*TOPIC: YOUR FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH is YOUR MUSCLE MASS – ME @ Week 28/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


When you mention “muscle building” or “muscular hypertrophy” to someone – male or female – they generally picture big, bodybuilder-type muscles. So for anyone who doesn’t want to be ‘big’ (and that’s most people, to be honest), they will claim not to want muscle-building or muscular hypertrophy as part of their fitness regime.

But that’s a mistake – understandable but nevertheless, a mistake that deserves some attention… Everyone, from ‘Johnny Teenager’ down the road to your ‘Tuck-Shop Arms Grandma’, needs muscular hypertrophy. 

To help you understand “WHY?” let’s take a glance at the two extreme perceptions of muscle:


We need our musculoskeletal system in order to do, well, anything. Sit down, stand up, take the stairs, carry things as well as house our immune system.

When we are young, our bodies build muscle well, without us having to do much about it. By adulthood, about 40% of our total body mass is muscle.

Without any particular training or dietary strategy, muscle mass peaks at around 16-20 years old in women, and 18-25 years old in men. Muscle strength peaks a bit later, around age 20 in untrained women and around 30 in untrained men.


After the age of 25, muscle loss is around 10% per decade!

In fact both bone and muscle mass decrease with age.

Bones become less dense and therefore frailer i.e. osteopenia and muscle mass decreases i.e. sarcopenia.

But weight tends to increase with age – which can only mean that the extra weight your carrying is fat! UGHH!!!

Well I don’t know about you ladies and gents but I’m in my late thirties and I am not happy about the idea of it being downhill all the way after age 20!

We are surviving longer than ever before – do we really want to ‘peak’ having run only 20-30% of our lifespan? Do we want to spend most of our adult lives fat and weak?

So this brings us back to MUSCLE BUILDING

So the truth is that after our early twenties, muscle-building is what we have to do to stop the otherwise inevitable decline of strength and ability, and the increase in fat and weight. Muscular hypertrophy needs to be at the top of everyone’s fitness agenda. This is what my fitness journey has led me to understand by living and breathing my own Body Transformations… When the penny finally dropped and I realised that what I wanted was to build lean muscle to be healthy, fit and lean for life. 

Now I am into week 28/52 of my Metabolic Precision Body Transformation and embracing a new exercise methodology of F.I.R.E. i.e. Focused Intense Resistance Exercise. Along the way I have had the privilege of meeting amazing professionals such as Dr Paul Cribb the mastermind behind Metabolic Precision and author of the article below I want to share with you! 

I highly recommend that you click on the link below… This article will guaranteed profoundly change the way you will approach exercise and nutrition should you choose to take responsibility for your long-term health and happiness. xx



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