Fennel, Orange, Avocado & Spanish Onion Salad – WINTER SALAD by “Power Foods Fitness”



Fennel is your Winter go-to vegetable for salads, soups, roasts, pasta dishes and risotto. It’s crunchy and invigorating but also slightly sweet with a black liquorice flavour and scent…

Everything in this salad is refreshing – crisp fennel, juicy citrus, sweet spanish onion and creamy avocado. The only dressing is flaxseed oil, as the orange adds enough sweet acidity.

Fennel is super healthy and contains its own unique combination of phytonutrients that gives it strong antioxidant activity. Fennel bulb is an excellent source of Vitamin C. As a very good source of fiber fennel bulb may help to reduce elevated cholesterol levels. And since fiber also removes potentially carcinogenic toxins from the colon, fennel bulb may also be useful in preventing colon cancer. In addition to its fiber, fennel is a very good source of folate and potassium.


Makes 4 – 6 serves

1 x medium bulb Fennel

1 x large (or 2-3 x small) Navel Orange/s

1 x ripe Avocado

1 x medium Spanish Onion

Flaxseed Oil

Salt (Optional)

Black Pepper (Optional)


  1. Cut the stems off the fennel and trim the bottom of the bulb. Shave/slice off any brown spots on the outside of the bulb. Slice the bulb in half lengthwise. Use two diagonal cuts to slice out the triangular wedge of core at the base of each half.
  2. With the cut side down, slice each half horizontally, shaving off slices as thin as you can manage.
  3. Place the shaved fennel in a large bowl.
  4. Slice the onion ‘the intuitive way’ and you’ll end up with some really big half moons and some really small half moons.
  5. Add sliced onion to the bowl and toss through the shaved fennel.
  6. Cut oranges by firstly taking a slice off the top and bottom of the orange. Then with the orange standing up on its flat end, cut off the peel in curved strips, working your way around the orange.
  7. Halve the orange vertically. Placing each half cut side down, cut into thin slices. (Note: Use a serrated knife to avoid squeezing out all the juice). Add the oranges to the fennel and toss gently.
  8. Cut the avocado into slices. Follow this guide if your not quite sure how to cut and slice an avocado.
  9. You can toss the avocado with the salad and it will look a bit messy. If you like to keep things neat (I must confess ‘like me’), you can plate the salad, placing a few avocado slices on a plate and topping with a heap of the fennel-orange-onion mix.
  10. Top the salad with a drizzle of flaxseed oil*. You may want to sprinkle some salt or pepper to taste.

* The only flaxseed oil I use is Waltanna Farms PURE GOLDEN FLAXSEED OIL – www.waltannagold.com This flaxseed oil has a delicious nutty taste, is Australian made and certified organic.

To make this a metabolic precise meal “outside the window” of intense exercise serve this salad as a generous side to your salmon steak or tuna steak/tin; baked chicken breast or thigh fillet; or rump steak.

To serve this salad “inside the metabolic window” of intense exercise add black quinoa. A bit earthier and sweeter than white quinoa, black quinoa keeps its striking black colour when cooked and will add texture as well as flavour to this gorgeous Winter salad.

Enjoy this versatile salad that took only 15 minutes to prep and make, will last for days in the fridge as well as travel/store crisp and is nutritious for eating on the road or in the office. xx


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