WE ARE METABOLIC PRECISION ATHLETIC CONDITIONING SPECIALISTS – ME @ Week 31/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


As said so well by my Metabolic Precision Specialist and Mentor

as well as accomplished bodybuilding competitor – 

also  awesome Human – Joel Dickinson:


“As I write this, I am in deep recovery mode. Not from any recent training work for me personally per se, but rather an EPIC weekend of good times, good laughs and intensive coaching with the latest batch of MP Certified Level 3 Athletic Conditioning Specialists. It was like a WHO’S WHO of PE. And it is only now, Monday, that it has really hit me (again): to know my purpose! Now I didn’t say ‘place’ so please play nice, but I know my purpose… I know why I am here.”


Ditto Josh… For me it’s Tuesday and likewise – WOW – what an amazing experience MP Level 3 was on a professional and personal level! Power Training and Athlete Nutrition that we now know how to confidently create and execute for the amateur to the professional athlete in any sport or stage of life.

I trust in that we all have a divine purpose and know now to allow for paths to cross as all is to refine your connection to your unique purpose and inspire you to stay true to your goals.


This weekend was lessons – really blessings – with sharing and learning from the best Personal Trainers, Professional Athletes/Competitors, Nutritionists and Business Mentors on EARTH! 


We all share the DREAM to LIVE to our HIGHEST POTENTIAL and help others to be guided to their BEST VERSION of MINDSET and in time embody their OPTIMUM FITNESS BODY and embrace a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Then we do it all again… as we pay it forward by LEADING BY EXAMPLE or as that old saying goes “Walking the Talk… Actions speak louder than words…”

Signing off now at week 31/52 of my current Metabolic Precision Body Transformation…With new goals to demolish in the next year ahead… A vibrant fusion of advanced nutrient timing, physique training under the strategic guidance of a Mentor and scientifically proven system that guarantees results and clarity within the process that settles for nothing less than SUCCESS!!! xx


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