*TOPIC: IS THIS THE LIFE YOU’RE MEANT TO BE LIVING??? REALITY CHECK… – ME @ Week 24/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


You are all that you choose to believe to see… This is in direct relationship with what you are truly willing to accept of yourself, in others and the lessons of the various scenarios that life features you in… 

Like a magnet you draw everything to yourself. No space for Blamers, Victims and Pretenders here as you also choose to become either one of these characters in your denial to move past existence and to live out your fullest potential… You attract the people – family and friends, the job, the circumstances, the health, the wealth, the debt, the joy, the car you drive, the community that you’re in. You’ve drawn all of them to you like a magnet. Quite simply: What you think about you bring about.

Your whole life  – UP UNTIL NOW – is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.

You deserve to awaken to living

by simply choosing consciously to: 



The only person responsible for your life and emotions is you. This is a very liberating realization one can make, as this means one can decide to be happy every single day… As I say to myself when I walk out the door every morning “Smile Up or Smile Down”! This will set the vibration of your perception of thoughts for the day ahead! If the dark-cloud feels heavier than usual then have a dress rehearsal for walking out the door i.e. for me this is playing “Happy Music” as I make my breakfast and get ready for work.

Signing off now having completed week 24/52 of my next Body Transformation and in the throes of a zany mix of 6 day split training, food preparation, client sessions, weekend away to study Metabolic Nutrition Level 2 and taking the steps that I need to create balance in my life by making time to chillax with my brother and surfing mates. Yes I had attracted the start-up of Be Fit Hub into my life for the past 11 months and I chose to nurture this baby…

Like I always say, George and myself “WALK THE TALK!”… and as I write this Post it’s exactly what I’m doing in my own personal and professional life… For me NOW it’s attracting BALANCE! xx

P.S. Take the time to be kind to your Soul and ask yourself “What do you want to attract more of in your life?” –  Then consciously think it, really believe it and dance in the celebration of living it!


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