Carbohydrates & Protein Synthesis post-workout to RECOVER, REPAIR & REBUILD your body!

260614 Carbs Postworkout

So what are your TRAINING GOALS?

Let’s take a step back… Quite simply your first priority is to ensure you’re eating enough FIRST CLASS PROTEINS, RIGHT CARBOHYDRATES and GOOD FATS to match your unique training goals. There is no other way to build fitness, restore your cellular health and be guaranteed to achieve the body composition you desire. Metabolic Precise meals are designed to reprogram your metabolism initially and create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and relationship with nutrient dense food.

Click on this link below to read Dr Paul Cribb’s findings on Carbohydrates and Protein synthesis post-training:

These glycogen stores are essential to mediating the immunosuppression seen post-workout.

The bottom line is without Carbohydrates to help with recovery from intense exercise, cortisol levels often remain elevated, the immune system suppressed, and you’re at increased risk for overtraining, injury, and illness… And none of those things will increase your muscle protein synthesis either…

Be informed by the best professionals in the Fitness and Nutrition industries who advise on guidelines that are science based and research proven – this is Metabolic Precision! The very reason I am so humbled to be part of their community as a Metabolic Nutritionist. xx



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