*TOPIC: NUTRIENT TIMING! ME @ Week 30/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Yup another Post on “THE ‘FITNESS’ PROBLEM”… For those new to this Blog – here lies the conundrum. More people are exercising but we are unhealthier and fatter than ever before in human history, and it’s getting worse every year as we’re becoming the NEW generation of “FIT FAT PEOPLE”!!! Hence my personal fitness goal to transform my own body and progressing well as I am now at week 30/52 of my “Metabolic Precision” Body Transformation.

The cause of the problem is very simple to address. The reason why most people don’t get the results they so desperately desire is, they view exercise the wrong way. They don’t really understand the role exercise has to play in the modern lifestyle they are living.

Therefore, in today’s busy world, to achieve the body-shape we really want, each of us has to make efficient and effective choices. Not only about the type and quantity of exercise we perform but also, choices that maximize the effects of every single moment spent exercising.

So you want to accelerate fat loss, strength gains and create an awesome looking body when you’re devoting only a couple of hours to exercise each week?

This is achievable if you employ METABOLIC NUTRITION TIMING!!!

Metabolic Nutrition Timing is science proven, and the strategic consumption of the correct nutrients at the right time to dramatically improve results from exercise training.

You may hear ‘experts’ talk about the timing of nutrients with exercise etc, but only a handful of scientists around the world have researched this topic in detail – Dr Paul Cribb is one of them. In fact, “Cribby” as we in the industry call him completed award-winning research at Australia’s Victoria University as well as demonstrated the nutrition strategies presented in Metabolic Precision may double the results you’d normally experience.

OMGImagine that? Double your exercise/body physique results!!!

When you consume the right foods at the correct time, you create the perfect metabolic environment for fat loss, muscle recovery and better health – all at once! Once you know what are the correct foods and the correct times it all becomes very easy. When you understand the simple rules, you know exactly what are the best choices to make and, what a poor choice is that will derail progress. 

Do you want to know exactly how to eat to harness the power of exercise to improve energy levels, fat loss and body shape?

Then click on this article by Dr Paul Cribb to find out HOW:


Contact us at BE FIT HUB via this Blog to get you started on your fitness and physique goals and living the life you imagined! xx


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