*TOPIC: EXERCISE ESSENTIALS – EXCUSES are USELESS; RESULTS are PRICELESS! ME @ WEEK 17/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


My head is spinning and for once I am in agreeance with some of my peers and clients who ask me “How do you keep up with it all?” Well I will explain to you the strategy of life for my personal, professional, physical fitness and spiritual journey in two words: “STRONG FOUNDATIONS”!!!

When your foundations are strong and the parameters set, you know your “optimum benchmark” versus your “toxic plateau”. You then DEVELOP RADARS  to better mange the direction you are STEERING your CHOICES towards and in doing so you become an EXPERT in this area of your evolution.


So this brings me to week 17/52 of my next body transformation and as promised this Blog now has a new Category: “EXERCISE ESSENTIALS”! 

Appropriately titled:


When it comes to training your body and mind, relying on beginner’s luck can be fickle as well as dangerous. Therefore to help you start your exercise journey smart I have put together the EXERCISE ESSENTIALS that reflect the very best research in exercise science combined with years of my application of these principles.


After reading this Post, promise yourself this GET STARTED! EXCUSES ARE USELESS; RESULTS ARE PRICELESS! 

If you’re starting out for the very first time, do start small with simple choices. Table the idea of developing a “master plan”, possibly with the assistance of a Personal Trainer for later when your BODY – and your RESOLVE – is ready for a well-developed Training Plan.

Be mindful as decisions are not made until action is taken. Your decision to get fit is admirable, as is your newfound need to endlessly discuss the finer issues of training with everyone you know in person and on social networking sites – but the real decision to work out begins when you actually do the work. In essence, “WALK THE TALK!”


There may not be an “I” in Team but the “I” in “Exercise” means your Training Program should be all about you and your fitness goals.

Yes, more than just a pronoun, the “I” stands for the principle of individualization. In order to be effective, Training Programs should be custom crafted for your body, restrictions and goal/s.

Select unique exercises, daily routines and cycles that ensure progressive strength and conditioning is achieved but ensure to never leave out the element of fun that will keep you engaged long after the first few weeks.


Avoid the temptation of skipping resistance training otherwise known as strength training or weight lifting. Whatever term you use, resistance training is the only way you preserve muscle mass and tone. And muscle mass is the optimum way to burn more calories throughout the day.

If your vehicle to physical fitness is propelled by how you want to look, then remind yourself that lean muscle mass from resistance training is your one-way ticket to Slim-City.

Muscle weighs more than fat (as I always say and show you in my own body transformations) – so don’t be fixated on the scale if you incorporate resistance training into your workouts. The additional meat on your bones means you’ll burn more calories as you go about your day in contrast to fat sitting underneath the skin.

As we age, muscle volume declines due to hormonal and environmental factors… Similarly, bone density declines as we age leaving us vulnerable to brittle bone breakage and late-life debilitation, especially in females – another reason to start exercising sooner than later.

For proper and adequate stimulation, bones and muscles require the challenge of progressive resistance training.


There is enormous benefit to working in short intense bursts such as H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) in addition to steady state work. You can lose more weight, significantly improve your cardiac function, and can even help modulate insulin levels when you perform brief, high intensity, exercise intervals. 

So the next time you’re on an upright bike or rower, try pushing really hard for 30 – 45 seconds and then go slow for the next 30 – 60 seconds and repeat by 4 – 8 sets.


Where there is a Yin, there always should also be a Yang. Balancing muscles groups should not be a reaction, instead it should be a plan. Being passionate about health and fitness I believe there should be a deliberate plan when it comes to exercise.

Working opposing muscle groups together keeps the body from developing out of balance and ensures we are developing strength and flexibility equally. This is true – those who forget to pull with every push tend to be those who suffer from weak backs and excessively tight chests.

One easy option is to program push movements with a pulling movement i.e. working the reciprocal muscles in tandem. 

Below I have put together a beginners guide using machines together in your workout:

  • row and chest press
  • shoulder press and lat pulldown
  • leg extension and leg curl
  • hip abduction and hip adduction
  • fly and rear delt


Look at me, I began as a kid that ran out of afternoons in the week for all the sport I wanted to participate in… 30 or so years later… I live the lifestyle of a Trainer, Studio Owner, Blog-Fitness Writer and – LOL – very recently (just yesterday) Amateur Fitness Model having made our debut feature in @homeworkouts_4u on Instagram.


In regards to your own Training Program remember these five core concepts.

They are based on the objective of PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. 

Used properly, this strategy will help you to begin strong, continue strong and never stop moving your fitness forward and ultimately achieving your GOALS.

I say “goals” as a plural as I only know too well from my personal experience and witnessing the same in my peers – when you conquer one area of your life you begin the domino-effect of mastering all other areas of your life as you – my friend – are learning the ART of MASTERING YOURSELF; your mindset, your body, your life! xx



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