7 Super-Fast-Protein-Packed-Mother’s Day-Treats – Day 2


To help you achieve the vital protein levels your body requires, you don’t need to subsist on chicken breast, salmon, and shakes.

Let me show you how to open up the tub of protein powder that’s already in your pantry – then get creative with these 7 easy recipes.

In 7 days you will be a ‘Protein Powder MasterChef’ showing the world there’s more you can do with a scoop of protein powder than toss it into a smoothie!

Day 2 – CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE just decadent!

Ingredients and Instructions:

1. Mix chocolate protein powder into cottage cheese to the intensity of flavour you desire.

2. Refrigerate and top with berries.

Perfect dessert this weekend when entertaining at home!


P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recipe – Sweet or Savoury Crepe


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