*TOPIC: PERSONAL TRAINER + PHYSIOTHERAPY = REHAB TRAINER the safest way to rebuild & reach your goals! – Me @ WEEK 14/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Goodness another week has flown by and another week closer to Spring! YEAH! I am now at week 14/52 of my next body transformation and yes I did pause and ask myself “What will I share in my post this week?”… then it all fell into place… I have never really explained the holistic model of functional training we offer at Be Fit Hub that is superior to Personal Training and bridges the gap between you, the Sports Coach, the Physiotherapist, the Chiropractor and the Surgeon… 

Personal Training meets Rehab Trainer, the PERFECT combination!

This will help you reach your exercise and fitness goals in the safest way possible.

At Be Fit Hub, George and myself do this through a combination of a physiotherapy evidence based approach founded in the principles of Rehab Trainer as well as various Strength and Conditioning Protocols specific to functional movement i.e. day-to-day mobility and strength to athlete level performance.

In our Functional Training sessions you are guaranteed to get fit AND limit your risk of injury at the same time from completing professionally tailored rehabilitation fitness.

Why train with someone who lacks the qualifications to deal with injury?

Many sports bulletins as well as social media comment on the high prevalence of injury when training with a Personal Trainer. And as a professional Personal Trainer and Rehab Trainer I have had many Clients walk thru my doors to remedy a bad experience as well as rebuild their fitness and confidence in their bodies.

Honestly for these fresh trainers the main reasons for injuring their Clients or aggravating an existing condition is due to their lack of experience or inability to foresee a particular exercise to cause injury.

As a Rehab Trainer we are more capable of preventing injury whilst training and fully qualified to manage injury should it occur. We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to design programs for the everyday person of average fitness wishing to regain full range of motion of their joint after reconstruction/replacement surgery or trauma as well as coach athlete level clients thru their misalignment and injuries to reach their performance goals.

Come and try it, George and myself guarantee you will be happy!

Personal Trainers reading this post do look at it from this business perspective… Our competition for Clients is at an all-time high, and those Clients are more sedentary and injury-prone than any other time in history. 

As we all know Clients’ expectations are strong! Our Clients’ want results, and they need you to understand and work with their unique biomechanics. The bottom line is if they don’t get these results, they won’t stay with you or refer others to you.

“Word of mouth” is your greatest asset in generating new Clients.

Also know that Clients will shop around for the right trainer. As I have had the privilege to know Clients love Rehab Trainers. Injuries fear Rehab Trainers… LOL…

Rehab Trainers are Personal trainers, taught by elite Sports Physiotherapists and get to know exactly what to do when a Client has an aching back or hips, niggling knees or persistent shoulder twinges.

We at Be Fit Hub have a whole toolbox of ways to recognise, understand, and deal with pain or instability in a Client’s body, and get results. Rehab Trainers know more about how a body moves and recovers from injury than most fitness professionals on the planet.

YOUR BODY IS YOU HOME and it is never too late to make the decision to make the right choices in your fitness training regime. No injury is more or less important than another and is irrelevant of age or stage of life. Our bodies are designed to heal should the mind desire this. xx


4 thoughts on “*TOPIC: PERSONAL TRAINER + PHYSIOTHERAPY = REHAB TRAINER the safest way to rebuild & reach your goals! – Me @ WEEK 14/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!

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