* TOPIC: TOO BUSY TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR YOU?! ME @ WEEK 18/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Pythagoras

It’s a choice to stop using the excuse “I’m too busy”. (LOL one of my frustrated thoughts, until Coach Glen walks in the studio and reminds me this is my exhausted mind speaking!)

It’s a choice to shop for and have good real food in the house.

It’s a choice to stop judging yourself and others.

It’s a choice to do more of what is important and less of what isn’t.

It’s a choice to focus on solutions instead of blame.

It’s a choice to throw out the scale and not obsess daily over a number.

It’s a choice to control what information you let into your life and how often.

It’s a choice to become a role model through changing yourself first – “lead by example”.

It’s a choice to be out in nature daily to recharge your mind and connect to your soul.

It’s a choice to teach your kids how to cook… microwave does not count.

It’s a choice to read less and apply what you already know more – “walk the talk”.

It’s a choice to stop worrying about what others may or do think of you.

It’s a choice to pursue what you truly are passionate about.

It’s a choice to go out and play with your kids – “connection is aliveness”.

It’s a choice to prioritize keeping your mind clear and not distracted.

It’s a choice to fear and worry less and smile more.

It’s a choice to live by your own definition of health and fitness.

It’s a choice to embrace challenge and change.

It’s a choice to exercise daily how you enjoy and how your time and financial budget allows.

It’s a choice to stop stressing over things you cannot control.

It’s a choice to see health care starts at home and is 70% in the kitchen.

It’s a choice to call up a friend and go hiking on the weekend.

It’s a choice to focus your happiness on gratitude for what you already do have.

It’s a choice to let go of people who are more toxic than helpful to your evolution.

It’s a choice to stop checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 20x a day or do a short “fast” from social media.

It’s a choice to let go of the past and focus on your next step of your next phase.

It’s a choice to observe and change daily habits that are self-destructive to your growth.

It’s a choice to create and nurture daily habits that are more productive to your goals.

Allow the quote or any one of the statements to simmer for a moment in your mind and notice what the heart feels… 


Most importantly, it’s your choice whether you do it today or put it off until tomorrow.

It’s your choice whether you take action right now or continue to exist.

Welcome to the “One Day At A Time” RULE of LIVING!

Bigger results are just the sum of your smaller daily actions, which are the things you consciously choose to do.

It doesn’t always have to be big drastic actions, such as quitting your job, but you do need to make the small daily ones work for you day after day after day…

The first step (as I’ve experienced is often hardest) is knowing where you want to be in the first place. This may require some quiet time especially out in nature (by the ocean works best for me).

TIME is what you need to PAUSE  in solitude. 

Time to take CONTROL of your choices. 

Time to ENVISION how you want to eat, work, play, rest and live every day.

Time to CLEAR your life of what you don’t want and FILL it with what you do want and will nurture your growth.

Most importantly: Time to write down the small daily steps that need to be taken to get there. 

So many Posts – including some of our own – advocate change… the resetting, restarting  and refining the mindset to create your healthy lifestyle… I want to help you take the next step by giving you three steps to DEFINE, DESIGN and DRIVE your CHOICES into REALITY!

Step 1: DEFINE – Get a blank sheet of paper, set aside quiet time, and envision what simple actions you want to do today.

Write down your ideal lifestyle as it comes to mind.

What one thing is on your to-do list??? Do keep it short and simple so it’s not overwhelming.

Step 2: DESIGN – Make it happen and aim not to let your day fill up with other “distractions”.

Remember it’s your choice what to do.

Step 3: DRIVE – Repeat every day.

When you see each small daily action as a choice, you will feel more in control of your day! Your “little victories” will add up and be the only motivation you need to connect to this new habit.

We live in a world full of people choosing more distractions, less than ideal foods, not moving much and staying in the same rut… I challenge you to choose a better path full of inspiration and purpose that will bring your closer to living your dream.


This process is powerful and I ask for you to pause and feel this next statement ripple thru your body and mind:

“It is said that a good teacher can only open the door, but it is you that has to walk through it.”

Well, my friend, the door is now open. What do you choose to do right now for you?

 “This is your life…and it’s ending one minute at a time” – Fight Club

Well this is me  signing-off having now completed week 18/52 of my next body transformation and this is my choice to share this Post with you to enlighten you on the STEPS to make the right CHOICES to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

Life is precious! xx


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