*TOPIC: WHERE IS THE FITNESS INDUSTRY HEADED? Coach George @ Week 4/5-PHASE 2/3 & Week 1/4-PHASE 3/3 of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT!


This fortnight Coach George and myself are training our clients of Be Fit Hub’s first wave of “Power Foods Diet” into their last phase of their body transformation. Along the way these clients have adopted real foods nutrition as their core to fuel their bodies and their workouts. For each client their has been an invaluable gift blessed upon them of learning to build their training regime by learning basic movements well then progression with intensity relative to their body composition goal. In contrast we had some time to reflect on what is happening in the fitness-conscious community around us… I will hand you over to Coach George as his words speak truth:

Where is the fitness industry headed???

I like to keep with a theme with my posts, however, sometimes an issue comes up and I feel the need to let you all know where and how it affects us now and in years to come. There are a few issues I want to touch on and eventually expand upon in future posts.

Working in the fitness industry as a young Personal Trainer and an athlete, I found it easy to be in great shape pretty much year round and never really had an issue with my own body image as it wasn’t really a big thing.

Wind forward 5 years and every kid and his dog are using terms like “shredded”, “aesthetics” and looking to “gear up”; and to be honest, know more about injecting “gear” than I do! It’s not uncommon to walk into a gym nowadays and look at more than half the people in front of you doing some kind of cycle. Since when did this become normal? The sad fact is, hard work and dedication are taking a backwards seat for the quick fix to results. Is this a little indicator of bigger issues in society where children grow up being spoon fed and handed everything on a silver platter. The biggest injustice you can do to your child is make their life easy… Where did hard work and discipline go???

On another note; kids are no longer using weight training to get better at their sport or activity, rather gym is becoming its own “sport” as such. That’s a good thing, regardless of age or demographic, getting moving and working towards a goal is always a great thing, regardless of what those goals are. For gym goers and kids especially, setting and achieving goals are an awesome way to teach and promote dedication and consistency! I won’t even go into the health issues associated with steroids in today’s post. Next fortnight…

And finally, my biggest beef is with the methods behind the madness. People with a YOUNG TRAINING AGE (young and old) are jumping straight into 5 day body part/bodybuilding training routines that have never MOVED before in their lives. I’ve never seen an L-plater win the Bathurst 1000 for a reason. You’ve got to earn your dues people!!! 

It’s like taking a toddler off training wheels and going straight into a mountain bike: recipe for disaster! Take the baby steps and PROGRESS the right way to achieve desired results.

I love the fitness industry and really enjoy my own personal training as well as helping those who need it. The more we get into fitness as a nation the greater the modalities of training that become available to train with. Not a problem as such, but the potential for issues slowly increase as do our options.

Ending off my little rant (excuse the jumping from topic, I got a little excited) I’d like to finish off by asking you simply to pay the toll and go thru all the stages needed to achieve your goals. Lets become a positive influence on the younger generations and prove how results can be achieved without the extra help!


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