This past year has been an amazing year for myself and clients as well as colleagues, friends and family. I am truly grateful for every soul and scenario that crossed my path – so much learning, guidance and grounding to be found in every encounter. In gratitude also for the teachers that awakened me to the ‘love and above’ levels of consciousness.

Take charge of your energy! The power of words! That is what it is all about. It really is that simple. Your mind directs your energy. Your spirit is there awaiting you.

The word ‘God’ for some or ‘Source’ for others is ALL THERE IS – and has enormous vibration. You have to find a word that brings that feeling of goose-bumps to you, that lifts your heart up and open. We are programmed to believe certain things and that this is how we should think and this is what we should feel… You need to listen to the vibration of your own body and you find that word that encompasses the feeling of ‘Source’ and ‘all that is’. For me – in my heart and in my mind when I say ‘God’ I get the vibration because that is my intent… to touch that, to be filled with that feeling, with that emotion. Know it’s all in our minds and our programming. If you get negative vibrations from that word then don’t use it.

Find one (any) word that vibrates right with you, what gives you the most powerful, wonderful –

‘like I came home’

‘like I am safe’ and

‘I am loved’

there is nothing but that.

What word gives that feeling? What word brings that feeling to you? Then use that word to access this sacred awareness.

For those people in your life where they say statements about themselves “this always happens to me” or “all the people in my life are violent’ are unconscious to the power of words even when you suggest to them to change your words. They reply “really?” or “it can’t be just changing your words… I will just be lying to myself…”

It is just CHANGING THE WORDS! And you are not lying to yourself. You need to speak it until its true!

If this always happens to you then it will continue to happen to you as long as you embrace that idea, or you accept that idea. Because your energy is accepting this is my place, this is what I deserve, this is how it happens. You need to embrace the idea – which for a lot of people can be scary.

It’s much easier for us as a species to say “life has treated me badly” and “these things always happen to me” than it is to say “you know what – I’m going to take charge of what I can control, and that’s how I perceive and how I react” and to stick with that and be dedicated and determined to empower myself.

And as I take responsibility for my actions, my words and my thoughts, and reject responsibility for everyone else’s – I allow them to hold it. Then what you see happening is this gradual but absolutely sure transformation to things that happen to you. They happen because you bought good things to you.

You bought strength to you. You stepped into a pyramid of power that says “I am willing to take responsibility!” I am responsible for my perception and my reaction. I am responsible for my thoughts and my words and how I behave. And that taking responsibility will change your energy and your life.

I support you in finding your truth. I want for you the best version of yourself. Set your vision for 2019 and know I am here in unconditional love and truth to guide you on your unique journey to manifesting a life of possibility and positive vibes.

Happy New Year xx

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