*TOPIC: ARE YOU BECOMING A “FIT-FAT- PERSON”? – ME @ Week 27/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Sofija’s Body Transformations:
BEFORE January 2013 to NOW October 2013

For those of you new to my story, my name is Sofija – I am a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Yoga/Pilates Teacher and Writer who in January 2013 started my first 11 week Body Transformation! I am now at week 27/52 of my next Body Transformation… Read on…

I had my ‘snap point’ when I opened the doors of my new venture in November 2012 and became the joint Owner/Director of “Be Fit Hub” Personal Training Studio. Between the studio and approaching mid-life (38 years old), I was still frustrated with my food and training regime and realised it was time for change.

My body was beginning to expand in directions that I knew would become the middle-age tyre on a fitness-fanatic and then I realised that for most of my life exercise was a ritual to make me feel free from weight gain and sloppy skin… With age no longer on my side this was not the answer… I was on my way to becoming a ‘Fit-Fat-Person’ addicted to a certain type of workout!

So I took time to reflect and ask myself what is the goal for me and my health moving forwards… The answer was simple – “BUILD LEAN MUSCLE” to reshape my body and correct my metabolism as well as achieve optimum cellular health. The goal is to be fit, strong and youthful for life! Is this not the goal for us all?
So began the Power Foods Diet Menu Plan for my first 18 weeks of training and transforming and since then I have been under the Metabolic Precision Nutrition and F.I.R.E. Training framework. That’s “Focused Intense Resistance Exercise”.

F.I.R.E. is more than lifting weights.

Did you know that the actual time spent lifting and lowering the weight, for a designated amount of sets and reps would add up to less than a handful of minutes. So total amount of work completed, probably close to 3 minutes tops! Now understand this ‘exercise essential’ – you have a very finite amount of time to initiate an effective training stimulus. And that’s all any type of training is, a stimulus for your body.

There is also a clear mind-to-muscle connection and F.I.R.E. Training goes beyond this. It’s about developing an astute kinesthetic sense of movement during maximal effort as well as paying attention to all sensory input, internal and external – visual and proprioceptive; the sense of the relative position of parts of the body in relation to the strength of effort being recruited in movement.

The key objective in F.I.R.E. is to achieve the ‘Nexus Point’ within the range of motion (ROM) – every rep, every set. The Nexus Point is the pivotal point where the right biomechanics achieves maximum muscle recruitment, activation and overload – success or failure – from resistance training.

Every F.I.R.E. workout is deliberate in its placement and timing to ensure every aspect has a clear purpose in delivering your overall fitness goal. In F.I.R.E. Training you will learn to feel and focus the overload on the targeted muscles, every rep, every set where the intensity is structured, measured and prioritized to ensure the best chance for a result.

The reality is F.I.R.E. is a skill in the average gym or studio that is foreign to most people! F.I.R.E. needs to be taught, developed and reinforced by a qualified Metabolic Precision Specialist. As in life… as is with F.I.R.E. – every moment has a purpose and getting the most from every moment is the sole objective…

This photo above is the sum of my hard work and effort over 9 months with a goal of building a better physique.

Weight is down 3.4kg but there is a 4kg increase in lean muscle tissue. Girth measurements are down by 38cm in total.

The “MAGIC” of eating clean and F.I.R.E. Training happens when you turn those great workouts into weeks, the weeks into months, year after year.

So my advise is: “Eat real foods for your fitness and health goals! Quit the endless cardio and reshape your body with F.I.R.E. Training!” xx


Sofija at F.I.R.E. Training – Legs Session last week: ONE-LEG SQUAT

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