Give Yourself Space to Tend to the Emotional Body When it Aches…

Two souls embracing The Work. Embodying self empowerment. xx

When you are resting because you are exhausted, you need to remember you are not wasting the day doing nothing. You are doing exactly what you need to do… You are recovering.

Give yourself space to Tend to the Emotional Body When it Aches… Our emotive body is not separate from the rest of our being and requires the same tending and attention as our physical body. When there is pain, when it aches, when your heart breaks, healing demands your sweetest attention. Hold yourself as if you were healing from an illness. Be utterly kind to yourself. Stay close to yourself, let it flow through, move in and out of giving the pain your attention. Touch and go with the ache so it can be harmonized and integrated. Care for the whole of yourself as if you were the most precious thing.

1. Remind yourself that you are bigger than the pain you are processing.

2. Get out in nature, it is profoundly healing.

3. Get body work.

4. Practice responsible emotional expression (scream in a tub, cry, set a timer so you don’t indulge).

5. Eat nourishing, easy to digest foods.

6. Drink water.

7. Seek out people that know and love you well, ask them to affirm you.

8. Remove the pressure to be “okay.” You don’t have to be okay, and happy isn’t the goal. There are messages, creation, and a host of beauty in the pain. Be with it.

9. Take things off your schedule and give yourself space.

10. Avoid making decisions.

11. Move your body. Yoga. Running. Hiking.

Processed pain is a well of wisdom and in invitation to integrate pieces of ourselves that may have been cast aside until this very moment. When you are processing pain avoid the “why” and focus on questions like “how can I experience peace? What can I experience now that wasn’t possible at any other moment. How can I be reacquainted with love?” This is the work. Loving ourselves steady. Know the choice to heal by creating space to ground and balance.

Much Love xx

44 Revolutions around the Sun. xx
“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
-Oprah Winfrey

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