*TOPIC: MOBILISE OR DIE! Coach George @ Week 2/4 & 4/4 – PHASE 3/3 of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT!


When we first began our business partnership “BE FIT HUB” those closest to George and myself described us as YIN and YANG… 

Hint: Do you now see the Yin and Yang in our logo – below?

On our own we are experts in our niche and without the support of the other we fail to deliver a holistic service as well as feedback/education for ourselves and our clients. Coach George is the Strength and Conditioning arm of our training body focussing on strength, power and performance and I am the Rehabilitation arm focussing on biomechanics – muscle recruitment, core activation, posture and movement patterns/conditioning. Combined with our passion for nutrition and training people to get the right mindset and skill-set to achieve their fitness/athlete level goal/s – we are on a mission to create a fitness model that embodies real foods nutrition to fuel your core, flexibility, strength and endurance needs.

Coach George explains the holistic fitness concept further… Read on…

“Mobilise or Die!” Why?

The road to success is longevity.

I honestly could finish this topic with two sentences but I’ll elaborate.

There’s a reason why the shark is the top dog in the ocean? Why the big cat family dominate the African plains? Is there a reason why these traits survive natural selection and stay on for hundreds of thousands of years?

They’re all rounders – put simply. They predators of their environment. They’re equipped with strength, speed and agility. Take one asset away and they become prey. This may seem like it’s taking a while to get to the point but it’s worth it.

We spend all our time focusing on one aspect of our training to achieve a goal. Some just do weights, some just cardio, others only yoga etc… You know where I’m going with this. We as a fitness society are paying a toll by our lack of diversity. The upsetting thing is how close-minded and stubborn people are in regards to achieving their goals; they stick to the one mode of training and pay the toll! 

We need strength! We need flexibility! We need speed! All these factors are required to keep our bodies looking and feeling great, regardless of the goal.

Bite the bullet and try something out of your comfort zone this week!!! Your body will thank you for it.

Find a hill and sprint up it as hard as you can.

Go pick up something heavy ad carry it as far as you can.

Jump on a foam roller and roll for an hour.

The benefits will be remarkable and it takes you one step closer to your goal.



– Coach George now at the end of Power Foods Diet 11 weeks Body Transformation – “FROM FAT 2 FIT 4 MEN”; and

– Me at Week 16/52 of my current body – “COVER MODEL” construction – transformation.

P.S.S. Coach George is here to stay with loads more POSTS to come!!!

I look forward to sharing George’s fitness wisdom and experience from his journey thus far as a professional trainer and competitor as well as first-hand as he is coaching me thru this cover model body transformation and my next fitness competition goal… xx


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