How YOU getting FIT in 2014 will help you to crush your other goals – ME @ Week 49/115 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine 2015 Cover Model Comp!


I’m convinced that getting fit and in incredible shape can transform other areas of your life. As I am now at week 49/115 of my METABOLIC PRECISION Body Transformation I do WALK THE TALK with every word in this post.


Well for starters by following a workout schedule typically means you wind up scheduling other parts of your life as well.

Hitting goals of any type is all about “focused effort”… and repeat.

Unfocused effort is a dream killer.

I would have to say the ability to focus on one thing at a time, is the #1 skill you are going to want to master…if you want to be a high-achiever.

What I like about the gym is that it is the one place where you really can’t multitask as you need to devote your attention to the movement your are in… and repeat.

You can’t check Facebook or Instagram when you are doing a set of curls.

Working out can and will teach you to focus on one thing at a time if you choose. 

If you can treat other areas of your life – like your workout, OMG

…you will be SHOCKED at how much you can accomplish.

For example…if you want to write a book, block out 90 minutes for 4-5 times per week where you write without distractions.

This means:

– without checking your email; and

– without checking Facebook.

You could probably write 1 non-fiction book a month if you had that type of focus.

The same applies with mastering any skill like playing piano, learning to golf, building an online store, writing a blog etc.

So In 2014, I challenge you to avoid the trap of being constantly distracted!

When I’m out having coffee with my friends, we have a rule that it is NOT okay to constantly check your phone and hence they stay in our handbags on silent.

It’s actually more of an unspoken rule.

So rather than checking our phone we deeply embrace enjoying the company of the people around us.

You see…I believe you need to do your best to cultivate the skill of focusing on one thing at a time in every area of life as our lives are cluttered with multitasking that stem from social media, family rituals and hectic professional demands.

This constant state of multitasking leads to shallow experiences.

You never fully engage with what is in front of you in the NOW.

Your know that feeling when your mind wanders instead of fully enjoying and appreciating life. 

Light bulb moment: Instead of hitting goals and enjoying life,

… you are just busy being distracted.

Turn your awareness to focusing and accomplishing one thing at a time in 2014 in every layer of your life. Your will enjoy the gifts in this process of DOING the BEING. These gifts are priceless memories and shared experiences that BEING the DOING distracts us from. xx

P.S. By FOCUS we begin to ALIGN our energy to WHAT SERVES OUR GROWTH BEST! Having just said this I am living this mantra as I move my Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine 2014 Cover Model Competition to 2015 to allow space to transition my business into the next level and devote time to my family life.


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