When you are dealing with people you are in the ‘service industry’. At all times (as Personal Trainers, George and myself) we remain professional as well as respectful of our clients, their beliefs and lifestyle… In doing so, we also have front row seating to the “GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH” – “LIFE!!!” From this viewpoint we become to know the personality traits and patterns pertaining to various characteristics and overtime we have evolved into EXPERTS in dealing with ‘all walks of life’ and knowing how to get the best from each individual that walks thru our studio door.

Below in my latest conversation with George we honestly reflect on the next generation that society has created “THE COTTON WOOL PEOPLE”… Read on…

Stop fluffing yourself!

I’ve found too many people need to be spoken to ever so softly nowadays. Since when did we become wrapped in cotton wool? 

Again my shocking first statement is aimed from a health and fitness approach. 

Here’s what spurred this thought on. Speaking to an old client of mine who NEEDS help. A “Yoyo Dieter” for many years, severely overweight and family history of heart issues… Basically a walking heart attack!!! Safe to say I’m being brutally honest here, however, I wouldn’t dare tell the truth cos I’d “hurt her feelings”!

Am I doing her a disservice by not telling her “if you don’t do something now ****, you’ll wake up in a hospital bed soon”? I’m sure in my opinion, however I sit there, smile politely and nod when she can only commit to “1 x Personal Training” session a week…. Really?!?!?

It’s bothers me absolutely nothing where this lady gets help, however she needs it and she needs to move… urgently !!!

As a society, we tend to try and do the bare minimum for our health, yet go big with cars, holidays, our homes etc. Reality is, all those material possessions mean nothing when your quality of life takes a turn for the worse. Be realistic with your current physical health and do what you need to, to get that in order. 



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