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We often define success as the end-point… As many of our clients and readers are now understanding from various Posts written by Coach George and myself  SUCCESS is a MINDSET, an ATTITUDE to be open to CHANGE and FOCUS on making the CHOICES that serve your GOALS.

Yes, we do in our training sessions and meetings reflect and strengthen our RESOLVE on the PRINCIPLE OF SUCCESS. Today my Business Partner and Strength and Conditioning Coach presents to you another perception of SUCCESS… Read on…

How to climb the ladder to success?

I always sit back and wonder how the greatest of the great got where they are today. A bit of luck? Good genes? Talent? Politics? Their dad paid their way?

From a sporting background I’ve heard them all and some. And I’m guessing the same phrases are thrown around in any work environment with regards to jobs and climbing the corporate ladder etc. etc.

Yes, it’s very easy to become almost bound by mediocrity and almost condemn success for some strange reason. We’d rather share our failures or shortcomings and have a laugh and a beer over it. Time doesn’t stop for nobody so it’s either give up on what you want and wait in line like everybody else or skip that cue and skyrocket.

Very rarely will you find my Posts about training or lifting weights. If you begin to train your mind; your body, your relationships, your lifestyle and everything else will follow.

If I can leave you with anything it’s this: you have a CHOICE:

We’re exactly where we are now because of the choices we’ve made and we’ll be exactly where we are in 12 months time because of the choices we WILL make. 



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