Which SNACK would you prefer?


Metabolic Precision (MP) is a Nutrition and Exercise system that becomes your lifestyle. MP will have you LIVING IN THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS as it rewards you with our greatest commodity TIME as well as nourishing your body, mind and soul with DELICIOUS FOOD!

MP’s foundation is in its Nutrition System and when you accept the importance of eating nutritious meals to fuel your training then you will start to really see the results from your workouts. MP’s focus is Nutrient Timing for your training and unique body composition goal. The Exercise system incorporates:

1. F.I.R.E. Focused Intense Resistance Exercise – Weights Training

2. I.C.E. Intense Cardio Exercise – High Intensity Interval Training

3. L.I.A. Light Intensity Exercise – Incidental such as gardening or walking the dog as well as your weekly surf and Yogilates class.

F.I.R.E. is the body shaper and creates the tone along the lines that becomes the outline of your physique.

I.C.E. trims the fat around the muscle to reveal the results in your effort of eating nutritious meals around your F.I.R.E. sessions.

L.I.A. is recovery and rejuvenation to prepare your food*, mindset and body for the next few days of your F.I.R.E and I.C.E. training.

Now *food preparation is simple as MP teaches you to eat 6 meals a day i.e. 3 x mains and 3 x smaller meals. They are made in your kitchen from real food that is natural, dense in nutrients and nom nom. With so many recipe ideas and varieties of meals to choose from you will always know what you will be eating and how to prepare this yourself.

Yes, DITCH the boring diet plans that have you eating a handful of nuts for a snack!

Click on this link below for Metabolic Precision SNACK IDEAS and RECIPES! You will be shown why they’re a better choice for your body as they have been constructed by ingredients that  are metabolically precise.


I am part of MP Professionals being a fully qualified and registered Nutritionist and Body Transformation Specialist as well as living their system within my own life with my own body transformation in full progress…

I am also grateful for the privilege granted to me this year by MP Founder Dr Paul Cribb to bring you their educational articles and publications (such as the content in the link above) as our aim is to inspire you all to give yourself and your family the only gift that truly keeps giving OPTIMUM HEALTH AND FITNESS. xx

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