BODY SHOT – METABOLIC PRECISION Body Transformation @ Week 58/115 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine 2015 Cover Model Comp!

Blog Post Vof-wk58ProgressPic copy


Remember the secret?



– The right choices consistently available at the right time.

– If the right foods aren’t easily accessible at the right time, the greatest diet will fail, despite all the best intentions. 

“Where do I start?” I hear you ask…

You NEED to do a “Kitchen Makeover” to create a safe haven

so you have the  best chance for success!

* Construct the right environment – 3 Steps:

1. Purge the refrigerator

2. Pillage the pantry

3. Replace the contents of both immediately!

This is exactly HOW I began my new life of learning to eat to match my lifestyle and exercise and 58 weeks or so later… I am still eating 6 delicious real-foods meals every day and exercising less than 2 hours/week to maintain my best physique to date.

Above is a Pic Stitch of Sofija (Me)

from Week 1/115

to NOW Week 58/115

of METABOLIC PRECISION Body Transformation

In my next post I will talk more on finding “YOUR WHY” rather than making a “DECISION” TO MAKE THIS NEW WAY OF LIFE A PLEASURE NOT A CHORE!

Click here to chat to Sofija – a fully qualified and registered Metabolic Nutritionist and Weight Loss Consultant to help you begin your new lifestyle. 


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