One Life Can Change the World!

Fly high Beautiful Angel xx

“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world.”-Buddha

At some point we receive the phone call that shifts reality, connects us deeper to spirit if we choose to stay aligned with this truth – Life is happening for you! The night before last was the second call I’ve received of this resonance. To have the universe reunite your tribe of childhood characters and lay on the table the significance of living life free and present, death of the body, rebirth of a new soul and the only power there is “love”.

Today I invite you to live and die well, to walk home your own unique way. I believe we each have the ability to engage meaningfully and creatively, one heartbeat at a time.

Another notion to remember is that energy never dies. Our bodies will, but our souls continue to live on as energy. This knowledge, while sometimes difficult to face up to, is ultimately very liberating.

There need be no fear attached to death. In fact, not all cultures believe that death is scary. Knowing that our Spirits are in control of when we incarnate, when we die and what we experience while we are on the Earthly Plane all combine into a liberating acceptance of death. By keeping these things foremost in your mind will assist your loved one. Why? Because you will bring an energy of acceptance and openness, rather than of fear and loss, into their presence. They will sense a peaceful energy and be calmed and comforted by it.

By creating a soothing environment, you can raise the vibrations of the space your loved one is in, which will decrease their fear and stress. Even though they chose the time of their passing, the Soul typically doesn’t remember the plans made.

So in my unique way I walked my childhood friend home. 

P.S. The candles will stay on in my home to remind you to fly high.

P.S.S. Your tribe will come together to honour your life. Much Love always to you Mira, sending all my healing energy to your family. You are a beautiful Being. xx

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