BODY SHOT – METABOLIC PRECISION Body Transformation @ Week 49/115 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine 2015 Cover Model Comp!

Pic Stitch of Sofija (Me)
from Week 1/115  (January 2013)
to NOW Week 49/115 (January 2014)
of METABOLIC PRECISION Body Transformation
for Women’s Health and Fitness
2015 Cover Model Competition
Sofija’s body shape and body composition is a result of 12 months of:
1. Nutrition Timing
Fresh and natural foods in solid and liquid meals.
2. F.I.R.E.
Focused Intense Resistance Exercise – LIFTING
3. I.C.E.
Intense Cardio Exercise – SPRINTS and CYCLING
4. L.I.A.
Light Intensity Activity – SURFING and YOGA
Contact Sofija to help you get started on your Metabolic Precision nutrition and exercise program!
Your life is not a dress rehearsal, it is NOW! Much love xx
P.S. By FOCUS we begin to ALIGN our energy
Having just said this I am living this mantra
as I move my Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine 2014
Cover Model Competition to 2015
to allow space to transition my business into the next level
and devote time to my family life.

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