*TOPIC: 5 KEYS TO REPROGRAMMING YOUR METABOLISM is yours free!!! ME @ Week 29/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!

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The key to long-lasting fat loss and health is making sure your ‘insides’ are taken care of. What that really means is making your hormones work for you instead of against you. This I have found out for myself as I am now into week 29/52 of my second Body Transformation.

Ever tried dieting and found you got really hungry, tired, irritable and eventually put the weight back on??? We at Be Fit Hub have seen it hundreds of times! What it actually does is it slows down your metabolism, and makes fat burning almost impossible. Addressing this issue is your number one priority. 

The honest truth is, next time you try to diet you probably won’t lose much weight. What you’ll actually do is balance and re-program your metabolism. 

Today Coach George and myself are happy  to give our 5 KEYS to REPROGRAMMING YOUR METABOLISM completely free. If followed, we can almost guarantee better health and fat loss as a by-product of that. (Visit http://www.powerfoodsdiet.com.au for a PDF version of this document under the Menu Starter tab.)

1. Drink more water. At least 3L per day. If you weigh more than 80kg, aim for 4L per day.

2. Add a protein source to EVERY meal. Not just whenever you feel like it! FIST SIZED PLEASE! Eggs are a good protein source for breakfast, tuna or salmon for lunch and chicken or steak for dinner.

3. Aim for 4 serves of vegetables per meal. Yes every meal! In the mix always include baby spinach, broccoli or kale, zucchini or celery. Just there are 3 of the 4 serves already! Google SERVING SIZES of vegetables and educate yourself! Knowledge is power! 

4. Not necessary but highly recommended is a very good and low carb whey protein supplement. Especially useful around training and for lean muscle growth. We recommend 20-30g pre and post-workout depending on your size and training intensity.

5. Be patient and consistent. One chicken salad won’t fix years of neglect. Make the best choices you can for the time and place and feel good about it. You don’t need to suffer to succeed.

Enjoy the process and know that soon you’ll be like an unstoppable freight train. Success follows! xx

If you need help designing your MENU PLAN simply email us at: befithub@live.com



Healthy EATING and TRAINING creates balance in all areas of your life!

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