Change Happens Through Movement and Movement Heals!

Studio Pilates International – Reformer Course Graduates

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” -Joseph H. Pilates

In gratitude to Studio Pilates International and their engaging and informative Reformer Pilates Course I made space to complete over the past three months.
Continuing to advance your career essentially means forging ahead with the skill set you possess, as well as learning new techniques that can help you and your business grow now and into the future. While at the beginning of your career you may feel quite green, the more you learn and practice, the better equipped you will feel to handle all kinds of situations.
The skills you learn throughout your life may come in handy as your business expands into new markets and industries. You may have learned a niche that suddenly becomes popular later in life, or you may sharpen your skills so much so that you are ‘the expert’ that others turn to for advice.
Staying on top of your game is key to retaining these skills. Below are the 14 best ways to make sure you’re constantly improving the skills you need to know, so that you have them when you need them: 
1. Design a System of Improvement
2. Remain Open to Learning
3. Take Online Classes With Friends
4. Actually Implement What You Learn
5. Read Relevant Blogs
6. Read Books Written By People With Similar Lives
7. Follow Industry Leaders on Social Media
8. Use ‘Rest Hacks’ That Work
9. Practice Where the Stakes Are Low
10. Attend Seminars
11. Learn and Teach Your Skills to Others
12. Take Short, Intensive Classes
13. Get a Mentor
14. Make Mistakes

Keep inspiring. What you do for yourself you will authentically do for others with the flow of grace. Much Love xx

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