health industries because we embody the nutrition and training principles we teach. We have studied for many years to be accredited in coaching in nutrition and training in functional movement, and for most of us we have our own testimony that created the passion to help others as we also have been helped in a previous chapter in our own lives.

We are to be your FIRST port of call as we are equipped with the information and skill-set to create the Nutrition and Training Plans you need to live in you home – your BODY – with quality of MIND and as a result: quantity of time to fill your lives with happy ventures.

We are open to dealing with your frustrations, we work closely with all levels of Medical/Health Practitioners – General Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Dietitians etc as well as Specialists/Surgeons and we are the KEY to preventative health and fitness practices for the communtity. 

So next time our paths cross at a Fitness or Health Workshop or you happen to see Be Fit Hub’s studio doors open – or any other personal training studio – come in and be honest about the home you live in and let us help you take control of your most important asset – YOU! xx

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