7 Super-Fast-Protein-Packed-Mother’s Day-Treats – Day 1


Life is beautiful if we choose to know that in uncertainty and challenges we deepen our awareness of what really matters… the people; the experiences; and the places we have visited along the way!

One common bond across all races, generations and situations is ‘nourishing the Soul with food!’

Having just commenced rolling out my first Metabolic Nutrition Course and teaching clients how to construct Metabolic Precise Meals it feels right to treat you all to 7 delicious recipes in 7 days that will pack a protein punch. Each recipe takes just a handful of minutes to make and are a prefect way to give you variety when eating with a goal of 6 meals a day. Just in time for Mother’s Day…

Day 1 – LATTE or MOCHA if you please?!

Ingredients and Instructions:

After a cup of coffee has cooled a bit,

stir in vanilla protein powder for a “latte”

or chocolate protein powder for a “mocha.” 

Too easy!


P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recipe – CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE!!!


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