* TOPIC: “METABOLIC PRECISION” IS EMPOWERING LIVES! ME @ WEEK 19/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Power Foods Fitness is entering the next evolution in Personal Fitness and Nutrition Training.

This week Coach George and myself commenced “Metabolic Precision” – otherwise known as “MP” – our post graduate studies in nutrition. MP is the first ever science-based approach to body transformation.


For personal trainers, Metabolic Precision ensures a level of individualisation and quality of service that has never been seen before in the fitness and health industries.

For clients, Metabolic Precision is what personal training should be, a holistic, definitive service that delivers a life-changing experience and guaranteed fantastic results, every time!

For now, understand that the food we feed our bodies and activities we perform on a daily basis is simply information – DATA – that’s constantly fed into “The Hairy Bag of Chemical Soup” (i.e. the chemical reaction that goes on inside our bodies to breakdown the food we eat). This information is processed and the result is chronic LONG-TERM affects on metabolism.

Be mindful, this is pretty smart “soup”, it has evolved from 100,000 or so years of evolutionary tweaking. You can’t trick it, you can’t fool it and you definitely can’t ignore it as it is in all of us. The most powerful thing you can do is learn how to eat and exercise to make your metabolism work for you. 

We know from recent research that most people today are doing well if they can commit 3 to 6 hours a week to physical exercise.

Reality check… A far more important question we need to concern ourselves with is: 

How to eat to maximise the effects of every single moment spent exercising? 

So how do you shed fat, build strength and create a great looking body when you’re devoting only a handful of hours to exercise each week – (structured and incidental included)? 

Let us introduce you to the “Metabolic Window”!!!

The Metabolic Window is a unique learning tool Metabolic Precision developed to teach metabolically precise eating to trainers, students and athletes. In essence, exactly how to eat and supplement to maximise results from every workout.

Remember, intense exercise is essentially just a signal. A good form of ‘stress’ that basically triggers biological processes. In doing so, it creates a unique metabolic window of opportunity a time when the presence of certain nutrients will amplify these responses dramatically and do our metabolism a great service. 

Conversely, mess-up your nutrition choices inside the window and results are short-circuited and lead to chaos.

Light bulb moment: The Metabolic Window shows you how to consume the right foods at the correct time and create the perfect metabolism for fat loss, muscle recovery and better health – all at once! 

Even better, when you know how to construct metabolically precise meals, you’ll also have the solutions for any situation, every day. You’ll know exactly how to eat to harness the power of exercise to improve energy levels, fat loss and body shape for life! Most importantly, you’ll program your metabolism to avoid overeating and body fat accumulation. Quite simply, you’ll know how to make food work for you.

Sounds complicated?!?!

Well we can assure you, it isn’t. 

In fact, the athletes MP have coached, the hundreds of trainers and nutritionists they have certified and their clients will testify how easy this is. Please check out just some of the Inspirational stories at mp-body.com

My favourite Inspirational story is:


The Metabolic Window varies according to age, body composition, eating history and how many MP programs you’ve completed as well as your unique personal fitness and physique goals. 

As I’m now at the end of week 19/52 of my next body transformation, I’m so excited to have this new tool-kit to fine tune my Nutrition Plan to match my Exercise Program; and with every intention to share my knowledge from this experience with YOU, when you choose to embark on your journey to BE the best version of yourself.

Like I always say – “You need to start at some point!”…  So from this week Coach George and myself will be incorporating these MP principles into both our menu and training regime. From this place we are choosing to be the better versions of ourselves every day! xx


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