RANDOM 12 WEEKS MEETS EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS – ME @ Week 32/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Without intentionally setting out to do a 12 week fitness challenge of any sort I found myself in a Post-grad Nutrition weekend intensive and the lecturer informing us of a Body Transformation Challenge that their program undertakes twice yearly with the next commencing the following Monday.

One thing I have learnt in life is that there never is a perfect time… Perfection arrives in accepting imperfection without attachment, judgement or reaction.

On a practitioner level these thoughts went thru my mind:

1. How am I to convince a client that this protocol may be the best option to facilitate positive lifestyle changes without experiencing this for myself; and

2. Promise to self to hold integrity to my professional mantra “WALK YOUR TALK”!!!

What a steep learning curve the Metabolic Precision 12 Week Challenge was… Delivering ALL as it said it would in its science based approach to reprogramming your metabolism.

I became the client and learned to eat with precise nutrient timing to match my training goals.

Achieving every week: greater fat loss, increasing lean muscle mass whilst maintaining strength gains in each F.I.R.E. and I.C.E. Training session…

FOR ME this has been the most rewarding Body Transformation experience thus far! Yes, more to come… Just love feeling fitter! 

Signing off now at week 32/52 of my year-long Body Transformation. Thanks to ALL my Metabolic Precision Peers and Educators and Coach George for your support! xx

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