Your Life Transforms When YOU Transform!

Love yourself first. xx

“My consciousness is not contained within my body.

My body is contained within my consciousness.”

-Tiara Kumara

Your Life Transforms When YOU Transform!

In order to receive what you want in life you need to love yourself first! The beliefs you learned, especially from ages 0 – 7, are likely running your life. They formed your self-image and your self-image determines what is possible, and not possible, for you.

Underneath the mud of your limitations exists the most precious gem… THE REAL YOU!

You are not your limitations. Honestly, who you truly are is so much greater than what you’ve come to believe. You have supreme worth. Your potential is unlimited.


You have the power to choose to rewrite the programs that say otherwise.

You are a magnet attracting what you subconsciously believe you are… The pattern, drama, trauma from this lifetime or from generations before you.

Once you realise who you really are and love yourself first, you will attract the results you want naturally, because your self-love connects you to the higher part of you (source) and you become a magnet attracting your new reality that reflects your love and worth.


Always here for you, holding the space to work one-on-one together where I will guide you how to remove the blocks that cover up who you really are. 

Do you know that dis-ease in your life, such as a health condition or an undesirable relationship, for example, is merely attempting to give you feedback to get to the root cause of your problem of what you need to change inside of you?

You most likely will not be aware of the root cause yet, but I will teach you how to listen, and once we are aware of the limiting belief that is causing you pain, we will transform it.

Together in alignment with ‘love and above’ we will transform your self-image, and therefore, the results in your life.

Much Love xx

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