7 Super-Fast-Protein-Packed-Mother’s Day-Treats – Day 6


“Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.”

Spanish Proverb

One idea I am warming to is a thick, creamy and rich Hot Chocolate on a Winter’s night… So will everyone else in your home – so why not boost the nutritional benefits by adding a scoop of protein powder to your recipe.


 Ingredients and Instructions:

1. Make a cup of hot cocoa with real or powder chocolate and let it cool until it’s warm, not hot.

2. Add chocolate, vanilla, or unflavoured protein.*

*In this recipe that has been used by many Nutritionists and Coaches we are adding ANY brand/flavour protein powder at the end of the hot chocolate making process to ensure we have a “slightly cooler beverage” and in this way ensure minimal protein powder variation – coagulate – and therefore avoid a lumpy texture!

TREAT YOURSELF and ‘Soothe your Soul!’ xx 

P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s protein powder creation – Power Pancakes


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