*TOPIC: NUTRIENT TIMING! ME @ Week 30/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Yup another Post on “THE ‘FITNESS’ PROBLEM”… For those new to this Blog – here lies the conundrum. More people are exercising but we are unhealthier and fatter than ever before in human history, and it’s getting worse every year as we’re becoming the NEW generation of “FIT FAT PEOPLE”!!! Hence my personal fitness goal to transform my own body and progressing well as I am now at week 30/52 of my “Metabolic Precision” Body Transformation.

The cause of the problem is very simple to address. The reason why most people don’t get the results they so desperately desire is, they view exercise the wrong way. They don’t really understand the role exercise has to play in the modern lifestyle they are living.

Therefore, in today’s busy world, to achieve the body-shape we really want, each of us has to make efficient and effective choices. Not only about the type and quantity of exercise we perform but also, choices that maximize the effects of every single moment spent exercising.

So you want to accelerate fat loss, strength gains and create an awesome looking body when you’re devoting only a couple of hours to exercise each week?

This is achievable if you employ METABOLIC NUTRITION TIMING!!!

Metabolic Nutrition Timing is science proven, and the strategic consumption of the correct nutrients at the right time to dramatically improve results from exercise training.

You may hear ‘experts’ talk about the timing of nutrients with exercise etc, but only a handful of scientists around the world have researched this topic in detail – Dr Paul Cribb is one of them. In fact, “Cribby” as we in the industry call him completed award-winning research at Australia’s Victoria University as well as demonstrated the nutrition strategies presented in Metabolic Precision may double the results you’d normally experience.

OMGImagine that? Double your exercise/body physique results!!!

When you consume the right foods at the correct time, you create the perfect metabolic environment for fat loss, muscle recovery and better health – all at once! Once you know what are the correct foods and the correct times it all becomes very easy. When you understand the simple rules, you know exactly what are the best choices to make and, what a poor choice is that will derail progress. 

Do you want to know exactly how to eat to harness the power of exercise to improve energy levels, fat loss and body shape?

Then click on this article by Dr Paul Cribb to find out HOW:


Contact us at BE FIT HUB via this Blog to get you started on your fitness and physique goals and living the life you imagined! xx


*TOPIC: 5 KEYS TO REPROGRAMMING YOUR METABOLISM is yours free!!! ME @ Week 29/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!

blog post

The key to long-lasting fat loss and health is making sure your ‘insides’ are taken care of. What that really means is making your hormones work for you instead of against you. This I have found out for myself as I am now into week 29/52 of my second Body Transformation.

Ever tried dieting and found you got really hungry, tired, irritable and eventually put the weight back on??? We at Be Fit Hub have seen it hundreds of times! What it actually does is it slows down your metabolism, and makes fat burning almost impossible. Addressing this issue is your number one priority. 

The honest truth is, next time you try to diet you probably won’t lose much weight. What you’ll actually do is balance and re-program your metabolism. 

Today Coach George and myself are happy  to give our 5 KEYS to REPROGRAMMING YOUR METABOLISM completely free. If followed, we can almost guarantee better health and fat loss as a by-product of that. (Visit http://www.powerfoodsdiet.com.au for a PDF version of this document under the Menu Starter tab.)

1. Drink more water. At least 3L per day. If you weigh more than 80kg, aim for 4L per day.

2. Add a protein source to EVERY meal. Not just whenever you feel like it! FIST SIZED PLEASE! Eggs are a good protein source for breakfast, tuna or salmon for lunch and chicken or steak for dinner.

3. Aim for 4 serves of vegetables per meal. Yes every meal! In the mix always include baby spinach, broccoli or kale, zucchini or celery. Just there are 3 of the 4 serves already! Google SERVING SIZES of vegetables and educate yourself! Knowledge is power! 

4. Not necessary but highly recommended is a very good and low carb whey protein supplement. Especially useful around training and for lean muscle growth. We recommend 20-30g pre and post-workout depending on your size and training intensity.

5. Be patient and consistent. One chicken salad won’t fix years of neglect. Make the best choices you can for the time and place and feel good about it. You don’t need to suffer to succeed.

Enjoy the process and know that soon you’ll be like an unstoppable freight train. Success follows! xx

If you need help designing your MENU PLAN simply email us at: befithub@live.com



Healthy EATING and TRAINING creates balance in all areas of your life!

*TOPIC: YOUR FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH is YOUR MUSCLE MASS – ME @ Week 28/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


When you mention “muscle building” or “muscular hypertrophy” to someone – male or female – they generally picture big, bodybuilder-type muscles. So for anyone who doesn’t want to be ‘big’ (and that’s most people, to be honest), they will claim not to want muscle-building or muscular hypertrophy as part of their fitness regime.

But that’s a mistake – understandable but nevertheless, a mistake that deserves some attention… Everyone, from ‘Johnny Teenager’ down the road to your ‘Tuck-Shop Arms Grandma’, needs muscular hypertrophy. 

To help you understand “WHY?” let’s take a glance at the two extreme perceptions of muscle:


We need our musculoskeletal system in order to do, well, anything. Sit down, stand up, take the stairs, carry things as well as house our immune system.

When we are young, our bodies build muscle well, without us having to do much about it. By adulthood, about 40% of our total body mass is muscle.

Without any particular training or dietary strategy, muscle mass peaks at around 16-20 years old in women, and 18-25 years old in men. Muscle strength peaks a bit later, around age 20 in untrained women and around 30 in untrained men.


After the age of 25, muscle loss is around 10% per decade!

In fact both bone and muscle mass decrease with age.

Bones become less dense and therefore frailer i.e. osteopenia and muscle mass decreases i.e. sarcopenia.

But weight tends to increase with age – which can only mean that the extra weight your carrying is fat! UGHH!!!

Well I don’t know about you ladies and gents but I’m in my late thirties and I am not happy about the idea of it being downhill all the way after age 20!

We are surviving longer than ever before – do we really want to ‘peak’ having run only 20-30% of our lifespan? Do we want to spend most of our adult lives fat and weak?

So this brings us back to MUSCLE BUILDING

So the truth is that after our early twenties, muscle-building is what we have to do to stop the otherwise inevitable decline of strength and ability, and the increase in fat and weight. Muscular hypertrophy needs to be at the top of everyone’s fitness agenda. This is what my fitness journey has led me to understand by living and breathing my own Body Transformations… When the penny finally dropped and I realised that what I wanted was to build lean muscle to be healthy, fit and lean for life. 

Now I am into week 28/52 of my Metabolic Precision Body Transformation and embracing a new exercise methodology of F.I.R.E. i.e. Focused Intense Resistance Exercise. Along the way I have had the privilege of meeting amazing professionals such as Dr Paul Cribb the mastermind behind Metabolic Precision and author of the article below I want to share with you! 

I highly recommend that you click on the link below… This article will guaranteed profoundly change the way you will approach exercise and nutrition should you choose to take responsibility for your long-term health and happiness. xx



*TOPIC: ARE YOU BECOMING A “FIT-FAT- PERSON”? – ME @ Week 27/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Sofija’s Body Transformations:
BEFORE January 2013 to NOW October 2013

For those of you new to my story, my name is Sofija – I am a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Yoga/Pilates Teacher and Writer who in January 2013 started my first 11 week Body Transformation! I am now at week 27/52 of my next Body Transformation… Read on…

I had my ‘snap point’ when I opened the doors of my new venture in November 2012 and became the joint Owner/Director of “Be Fit Hub” Personal Training Studio. Between the studio and approaching mid-life (38 years old), I was still frustrated with my food and training regime and realised it was time for change.

My body was beginning to expand in directions that I knew would become the middle-age tyre on a fitness-fanatic and then I realised that for most of my life exercise was a ritual to make me feel free from weight gain and sloppy skin… With age no longer on my side this was not the answer… I was on my way to becoming a ‘Fit-Fat-Person’ addicted to a certain type of workout!

So I took time to reflect and ask myself what is the goal for me and my health moving forwards… The answer was simple – “BUILD LEAN MUSCLE” to reshape my body and correct my metabolism as well as achieve optimum cellular health. The goal is to be fit, strong and youthful for life! Is this not the goal for us all?
So began the Power Foods Diet Menu Plan for my first 18 weeks of training and transforming and since then I have been under the Metabolic Precision Nutrition and F.I.R.E. Training framework. That’s “Focused Intense Resistance Exercise”.

F.I.R.E. is more than lifting weights.

Did you know that the actual time spent lifting and lowering the weight, for a designated amount of sets and reps would add up to less than a handful of minutes. So total amount of work completed, probably close to 3 minutes tops! Now understand this ‘exercise essential’ – you have a very finite amount of time to initiate an effective training stimulus. And that’s all any type of training is, a stimulus for your body.

There is also a clear mind-to-muscle connection and F.I.R.E. Training goes beyond this. It’s about developing an astute kinesthetic sense of movement during maximal effort as well as paying attention to all sensory input, internal and external – visual and proprioceptive; the sense of the relative position of parts of the body in relation to the strength of effort being recruited in movement.

The key objective in F.I.R.E. is to achieve the ‘Nexus Point’ within the range of motion (ROM) – every rep, every set. The Nexus Point is the pivotal point where the right biomechanics achieves maximum muscle recruitment, activation and overload – success or failure – from resistance training.

Every F.I.R.E. workout is deliberate in its placement and timing to ensure every aspect has a clear purpose in delivering your overall fitness goal. In F.I.R.E. Training you will learn to feel and focus the overload on the targeted muscles, every rep, every set where the intensity is structured, measured and prioritized to ensure the best chance for a result.

The reality is F.I.R.E. is a skill in the average gym or studio that is foreign to most people! F.I.R.E. needs to be taught, developed and reinforced by a qualified Metabolic Precision Specialist. As in life… as is with F.I.R.E. – every moment has a purpose and getting the most from every moment is the sole objective…

This photo above is the sum of my hard work and effort over 9 months with a goal of building a better physique.

Weight is down 3.4kg but there is a 4kg increase in lean muscle tissue. Girth measurements are down by 38cm in total.

The “MAGIC” of eating clean and F.I.R.E. Training happens when you turn those great workouts into weeks, the weeks into months, year after year.

So my advise is: “Eat real foods for your fitness and health goals! Quit the endless cardio and reshape your body with F.I.R.E. Training!” xx


Sofija at F.I.R.E. Training – Legs Session last week: ONE-LEG SQUAT

*TOPIC: TRUE or FALSE – IS THE AVERAGE HUMAN LIFESPAN 4000 WEEKS? – ME @ Week 26/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Hey Everyone,

The other day I was asked this question from an amazing Fitness Mentor and Educator – Paul Cribb:

“Do you know what 4000 weeks is?”

Then I was also given the answer:

“It is the sum of the average human lifespan…

Just 4000 weeks in total.

And, you’ve already spent a substantial amount of it.

Multiply your current age by 52 and subtract that number from 4000.

If you’re lucky, that how many WEEKS you have left on this planet.

A person in their 40’s has less than 1920 weeks left. A person in their 50’s has less than 1400 weeks!

Not a lot of time is it?

Life is so short. So let me ask you, do you have the courage to pursue your passion?

This week I’d like to meet an amazing guy that’s done that and so much more.

In the construction industry by trade, he transformed himself and within the space of a few short years, has become one of the best Personal Trainers I’ve ever seen.

Don’t take my word, take a look at how far this fellow has come, I think you’ll agree.

A truly inspirational story….”


Ditto Paul, and for all you readers out there do take the time to click on the link above and be inspired by Matt’s story. I also had the privilege of meeting and training with Matt for Metabolic Precision Level 2 Certification two weekends ago. This is a man I will not forget in a hurry as his energy and passion now focused on Body Transformations has helped me further define my personal goals and our business mission. Signing off now at week 26/52 of my next Body Transformation as well as feeling the new chapter in getting to know me and my potential!

Be your fullest potential, start deep, search your soul for your calling and then take the baby steps for YOU to achieve this goal… Big Hug xx


*TOPIC: HOW IS IT WORKING FOR YOU? HAVE YOU ACHIEVED YOUR GOALS??? – ME @ Week 25/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!



Your MINDSET has the POWER to create your fullest potential or destroy you.

The only power you can never have taken away from you is the “POWER of  CHOOSING YOUR MINDSET.”

For me this is true:

“I didn’t have the time

but I made time

I didn’t have the knowledge

but I did what I knew

I didn’t have the support 

but I learned to support myself

I didn’t have the confidence 

but the confidence came with the results

I had a lot going against me

but I had enough going for me

I had plenty of excuses 

but I chose not to use any of them.”

This is true for every layer of my life and some parts are more challenging than others to overcome… And all is in direct proportion to what I am willing to put behind me – just like putting a lid tightly on a box never to be opened again… The reality only gets as good as what I am willing to open my mind to become. Simple? Mmm depends on the volume of the ‘broken’ record in our heads of emotional drama and in our bodies of physical trauma.

Another week has passed and my training and nutrition plans are further refined to ensure I reach my fitness competition goal this time next year. I am at week 25/52 of my  next body transformation and the weekend was an opportunity to meet fitness professionals such as myself and Coach George to learn THE system of designing metabolic meals to meet the fitness-training goal.

My MINDSET has clarity as I now KNOW my goal and WHY I am eating and moving to achieve this.

The GOAL is to BUILD MUSCLE using the “Metabolic Precision” Nutrition and Training Principles. 

Food is 70% and workouts are 30% of your effort for any fitness/athlete goal.

Even after a weekend away surrounded by Doctors, Exercise Professionals, Sports Coaches, Professional Body Builders and Endurance Athletes the message was the same as they all too learnt the hard way this very rule! This is all our human body needs to achieve optimum health with or without the pursuit of a competitive fitness/sporting endeavor.

So let’s start with this to help you start the change of your mindset around cooking and eating for fitness:

Delete these thoughts…

1. You are convinced that bodybuilding and fitness nutrition must be plain, boring and taste terrible.

2. You don’t think that there is such thing as a delicious meal that will taste like something you would eat at a restaurant and promote muscle-building and fat loss at the same time.

3. You think that you’re incapable of cooking, and you don’t feel confident and comfortable enough in the kitchen…

4. You think it’s going to take all of your precious time to make a full week’s worth of meals.

5. You are worried and absolutely positive that a trip to the grocery store will cost you an arm and a leg.

Next step is to embrace being open to the advise of Professionals to help you create a Nutrition Framework…


It has been the only process by which I had to DEFINE my personal, professional and business goals! The Metabolic Precision system has the integrity of professional doctors in sports and nutrition, research as well as a proven science base… That is enough for me to find trust in their process.

You want your life to change for the better 

and you deserve it 

and only you can give this mindset to yourself… 

Be reassured that I am walking the same path – where we desire to be better than the day before – give or take the unique differences that make us the individual person we are! xx


Metabolic Precision Level 2 Professionals Training – just smiles after Legs Session!

*TOPIC: IS THIS THE LIFE YOU’RE MEANT TO BE LIVING??? REALITY CHECK… – ME @ Week 24/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


You are all that you choose to believe to see… This is in direct relationship with what you are truly willing to accept of yourself, in others and the lessons of the various scenarios that life features you in… 

Like a magnet you draw everything to yourself. No space for Blamers, Victims and Pretenders here as you also choose to become either one of these characters in your denial to move past existence and to live out your fullest potential… You attract the people – family and friends, the job, the circumstances, the health, the wealth, the debt, the joy, the car you drive, the community that you’re in. You’ve drawn all of them to you like a magnet. Quite simply: What you think about you bring about.

Your whole life  – UP UNTIL NOW – is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.

You deserve to awaken to living

by simply choosing consciously to: 



The only person responsible for your life and emotions is you. This is a very liberating realization one can make, as this means one can decide to be happy every single day… As I say to myself when I walk out the door every morning “Smile Up or Smile Down”! This will set the vibration of your perception of thoughts for the day ahead! If the dark-cloud feels heavier than usual then have a dress rehearsal for walking out the door i.e. for me this is playing “Happy Music” as I make my breakfast and get ready for work.

Signing off now having completed week 24/52 of my next Body Transformation and in the throes of a zany mix of 6 day split training, food preparation, client sessions, weekend away to study Metabolic Nutrition Level 2 and taking the steps that I need to create balance in my life by making time to chillax with my brother and surfing mates. Yes I had attracted the start-up of Be Fit Hub into my life for the past 11 months and I chose to nurture this baby…

Like I always say, George and myself “WALK THE TALK!”… and as I write this Post it’s exactly what I’m doing in my own personal and professional life… For me NOW it’s attracting BALANCE! xx

P.S. Take the time to be kind to your Soul and ask yourself “What do you want to attract more of in your life?” –  Then consciously think it, really believe it and dance in the celebration of living it!


*TOPIC: “STEPS TO UNLEASH HIDDEN ENERGY, STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY” – Me @ Week 23/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Most of you are aware of the aging process – we are living it out in our own lives – like it or not! Did you know that once you’re an adult, whether you’re a man or a woman, you start automatically gaining about 1/2 a kilo of extra fat every single year?

In fact, a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that your body stores even more fat once you hit age 25… now recall those conversations with friends: “My body is changing I just can’t eat what I used to and stay the same shape!” And it adds up. If you’re a man you’re now packing on over 2.5 kilos a year. And if you’re a woman, every year your waistline is growing a little more than 4 kilos.

Now take a seat to hear this… Did you know that by the time you’re 30 years old, you’re not only storing more fat… your body’s already starting to “break-down”? As the needle on the scale creeps to the right, your bones, tendons and joints are getting weaker. Mmm and to add insult to injury, you’re actively losing lean muscle tissue. The muscle that used to make you look “toned” in all the right places and keep your metabolism running hot is now disappearing, as fat and cellulite take its place.

Lightbulb moment: Did you know that all of this is preventable, and even reversible, at any age? That there are simple steps you can take to roll back your body’s fat-storing, muscle-wasting decline no matter how long it’s been creeping up on you?

That you can aim higher than just getting “back to normal”… and unleash hidden energy, strength, flexibility and clarity that you’ve never tapped into before, even at your “peak” (and look better than ever in the process)?

Keep reading and you’ll discover the easiest way to transform your body and your energy for good – all in less than one hour a week.

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, young, old or in-between. It doesn’t matter how strong or out-of-shape you are. The truth is, this works for anyone, at any level of fitness and in any stage of life.

And wherever you’re at, it’s critical that you get this information now – whether you exercise everyday, or haven’t seen the inside of a gym or touched your toes in years as it is never too late to start making the right choices to achieve the best version of yourself!

The TRUTH is there are three key principles you must apply in order to stop your body’s “natural” weight-gain and muscle-loss, and start re-shaping your body so you can look and perform your best-ever.

Throw out the cliches – like, “Do more cardio!” or, “Just lift heavier weights and take fat-burner pills!”

These 3 Steps Reveal What You Must STOP Doing:

  1. Before You Set Foot In A Gym
  2. If You’re Tired Of Exercising With Nothing To Show For It
  3. And Exactly How To Start Getting Results Your Very First Week…

Step 1: AVOID Workouts Over 20-30 Minutes

Hey, there’s a reason gyms are filled with TV’s – most people’s workouts last so long, the only way they can stand the boredom is staring at a television screen.

But the truth is, marathon 45-minute, 60-minute, even 90-minute workouts do more harm than good. In fact, not counting warm-up and cool-down there’s no reason you should ever work out longer than 20-30 minutes… maximum.

And it’s not only because these drawn-out routines are almost impossible to stick with, or make time for in your day.

If you exercise much longer than 20-30 minutes, the extra time not only isn’t giving you any extra results… it can actually make you fatter.

That’s because longer workouts put strain on your body, causing it to release cortisol, a “stress hormone” that blocks fat-loss at a cellular level.

At the same time, extended exercise can flood your body with damaging “free radicals” that cause accelerated aging inside and out.

Fortunately, the latest science proves that when you do them the right way… SHORT workouts give you an extended “afterburn” benefit for up to 48 hours after you’re done.

Yes, that means you can literally “burn calories” while you sleep – and do it even more efficiently than if you were sweating it out for 90 minutes daily at the gym.

Step 2: FORGET Popular and Dangerous “Extreme” Workouts

From the kinds of intense HIIT running, jumping and “cross training” workouts many workout programs and trainers recommend, you’d think they were getting kickbacks from physical therapists and chiropractors.

Most Personal Trainers can confidently teach you how to use one of the machines at the gym, but only a few really know what they’re talking about when it comes to “good form” for routines like running, weights, or bodyweight exercises.

And that is what can be fatal to your fat-loss and fitness goals… because if you get bad advice, you can easily end up doing the same “wrong move” over and over, until it wrecks you rather than strengthens and defines you!

So unless you’re a professional athlete, if any Personal Trainer or fitness ‘guru’ tries to sell you on jumping straight into movements you have no idea how to do, and just “suck it up” if they feel too hard… I am telling you now don’t run, sprint in the other direction.

There’s a smarter (and much more efficient) way to get more results from every workout. A combination of weight resistance training, low intensity and high intensity in this ratio.

Step 3: STOP Switching Up Your Routine… “Muscle Confusion” Doesn’t Work

Many fitness programs try to convince you you’ll get better results and never get bored because before your body can “adapt” to one workout, you’re already switching to another random workout. Don’t believe it. You can’t “trick” your body into losing fat and getting fit.

Making your body “guess” using some disruptive techniques can work, but most workouts “disrupt” all the wrong thing and create stress within your body. You need to make sure your workout switches the right things up at the right times, so that your fat loss builds from one session to the next and only an educated Personal Trainer can teach you this concept!

Otherwise, you are constantly taking one step forward… and two steps back.

The good news is, you can take the “confusion” out of your workouts without getting bored doing the same routine again and again. And while you’re at it, you can cut your weekly exercise time down to less than 2 -3 hours, while getting results you can see and feel with every single session.

At Be Fit Hub we are experts in Functional Training. All our programs are designed to take you from wherever you are now, and move you steadily toward your goals.

If you’re not ready to put in some intense, challenging effort during just a few short sessions each week, then this is not for you.

The truth is, anything that really works is simple and sustainable, but never easy!

Signing off now having completed week 23/52 of my next body transformation and off to the next level of postgraduate studies in Metabolic Precision.

Happy Long Weekend! xx


*TOPIC: “HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT?” – Me @ WEEK 22/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!

Take inspiration from others who have CHOSEN

to make the CHANGES to be the BETTER VERSION of themselves!


is in direct proportion to


As I complete another week of my next body transformation

I encourage you to sit back for a minute, watch the video above

and know the POWER is WITHIN YOU!

How Much-Blog

Together Coach George and myself are more than happy to receive your feedback and it would be a privilege to have you come on board the journey of “LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!”


Take the FIRST STEP today… xx



When you are dealing with people you are in the ‘service industry’. At all times (as Personal Trainers, George and myself) we remain professional as well as respectful of our clients, their beliefs and lifestyle… In doing so, we also have front row seating to the “GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH” – “LIFE!!!” From this viewpoint we become to know the personality traits and patterns pertaining to various characteristics and overtime we have evolved into EXPERTS in dealing with ‘all walks of life’ and knowing how to get the best from each individual that walks thru our studio door.

Below in my latest conversation with George we honestly reflect on the next generation that society has created “THE COTTON WOOL PEOPLE”… Read on…

Stop fluffing yourself!

I’ve found too many people need to be spoken to ever so softly nowadays. Since when did we become wrapped in cotton wool? 

Again my shocking first statement is aimed from a health and fitness approach. 

Here’s what spurred this thought on. Speaking to an old client of mine who NEEDS help. A “Yoyo Dieter” for many years, severely overweight and family history of heart issues… Basically a walking heart attack!!! Safe to say I’m being brutally honest here, however, I wouldn’t dare tell the truth cos I’d “hurt her feelings”!

Am I doing her a disservice by not telling her “if you don’t do something now ****, you’ll wake up in a hospital bed soon”? I’m sure in my opinion, however I sit there, smile politely and nod when she can only commit to “1 x Personal Training” session a week…. Really?!?!?

It’s bothers me absolutely nothing where this lady gets help, however she needs it and she needs to move… urgently !!!

As a society, we tend to try and do the bare minimum for our health, yet go big with cars, holidays, our homes etc. Reality is, all those material possessions mean nothing when your quality of life takes a turn for the worse. Be realistic with your current physical health and do what you need to, to get that in order. 



*TOPIC: FIND YOUR “WHY” TO DEFINE YOUR “WHAT” AND BE YOUR “WHEN” – Me @ WEEK 21/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Find out the “WHY?”

that keeps you moving away from connection with self and your goals.


Define “WHAT!?”

needs to change to move past this stagnation by pausing to listen to your needs and to feel yourself.


“WHEN!!!” you choose to COMMIT to REPEATING the SMALL SUSTAINABLE STEPS required by the new pattern


WE at BE FIT HUB know that TIME is our MOST VALUABLE ASSET and it is time we need to manage better for all in our lives to co-exist harmoniously. Let us make YOUR time in the KITCHEN and GYM a REWARD for your body and mind and a GIFT that you can pass on to those around you!

Life is much more alive for us all when we are living in the potential of our purpose. Having said this it was never meant to be easy – the ease becomes our flow when we choose to live in our fullest light.

Signing off now – having completed week 21/52 of my next body transformation within the dynamics of running a studio, client sessions and a home – with this quote to inspire you to awaken:

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”


 Blessings xx

* TOPIC: “METABOLISM 101” – ME @ WEEK 20/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


My Post this week is dedicated to how our metabolism works.  Every time we eat the nutrients we consume become the building blocks and fuel needed by our body to function. Your body gets the energy it needs from food through a process called “METABOLISM”

Metabolism is essentially a collection of chemical reactions that takes place in the body’s cells. Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into energy needed to power everything we do, from moving (incidental and training) – to thinking – to growing. Specific proteins in the body control the chemical reactions of metabolism, and each chemical reaction is co-ordinated with other body functions.  So deep below the surface of the skin many metabolic reactions happen at the same time – all regulated by the body and keeping our cells healthy and working.

How DOES Metabolism Work?

To get the full picture I will explain this process in a more scientific way… When we consume food or drinks we take in this energy (in the form of sugar), along with other vital cell-building chemicals. The body’s next step is to break the sugar down so that the energy released can be distributed to, and used as fuel by the body’s cells.

So after the consumption,  molecules in the digestive system called enzymes break proteins down into amino acids, fats into fatty acids, and carbohydrates into simple sugars i.e. “GLUCOSE”. In addition to sugar, both AMINO ACIDS and FATTY ACIDS can be used as energy sources by the body when needed i.e. as described in previous Posts. 

These compounds are absorbed into the blood, which transports them to the cells. After they enter the cells, other enzymes act to speed up or regulate the chemical reactions involved with “metabolising” these compounds. During these processes, the energy from these compounds can either be released for use by the body or stored in body tissues, especially the liver, muscles, and (the dreaded) body fat.

Metabolism is a BALANCE that breaks down into two:

  • the building-up of body tissues and energy stores i.e. “ANABOLISM”; and 
  • the breaking-down. i.e. “CATABOLISM” of body tissues and energy stores to generate more fuel for body functions.

1. Anabolism or “constructive metabolism”, is all about building and storing.

It supports the growth of new cells, the maintenance of body tissues, and the storage of energy for use in the future. Anabolism is where small molecules are transformed into larger, more complex molecules of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

2. Catabolism the “destructive metabolism”, is the process that produces the energy required for all activity in the cells.

In this process cells break down large molecules, i.e. mostly carbohydrates and fats, to release energy. This energy release provides fuel for anabolism, heats the body, and enables the muscles to contract and the body to move. As complex chemical units are broken down into more simple substances, the waste products released in the process of catabolism are removed from the body through the skin, kidneys, lungs, and intestines.

For example, after eating a meal, usually more anabolic activity occurs because eating increases the level of glucose (the body’s most important fuel) in the blood. The pancreas senses this increased level of glucose and releases the hormone “INSULIN” which signals cells to increase their anabolic activities i.e. breaking down process now begins.

Metabolism is quite a complicated chemical process, but many people believe it to be a simple process of how easily our bodies gain or lose weight… LOL…  Now, this is where “CALORIES” come in. A calorie is a unit that measures how much energy a particular food provides to the body.

The number of calories a person burns in a day is affected by; how much that person exercises as well as intensity of exercise, the amount of fat and muscle in their body, and the person’s basal metabolic rate i.e. “BMR”.
The BMR is a measure of the rate at which a person’s body “BURNS” energy, in the form of calories, while at rest. The BMR can play a role in a person’s tendency to gain or store weight. 

For example, a person with a low BMR who burns fewer calories while at rest or sleeping will tend to gain more kilos of body fat over time, compared with a similar-sized person with an average BMR who eats the same amount of food and gets the same amount of exercise.

What factors influence a person’s BMR? To a certain extent, a person’s basal metabolic rate is inherited – meaning it is passed on through the genes the person receives from his or her parents. In some cases health problems can affect a person’s BMR .

But people can actually change their BMR in certain ways. For example, if you exercise more not only will you burn more calories directly from the extra activity itself, but becoming more physically fit will increase BMR as well. 


Lightbulb moment… BMR is also influenced by “BODY COMPOSITION” – people with more muscle and less fat generally have higher BMR’s. Makes sense to add muscle to your frame and to lose body fat by eating real foods designed to boost your metabolic rate in combination with resistance training, high intensity cardio and low intensity cardio. Environment does also play a huge role on your metabolism, in the colder climate your body’s metabolism will increase to keep you warm, and in the hot climate it slows down.

Well there you have it – METABOLISM 101- as well as me at week 20/52 of my next body transformation. I know it was a long read, but it’s very important to understand how metabolism actually works to better understand the importance of body composition in relation to your fitness and health goals. 

Know that METABOLISM can be RESET, RESTARTED and REFINED with Nutrition and Training Plans designed for your metabolic body. It is process that needs fine tuning as well as dedication on your behalf to maintain a commitment to keep moving past the obstacles that your body will experience in this process.

Success in anything we choose to do is the ability to keep moving forwards to reach our goals. I love the flow-chat for “SUCCESS” which opens this Post. Like all in life it is a PRECISE choice to move forwards rather than dwell in “Stagnation City”! As I said to a friend of mine in a phone conversation just the other night: “There is no right or wrong or a benchmark of normal… when it’s not feeling “good” or serving a “purpose” then PAUSE, ASSESS and make the CHOICE to shift the energy, vibration, focus etc… then REPEAT” xx


* TOPIC: “METABOLIC PRECISION” IS EMPOWERING LIVES! ME @ WEEK 19/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Power Foods Fitness is entering the next evolution in Personal Fitness and Nutrition Training.

This week Coach George and myself commenced “Metabolic Precision” – otherwise known as “MP” – our post graduate studies in nutrition. MP is the first ever science-based approach to body transformation.


For personal trainers, Metabolic Precision ensures a level of individualisation and quality of service that has never been seen before in the fitness and health industries.

For clients, Metabolic Precision is what personal training should be, a holistic, definitive service that delivers a life-changing experience and guaranteed fantastic results, every time!

For now, understand that the food we feed our bodies and activities we perform on a daily basis is simply information – DATA – that’s constantly fed into “The Hairy Bag of Chemical Soup” (i.e. the chemical reaction that goes on inside our bodies to breakdown the food we eat). This information is processed and the result is chronic LONG-TERM affects on metabolism.

Be mindful, this is pretty smart “soup”, it has evolved from 100,000 or so years of evolutionary tweaking. You can’t trick it, you can’t fool it and you definitely can’t ignore it as it is in all of us. The most powerful thing you can do is learn how to eat and exercise to make your metabolism work for you. 

We know from recent research that most people today are doing well if they can commit 3 to 6 hours a week to physical exercise.

Reality check… A far more important question we need to concern ourselves with is: 

How to eat to maximise the effects of every single moment spent exercising? 

So how do you shed fat, build strength and create a great looking body when you’re devoting only a handful of hours to exercise each week – (structured and incidental included)? 

Let us introduce you to the “Metabolic Window”!!!

The Metabolic Window is a unique learning tool Metabolic Precision developed to teach metabolically precise eating to trainers, students and athletes. In essence, exactly how to eat and supplement to maximise results from every workout.

Remember, intense exercise is essentially just a signal. A good form of ‘stress’ that basically triggers biological processes. In doing so, it creates a unique metabolic window of opportunity a time when the presence of certain nutrients will amplify these responses dramatically and do our metabolism a great service. 

Conversely, mess-up your nutrition choices inside the window and results are short-circuited and lead to chaos.

Light bulb moment: The Metabolic Window shows you how to consume the right foods at the correct time and create the perfect metabolism for fat loss, muscle recovery and better health – all at once! 

Even better, when you know how to construct metabolically precise meals, you’ll also have the solutions for any situation, every day. You’ll know exactly how to eat to harness the power of exercise to improve energy levels, fat loss and body shape for life! Most importantly, you’ll program your metabolism to avoid overeating and body fat accumulation. Quite simply, you’ll know how to make food work for you.

Sounds complicated?!?!

Well we can assure you, it isn’t. 

In fact, the athletes MP have coached, the hundreds of trainers and nutritionists they have certified and their clients will testify how easy this is. Please check out just some of the Inspirational stories at mp-body.com

My favourite Inspirational story is:


The Metabolic Window varies according to age, body composition, eating history and how many MP programs you’ve completed as well as your unique personal fitness and physique goals. 

As I’m now at the end of week 19/52 of my next body transformation, I’m so excited to have this new tool-kit to fine tune my Nutrition Plan to match my Exercise Program; and with every intention to share my knowledge from this experience with YOU, when you choose to embark on your journey to BE the best version of yourself.

Like I always say – “You need to start at some point!”…  So from this week Coach George and myself will be incorporating these MP principles into both our menu and training regime. From this place we are choosing to be the better versions of ourselves every day! xx


* TOPIC: TOO BUSY TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR YOU?! ME @ WEEK 18/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Pythagoras

It’s a choice to stop using the excuse “I’m too busy”. (LOL one of my frustrated thoughts, until Coach Glen walks in the studio and reminds me this is my exhausted mind speaking!)

It’s a choice to shop for and have good real food in the house.

It’s a choice to stop judging yourself and others.

It’s a choice to do more of what is important and less of what isn’t.

It’s a choice to focus on solutions instead of blame.

It’s a choice to throw out the scale and not obsess daily over a number.

It’s a choice to control what information you let into your life and how often.

It’s a choice to become a role model through changing yourself first – “lead by example”.

It’s a choice to be out in nature daily to recharge your mind and connect to your soul.

It’s a choice to teach your kids how to cook… microwave does not count.

It’s a choice to read less and apply what you already know more – “walk the talk”.

It’s a choice to stop worrying about what others may or do think of you.

It’s a choice to pursue what you truly are passionate about.

It’s a choice to go out and play with your kids – “connection is aliveness”.

It’s a choice to prioritize keeping your mind clear and not distracted.

It’s a choice to fear and worry less and smile more.

It’s a choice to live by your own definition of health and fitness.

It’s a choice to embrace challenge and change.

It’s a choice to exercise daily how you enjoy and how your time and financial budget allows.

It’s a choice to stop stressing over things you cannot control.

It’s a choice to see health care starts at home and is 70% in the kitchen.

It’s a choice to call up a friend and go hiking on the weekend.

It’s a choice to focus your happiness on gratitude for what you already do have.

It’s a choice to let go of people who are more toxic than helpful to your evolution.

It’s a choice to stop checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 20x a day or do a short “fast” from social media.

It’s a choice to let go of the past and focus on your next step of your next phase.

It’s a choice to observe and change daily habits that are self-destructive to your growth.

It’s a choice to create and nurture daily habits that are more productive to your goals.

Allow the quote or any one of the statements to simmer for a moment in your mind and notice what the heart feels… 


Most importantly, it’s your choice whether you do it today or put it off until tomorrow.

It’s your choice whether you take action right now or continue to exist.

Welcome to the “One Day At A Time” RULE of LIVING!

Bigger results are just the sum of your smaller daily actions, which are the things you consciously choose to do.

It doesn’t always have to be big drastic actions, such as quitting your job, but you do need to make the small daily ones work for you day after day after day…

The first step (as I’ve experienced is often hardest) is knowing where you want to be in the first place. This may require some quiet time especially out in nature (by the ocean works best for me).

TIME is what you need to PAUSE  in solitude. 

Time to take CONTROL of your choices. 

Time to ENVISION how you want to eat, work, play, rest and live every day.

Time to CLEAR your life of what you don’t want and FILL it with what you do want and will nurture your growth.

Most importantly: Time to write down the small daily steps that need to be taken to get there. 

So many Posts – including some of our own – advocate change… the resetting, restarting  and refining the mindset to create your healthy lifestyle… I want to help you take the next step by giving you three steps to DEFINE, DESIGN and DRIVE your CHOICES into REALITY!

Step 1: DEFINE – Get a blank sheet of paper, set aside quiet time, and envision what simple actions you want to do today.

Write down your ideal lifestyle as it comes to mind.

What one thing is on your to-do list??? Do keep it short and simple so it’s not overwhelming.

Step 2: DESIGN – Make it happen and aim not to let your day fill up with other “distractions”.

Remember it’s your choice what to do.

Step 3: DRIVE – Repeat every day.

When you see each small daily action as a choice, you will feel more in control of your day! Your “little victories” will add up and be the only motivation you need to connect to this new habit.

We live in a world full of people choosing more distractions, less than ideal foods, not moving much and staying in the same rut… I challenge you to choose a better path full of inspiration and purpose that will bring your closer to living your dream.


This process is powerful and I ask for you to pause and feel this next statement ripple thru your body and mind:

“It is said that a good teacher can only open the door, but it is you that has to walk through it.”

Well, my friend, the door is now open. What do you choose to do right now for you?

 “This is your life…and it’s ending one minute at a time” – Fight Club

Well this is me  signing-off having now completed week 18/52 of my next body transformation and this is my choice to share this Post with you to enlighten you on the STEPS to make the right CHOICES to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

Life is precious! xx



GEsteeLauder copy

We often define success as the end-point… As many of our clients and readers are now understanding from various Posts written by Coach George and myself  SUCCESS is a MINDSET, an ATTITUDE to be open to CHANGE and FOCUS on making the CHOICES that serve your GOALS.

Yes, we do in our training sessions and meetings reflect and strengthen our RESOLVE on the PRINCIPLE OF SUCCESS. Today my Business Partner and Strength and Conditioning Coach presents to you another perception of SUCCESS… Read on…

How to climb the ladder to success?

I always sit back and wonder how the greatest of the great got where they are today. A bit of luck? Good genes? Talent? Politics? Their dad paid their way?

From a sporting background I’ve heard them all and some. And I’m guessing the same phrases are thrown around in any work environment with regards to jobs and climbing the corporate ladder etc. etc.

Yes, it’s very easy to become almost bound by mediocrity and almost condemn success for some strange reason. We’d rather share our failures or shortcomings and have a laugh and a beer over it. Time doesn’t stop for nobody so it’s either give up on what you want and wait in line like everybody else or skip that cue and skyrocket.

Very rarely will you find my Posts about training or lifting weights. If you begin to train your mind; your body, your relationships, your lifestyle and everything else will follow.

If I can leave you with anything it’s this: you have a CHOICE:

We’re exactly where we are now because of the choices we’ve made and we’ll be exactly where we are in 12 months time because of the choices we WILL make. 



*TOPIC: EXERCISE ESSENTIALS – EXCUSES are USELESS; RESULTS are PRICELESS! ME @ WEEK 17/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


My head is spinning and for once I am in agreeance with some of my peers and clients who ask me “How do you keep up with it all?” Well I will explain to you the strategy of life for my personal, professional, physical fitness and spiritual journey in two words: “STRONG FOUNDATIONS”!!!

When your foundations are strong and the parameters set, you know your “optimum benchmark” versus your “toxic plateau”. You then DEVELOP RADARS  to better mange the direction you are STEERING your CHOICES towards and in doing so you become an EXPERT in this area of your evolution.


So this brings me to week 17/52 of my next body transformation and as promised this Blog now has a new Category: “EXERCISE ESSENTIALS”! 

Appropriately titled:


When it comes to training your body and mind, relying on beginner’s luck can be fickle as well as dangerous. Therefore to help you start your exercise journey smart I have put together the EXERCISE ESSENTIALS that reflect the very best research in exercise science combined with years of my application of these principles.


After reading this Post, promise yourself this GET STARTED! EXCUSES ARE USELESS; RESULTS ARE PRICELESS! 

If you’re starting out for the very first time, do start small with simple choices. Table the idea of developing a “master plan”, possibly with the assistance of a Personal Trainer for later when your BODY – and your RESOLVE – is ready for a well-developed Training Plan.

Be mindful as decisions are not made until action is taken. Your decision to get fit is admirable, as is your newfound need to endlessly discuss the finer issues of training with everyone you know in person and on social networking sites – but the real decision to work out begins when you actually do the work. In essence, “WALK THE TALK!”


There may not be an “I” in Team but the “I” in “Exercise” means your Training Program should be all about you and your fitness goals.

Yes, more than just a pronoun, the “I” stands for the principle of individualization. In order to be effective, Training Programs should be custom crafted for your body, restrictions and goal/s.

Select unique exercises, daily routines and cycles that ensure progressive strength and conditioning is achieved but ensure to never leave out the element of fun that will keep you engaged long after the first few weeks.


Avoid the temptation of skipping resistance training otherwise known as strength training or weight lifting. Whatever term you use, resistance training is the only way you preserve muscle mass and tone. And muscle mass is the optimum way to burn more calories throughout the day.

If your vehicle to physical fitness is propelled by how you want to look, then remind yourself that lean muscle mass from resistance training is your one-way ticket to Slim-City.

Muscle weighs more than fat (as I always say and show you in my own body transformations) – so don’t be fixated on the scale if you incorporate resistance training into your workouts. The additional meat on your bones means you’ll burn more calories as you go about your day in contrast to fat sitting underneath the skin.

As we age, muscle volume declines due to hormonal and environmental factors… Similarly, bone density declines as we age leaving us vulnerable to brittle bone breakage and late-life debilitation, especially in females – another reason to start exercising sooner than later.

For proper and adequate stimulation, bones and muscles require the challenge of progressive resistance training.


There is enormous benefit to working in short intense bursts such as H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) in addition to steady state work. You can lose more weight, significantly improve your cardiac function, and can even help modulate insulin levels when you perform brief, high intensity, exercise intervals. 

So the next time you’re on an upright bike or rower, try pushing really hard for 30 – 45 seconds and then go slow for the next 30 – 60 seconds and repeat by 4 – 8 sets.


Where there is a Yin, there always should also be a Yang. Balancing muscles groups should not be a reaction, instead it should be a plan. Being passionate about health and fitness I believe there should be a deliberate plan when it comes to exercise.

Working opposing muscle groups together keeps the body from developing out of balance and ensures we are developing strength and flexibility equally. This is true – those who forget to pull with every push tend to be those who suffer from weak backs and excessively tight chests.

One easy option is to program push movements with a pulling movement i.e. working the reciprocal muscles in tandem. 

Below I have put together a beginners guide using machines together in your workout:

  • row and chest press
  • shoulder press and lat pulldown
  • leg extension and leg curl
  • hip abduction and hip adduction
  • fly and rear delt


Look at me, I began as a kid that ran out of afternoons in the week for all the sport I wanted to participate in… 30 or so years later… I live the lifestyle of a Trainer, Studio Owner, Blog-Fitness Writer and – LOL – very recently (just yesterday) Amateur Fitness Model having made our debut feature in @homeworkouts_4u on Instagram.


In regards to your own Training Program remember these five core concepts.

They are based on the objective of PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. 

Used properly, this strategy will help you to begin strong, continue strong and never stop moving your fitness forward and ultimately achieving your GOALS.

I say “goals” as a plural as I only know too well from my personal experience and witnessing the same in my peers – when you conquer one area of your life you begin the domino-effect of mastering all other areas of your life as you – my friend – are learning the ART of MASTERING YOURSELF; your mindset, your body, your life! xx



*TOPIC: IN GRATITUDE FOR MY BLESSED LIFE! ME @ WEEK 16/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


 I have now completed week 16/52 of my next body transformation and this has been a week of practicing gratitude for the beautiful souls that God has placed in my life to bless me with knowing and being love.

Whatever the setting… life is the journey of awakening to the biggest picture ever… to be the greatest movie star in a major film that transcends time… for you to BECOME LOVE.

We need to experience light and dark within to know gratitude. When we know gratitude we truly accept ourselves and from this place we are AUTHENTIC.

Authenticity is to love yourself completely and to love for what is NOW. No attachment,  judgement, reaction or comparing…


You then realise that every moment is a choice that you invite into your life!

You also believe that all is perfectly placed for you to grow into YOUR FULLEST LIGHT, GREATNESS… whatever you call it…  it’s LOVE! When we become LOVE we are not afraid of shining in our fullest potential and giving this light of love to others for them to grow into their highest.

LOVE is to GIVE and RECEIVE unconditionally and endlessly.

Note to self: Everything we give, we give to our ourselves!

This week was a juggling act of my own training, client sessions, teaching classes as well as wearing all the hats that a humble Director/Owner of a new company does in the start-up phase. Then after almost a year of collating information and images with an intimate few that have supported and coached me thru this era in my life I had a  moment where the goal is achieved and is real. 

We now have our main website for our studio – BE FIT HUB – published.

Yes http://www.befithub.com is live!

Take a few minutes to pause and enjoy our space and our passion to bring optimum health and fitness to the world.

God Bless xx


*TOPIC: YOUR MIND-BODY = 1 = DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE SAME ENTITY – YOU! ME @ WEEK 15/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Now I have completed week 15/52 of my next body transformation and at the studio we are launching into our second wave of “Power Foods Diet”. Our new clients have come to a place in their lives where denial no longer serves in contrast to the rewards of being mentally stronger and physically living their optimum fitness.

Breaking the pattern! Change your mindset… This is the CHALLENGE when you COMMIT to CHANGE!

As my Strength and Conditioning Mentor Jim SmithSmitty‘ said: 

“The amazing thing about your life is that you can change it literally overnight just by changing how you perceive experiences and by developing a relentless mindset. 

You can wake up and say, “Today I will be different.” You can decide that things are going to change and you are going to be the person you always wanted to be; no matter how many obstacles you have to overcome.

You can say:

Today, I will replace “maybe” with I can, I will.

Today, fear will not drive my actions.

Today, I will listen to others and show kindness to strangers.

Today, I will quit complaining about my job, my car, others’ actions – and I will focus on myself and what I need to do to make my life better.

Today, I will set goals and work toward them relentlessly.”

Yes, situations happen to every one of us every day. It is our perception of these situations which determines if they are good or bad, positive or negative, opportunities or obstacles. I call them all “BLESSINGS.”

We live in a world where only positive feedback in our lives is valued… It is when we can reframe any experience that we initially identify as an obstacle into an opportunity and use this opportunity to keep driving forward that we are open to CHANGE. Maybe it wasn’t the path you imagined, but you have to keep moving to keep growing into the fullest potential you may be.

When you choose to DO YOU – by ALLOWING CHANGE to GROW YOU,  you then embody the MIND-BODY CONNECTION! There’s so many therapies, practices and literature about the mind-body connection and many I agree with and find very helpful as well as useful, BUT THERE IS ONE ASPECT I DON’T FEEL GOES FAR ENOUGH… 


We talk about a mind-body connection and the idea is that these are two separate entities that are somehow linked by a nebulous third-party… LOL… some sort of connector that bridges the gap between the two.


So as I share another layer of ME, you now know only too well why I strive for optimum physical fitness as this mirrors my mental fitness.


For every soul reading this by creating a new and positive mindset can change your body, mood… everything!!!

*NEW TO THE BLOG: As of next week my Posts will alternate between nutrition/training content and exercise/workout essentials. My Business Partner & Sports and Conditioning Coach – George and myself are embarking on postgraduate studies in Nutrition as well as a Business Mentoring Program that will take some of my precious writing time. So in my mission to find the best-fit solution that will allow this Blog to grow whilst allowing me space to study I will be creating a new category “Exercise Essentials” …

Keep Shining xx



BODY SHOT & COACH GEORGE FEEDBACK – “Power Foods Diet” Week 16/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Pic Stitch of Sofija

from Week 1/11 of “Power Foods Diet” Body Transformation

+ Week 11/11 of “Power Foods Diet” Body Transformation 

that became Week 1/52  of next transformation 

for Women’s Health and Fitness

Cover Model 2014 Competition

to NOW WEEK 16/52 – focus is on lean muscle growth and strength!

Sofija’s progress update:

The best form of progress are the ones that show where we’ve come FROM. It’s easy to forget humble beginnings. With hard work, dedication and a bit of preparation, anything is possible. 
Great things ahead!



ImagePic Stitch of Coach George

from Week 1/11 of Power Foods Diet

to NOW Week 11/11 – awesome body fat loss and lean muscle growth!

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Cadbury dairy milk chocolate during this transformation phase. And chicken burgers. And sweet chilli sauce. Lost 4kgs too… Welcome to the world of FLEXIBLE dieting. There’s only so much to gain from chicken and broccoli….”


*TOPIC: PERSONAL TRAINER + PHYSIOTHERAPY = REHAB TRAINER the safest way to rebuild & reach your goals! – Me @ WEEK 14/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Goodness another week has flown by and another week closer to Spring! YEAH! I am now at week 14/52 of my next body transformation and yes I did pause and ask myself “What will I share in my post this week?”… then it all fell into place… I have never really explained the holistic model of functional training we offer at Be Fit Hub that is superior to Personal Training and bridges the gap between you, the Sports Coach, the Physiotherapist, the Chiropractor and the Surgeon… 

Personal Training meets Rehab Trainer, the PERFECT combination!

This will help you reach your exercise and fitness goals in the safest way possible.

At Be Fit Hub, George and myself do this through a combination of a physiotherapy evidence based approach founded in the principles of Rehab Trainer as well as various Strength and Conditioning Protocols specific to functional movement i.e. day-to-day mobility and strength to athlete level performance.

In our Functional Training sessions you are guaranteed to get fit AND limit your risk of injury at the same time from completing professionally tailored rehabilitation fitness.

Why train with someone who lacks the qualifications to deal with injury?

Many sports bulletins as well as social media comment on the high prevalence of injury when training with a Personal Trainer. And as a professional Personal Trainer and Rehab Trainer I have had many Clients walk thru my doors to remedy a bad experience as well as rebuild their fitness and confidence in their bodies.

Honestly for these fresh trainers the main reasons for injuring their Clients or aggravating an existing condition is due to their lack of experience or inability to foresee a particular exercise to cause injury.

As a Rehab Trainer we are more capable of preventing injury whilst training and fully qualified to manage injury should it occur. We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to design programs for the everyday person of average fitness wishing to regain full range of motion of their joint after reconstruction/replacement surgery or trauma as well as coach athlete level clients thru their misalignment and injuries to reach their performance goals.

Come and try it, George and myself guarantee you will be happy!

Personal Trainers reading this post do look at it from this business perspective… Our competition for Clients is at an all-time high, and those Clients are more sedentary and injury-prone than any other time in history. 

As we all know Clients’ expectations are strong! Our Clients’ want results, and they need you to understand and work with their unique biomechanics. The bottom line is if they don’t get these results, they won’t stay with you or refer others to you.

“Word of mouth” is your greatest asset in generating new Clients.

Also know that Clients will shop around for the right trainer. As I have had the privilege to know Clients love Rehab Trainers. Injuries fear Rehab Trainers… LOL…

Rehab Trainers are Personal trainers, taught by elite Sports Physiotherapists and get to know exactly what to do when a Client has an aching back or hips, niggling knees or persistent shoulder twinges.

We at Be Fit Hub have a whole toolbox of ways to recognise, understand, and deal with pain or instability in a Client’s body, and get results. Rehab Trainers know more about how a body moves and recovers from injury than most fitness professionals on the planet.

YOUR BODY IS YOU HOME and it is never too late to make the decision to make the right choices in your fitness training regime. No injury is more or less important than another and is irrelevant of age or stage of life. Our bodies are designed to heal should the mind desire this. xx


*TOPIC: MOBILISE OR DIE! Coach George @ Week 2/4 & 4/4 – PHASE 3/3 of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT!


When we first began our business partnership “BE FIT HUB” those closest to George and myself described us as YIN and YANG… 

Hint: Do you now see the Yin and Yang in our logo – below?

On our own we are experts in our niche and without the support of the other we fail to deliver a holistic service as well as feedback/education for ourselves and our clients. Coach George is the Strength and Conditioning arm of our training body focussing on strength, power and performance and I am the Rehabilitation arm focussing on biomechanics – muscle recruitment, core activation, posture and movement patterns/conditioning. Combined with our passion for nutrition and training people to get the right mindset and skill-set to achieve their fitness/athlete level goal/s – we are on a mission to create a fitness model that embodies real foods nutrition to fuel your core, flexibility, strength and endurance needs.

Coach George explains the holistic fitness concept further… Read on…

“Mobilise or Die!” Why?

The road to success is longevity.

I honestly could finish this topic with two sentences but I’ll elaborate.

There’s a reason why the shark is the top dog in the ocean? Why the big cat family dominate the African plains? Is there a reason why these traits survive natural selection and stay on for hundreds of thousands of years?

They’re all rounders – put simply. They predators of their environment. They’re equipped with strength, speed and agility. Take one asset away and they become prey. This may seem like it’s taking a while to get to the point but it’s worth it.

We spend all our time focusing on one aspect of our training to achieve a goal. Some just do weights, some just cardio, others only yoga etc… You know where I’m going with this. We as a fitness society are paying a toll by our lack of diversity. The upsetting thing is how close-minded and stubborn people are in regards to achieving their goals; they stick to the one mode of training and pay the toll! 

We need strength! We need flexibility! We need speed! All these factors are required to keep our bodies looking and feeling great, regardless of the goal.

Bite the bullet and try something out of your comfort zone this week!!! Your body will thank you for it.

Find a hill and sprint up it as hard as you can.

Go pick up something heavy ad carry it as far as you can.

Jump on a foam roller and roll for an hour.

The benefits will be remarkable and it takes you one step closer to your goal.



– Coach George now at the end of Power Foods Diet 11 weeks Body Transformation – “FROM FAT 2 FIT 4 MEN”; and

– Me at Week 16/52 of my current body – “COVER MODEL” construction – transformation.

P.S.S. Coach George is here to stay with loads more POSTS to come!!!

I look forward to sharing George’s fitness wisdom and experience from his journey thus far as a professional trainer and competitor as well as first-hand as he is coaching me thru this cover model body transformation and my next fitness competition goal… xx


*TOPIC: “SPRINT” YOUR WAY TO A “SEXY BUTT & LEANER YOU!” – ME @ WEEK 13/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Another week of training me and my clients as I am now at week 13/52 of my next body transformation. Sprints Sessions are now the norm, rain, hail or shine – as I will soon explain why they are so important if your body composition goal is reduce body fat, gain lean muscle as well as firm the butt and leg area. Each Sprints Session takes me out of my “comfort zone” and this is the very reason I look forward to them – “it’s where the magic happens” – as I physically and mentally master each drill with focus and determination knowing this truth: “me against myself”!!!

When most people think of glute – “butt” – exercises they think along the lines of lunges, squats, and stiff legged deadlifts. My Strength and Conditioning Coach/Business Partner George and I don’t believe those exercises are as effective as sprinting is for your back side. Also, the problem with all of these lifts is that they can quite quickly build size in your hips, butt, and legs instead of building muscle density. So if  you enjoy those exercises and they work for you continue to do them, but do add sprinting into the mix.

As you know for many years now, bodybuilders have performed long-duration, low-intensity aerobic exercise to help burn body fat in order to build lean muscle. Athletes and bodybuilders have found that sprint training is more effective at promoting fat loss than traditional low-intensity aerobic training. Sprint training offers other benefits to not only physique competitors, but also endurance athletes, as it improves aerobic endurance in marathon runners and triathletes.

Sprinting Will Develop Muscles Without Bulking Up

Sprinting is an amazing way to develop definition and firm up the glute and hamstring area of your leg. The grand thing about sprinting is that it seems to build proportionate muscles in the legs, hips and butt over time. Knowing what I now from my own athlete style training and client’s body transformations I always recommend sprinting over tradition leg exercises because I believe sprinting builds great definition and tone in the lower body that can’t be duplicated with resistance training.

Running is Mainly Powered by Your Gluteus Maximus

Jogging doesn’t really work the glute muscle to any great extent. Sprinting does a better job at working this particular muscle hard. Like I always say to my clients: “The glutes are the largest muscle in the body.” Therefore it takes more of an explosive movement to really contract this muscle hard… OR… Alternatively, you could do heavy squats and deadlifts to engage this muscle. The problem here is that the “time under tension” effect will build a large degree of mass in this muscle as well. Sprinting is a simple movement and  just involves many quick hard contractions that really firm up this muscle with less mass gain.

Some Basic Tips On Sprinting Form

When you sprint, you need to relax your shoulders and keep them low i.e.depressed. There is a tendency to shrug the shoulders up as you sprint. The problem that lies in this posture is that if your shoulders start to rise, your hips begin to lock up a bit… and this decreases your ability to sprint quickly. Also, over time you will notice that your feet are barely contacting the ground for more than a split second as you are running on the balls of your feet! Yes, this is what you are aiming for. Then as you get better at sprinting, you will fly over the pavement in a way that is much different than jogging.

Major Benefits of Sprinting

Sprinting creates major metabolic changes in your body. Research has shown that high intensity exercise will burn calories long after your workout is complete. Sprinting also increases your body’s ability to increase Human Growth Hormone i.e. HGH. HGH is your body’s natural fat burning hormone. If you only do low intensity exercise, you probably won’t cause your body to increase HGH release. Consequently, you burn less body fat if you only include low intensity exercises in your workout routine.

Other Benefits of Sprinting…

Improved Buffering Capacity

Regular sprint training over time works to improve the muscles’ capacity to tolerate lactic acid that accumulates during anaerobic activities. Lactic acid is considered a significant cause for fatigue during high-intensity activity. In detail: bicarbonate and muscle phosphates called buffers combine with hydrogen to reduce the muscle fibers’ acidity, thus delaying the onset of fatigue. Aerobic exercise does very little to improve the buffering capacity, but anaerobic training such as sprinting has shown to increase from 12-50% in just eight weeks of training, according to “Physiology of Sport and Exercise.” In summary, sprinting makes the muscles more efficient at removing lactic acid from the muscles, allowing you to train harder and longer before fatigue occurs.

Metabolic Adaptations

When you participate in regular sprint training, your body increases its ability to produce enzymes known as creatine kinase and myokinase that all work to boost the storage capacity of the muscle for energy substrates such as adenosine triphosphate i.e. ATP. ATP is the most basic energy system your body uses. More specifically, your body relies heavily on ATP in anaerobic activity such as sprinting and weightlifting to effectively and efficiently fuel short-duration, high-intensity activity. By increasing the energy storage capacity, you will be able to train harder and longer before the onset of fatigue and therefore burn more fat to build more lean muscle.

Improved Aerobic Endurance

Although sprint training is an anaerobic activity, it’s also effective at improving aerobic endurance. When repeated bouts of short-duration, high-intensity activity lasting 30 seconds to 5 minutes in duration are paired with short rest intervals of 5 to 30 seconds – it forces your body to rely on the aerobic system to help fuel the activity. Therefore, over time, your aerobic endurance will improve, and you will be able to work at a high-intensity level for a longer duration than an endurance athlete who does not include anaerobic training in their training program.

Increases in Post-Exercise Metabolism

One of the biggest benefits of sprint training is its effect on increasing your body’s ability to burn a higher amount of calories after exercise, before bringing your body back to its normal resting metabolism. This is known as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption i.e. EPOC. EPOC is the volume of oxygen consumed above what is normally used when you are at rest. The extra oxygen helps your body recover from the activity. Additionally, your body will burn more calories while your oxygen consumption remains above resting levels. During intense interval exercise such as sprinting or weight training, EPOC stays elevated longer after exercise, thus enabling your body to burn more calories after your workout than you would during traditional aerobic exercise

Sprinting Can be Done Outside 


If you chose to do this exercise outside then go to a track or any place that has around 150 meters of pavement. Warm up by jogging for 100 meters and then walking back to the starting area. Do this 3 more times, but increase the intensity. The 5th set on is where you will want to go as fast as possible. This time, I want you to go about 25-50 yards before the starting area and jog the first 25 yards. Once you reach the 25 meter mark, sprint for 100 more meters. This is called a “running start” and it minimizes any chances of muscle pulls. Walk back to the starting area at a brisk pace and do this running start sprint 4 more times. This will kick your butt…literally!

Sprinting Can be Done Inside a Studio


Here is a specific High Intensity Interval Training i.e. HIIT workout program that will shoot your HGH levels through the roof whilst boosting your metabolism for several hours after the workout and I am speaking from experience… LOL


The concept behind HIIT is that when aerobic exercise is performed in a very specific manner…your body will release its natural fat burning hormone called Human Growth Hormone i.e. HGH. HGH is naturally produced in your body all your life, but unfortunately it begins to decline at age 20. HGH decline combined with a slower metabolism is what contributes to fat gain as many people get older.

Many people in the fitness industry talk about something called the “HGH flush”. This is a possible indicator that you did everything correctly to release HGH effectively. When your skin feels hot and a bit red and you are short of breath, you my ‘fitness warrior’ have achieved the HGH flush. Many people probably haven’t experienced a good HGH flush since P.E. class in high school… LOL  Do as I do and strive for this when you hit the track or the treadmill!!

Ditto to these words by Carl Gustav Jung: 

“I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become.”

Big Hug xx


*TOPIC: “TONING” IS “BUILDING MUSCLE” – LEARN OF THE 5 MYTHS OR STAY BLISSFULLY IGNORANT! – ME @ WEEK 12/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


This week I am week 12/52 of my next body transformation and what a highlight this week has been. Strength and Conditioning Sprints Sessions on the track are now being fused into my Weights Training, Core, HIIT and Myofascial Release sessions. Every heart rate, calorie burned and macronutrient is strategically tracked so it may help both Coach George and myself design the training and menu plan for each level and style of training I undertake to reach my body composition goal i.e. to grow lean muscle and reduce body fat.

Well let me just put it out there – MY INTENTION for this post is to draw your attention to the SCAM of the modern fitness world that was created by women and is fueling many of the health issues women embody today! Please do read on…

Now lets get right to the point of the scam we all have entertained at some point in our lives. “Toning” is a word created by the mainstream fitness industry to attract women to lifting weights. If I had a $1 for every time a teenage girl or woman said “I just want to get toned…” and “I don’t want to get big and bulky, just more toned” I would be well on my way to South America for my next siesta.

I hear you ask “How do you get toned?”… By lifting weights; I mean seriously lifting weights! Not doing a few easy sets of 10-20 reps with pink plastic dumbbells.

Now have you noticed that you have been lifting 1-4kg weights for years now and don’t look much more “toned”? Mmm this method is virtually the same for everyone, whether you want to get big, strong and muscular or sleek and toned. You need to lift to your true potential, progressively and consistently as well as eat real foods that meet your macronutrient needs and only then will you add muscle and reduce body fat. The result will be you looking more muscular and “toned” in reference to your fitness goal/s.

Pretty much all “toning” is, is gaining lean muscle mass. But, for some reason most women are afraid of that and think they are going to look like the wrestler Hulk Hogan. I like many of my peers believe the word “toned” was made up just for women who have these fears. From a commercial gym perspective – if throwing in the word “toned” here and there gets women into the gym to lift some weights, that’s great, I am not complaining about that. Like I always say there is place for beach boot camps, franchise gyms, women’s exercise studios etc… They all play a part in getting you off the couch and moving at one end of the spectrum and achieving your fitness/athlete training goals at the other end. But, wise up! It’s a marketing scheme and a brilliant one at that!!!

Each one of you has an idea in your head when it comes to looking your fittest and healthiest. For some, it’s fitting perfectly into a certain pair of jeans, or walking on the beach in a bikini with absolute confidence. For others, it may mean seeing a defined midsection reflected in the mirror, or having strong, toned shoulders/back or legs/glutes. We all have our own goals for how we want to look, feel and BE an image of. Even though your specific goals may be different from those of others, almost everyone wants to look and feel toned and fit.

What is Toning? 

When most people say that they want to “tone up,” what they usually mean is that they want to become leaner and longer. Basically, they want to lose body fat, and add a little muscle definition – but not so much muscle mass that they look like a bodybuilder or wrestler.

In the fitness world, there is no real definition for toning that is greatly recognized by the professionals. Rather, the term “toning”  is used to describe the end goal, which usually results from a combination of basic weight lifting and fat burning.

What is Bulking?

What is considered “typical”, is men want to “bulk up” and women usually wish to avoid building big and bulky muscles. There is no strict definition, “bulking up” means adding a lot of muscle mass to the body and possibly reducing one’s body fat, too. Please note that it also refers to adding a lot of muscle mass and not loosing body fat. Bulking up does bring to mind images of bodybuilders, big football players, olympic weight lifters – usually male and usually beefy!

Toning, on the other hand, “typically” refers to pilates/dance instructors and Hollywood starlets who have lower amounts of body fat and some visible muscle, but not huge muscles.

So DEFINITIONS now explained, let’s move on to the facts and the fallacies about “toning up” and “bulking up”. 

Myth 1. Lifting light weights will tone your body lean and lifting heavy weights will bulk you up 

Truth: For years this idea has stuck – that heavy weights will bulk you up – and erroneously makes many people, both men and women, afraid of lifting heavy weights. While there is some truth to the notion that lifting lighter weights for more reps does a better job of increasing the muscular endurance, lighter weights will not help you “tone” better than heavy weights. The fact is, because heavier weights build the strength of your muscles as well as size to a small degree (not the size of the Incredible Hulk), thereby helping to increase your metabolism and burn fat, lifting heavier weights with fewer reps (8-12 on average) and working until you’re fatigued is more effective at helping you reach your toning goals than lifting lighter weights. Also as this is more time efficient, you will more likely stick to your training regime.

Myth 2: Building muscle and bulking up are exactly the same

Truth: For those of you who have been avoiding weights because you think that building muscle means that you’ll bulk up, think again… When you lift weights that are challenging, you do actually create micro-tears in the muscle fibers. These tears are then repaired by the body and this is where soreness comes from i.e. DOMS. It’s in that process of tear and repair that the muscle becomes stronger and a little bit bigger. However, because muscle tissue is more dense than fat, adding a little bit more muscle to your body and decreasing your fat actually makes you look leaner and defined not bigger and bulky. Keeping fat under your skin rather than muscle makes you look bigger!!!

To really bulk up, you have to really work with that goal in mind in both your physical training and food preparation. Bodybuilders spend hours and hours in the gym lifting extremely heavy weights, along with eating a very strict diet that delivers their required macronutrients and promotes muscle gain. Let me break this to you gently – the average person’s workout and diet, especially a calorie-controlled diet, doesn’t result in the same effects of bodybuilding. 

Myth 3: Lifting light weights won’t help you get stronger 

Truth: When it comes to lifting weights, the secret to really getting stronger isn’t about how much weight you’re lifting in each set. Instead, it’s the process of working your muscle to fatigue where you literally cannot lift the weight for another repetition. The August 2010 study from McMaster University that proved this found that even when subjects lifted lighter weights, they added as much muscle as those lifting heavy weights. However, the time it takes to reach fatigue with light weights is much longer than the time it takes to reach fatigue with heavier weights. So, like I mentioned before if you’re like most people and on a time budget, it makes more sense to go heavy and then go home!

Myth 4: Women and men should lift weights differently

Truth: I see this one time and time again at the gym. It’s pretty common to see women lift 2-4kg dumbbells to do biceps curls while men pick up the 10kg to do the same exercise. For my bicep curls I currently lift 6-7kg dumbbells for 5 sets and so far I am living proof that you will not turn into a bulky looking freak-woman. Firstly, yes men are genetically stronger than women, although they aren’t that much stronger. Secondly, most women tend to stick to the weight machines or basic leg-work that target the glutes and abs, women’s “vanity” muscles, while the guys at the gym are more likely to be seen working out with free weights or using barbells and mainly focusing on their vanity muscles being the biceps and chest.

Obviously gender differences exist and everyone has different fitness goals! But if you really want to lose weight and get lean – no matter if you call that toning or bulking – people of both genders should have a Strength Training  Plan in place that works every major muscle in the body at least 8 to 12 times, using a weight that is heavy enough that the last 2 repetitions are darn hard  if not impossible to lift. Only then is the body challenged enough to create change, grow and adapt, making you stronger and leaner no matter if you’re male or female. Bonus is that lifting this way is also a great way to lose weight as you are actually burning more fat and calories in your workout. 

Myth 5: Certain forms of exercise build longer, leaner muscles

Truth: Many forms of exercise such as pilates and yoga etc claim to lengthen the muscles or develop “lean” muscles, not bulky ones. Light bulb moment and this will shock some: no form of exercise makes muscles “longer” because your muscles do not – and will not – respond to exercise by getting longer. It’s just not how muscles work.

Muscles are actually a certain length because they attach to your bones. Also a wide variety of movements and exercises can help you strengthen your muscles without necessarily making them bigger. This is a fact: you can develop a lot of muscular strength without your muscles ever-increasing in size (girth).

That said, exercises such as yoga, pilates, dance and barre classes can help to increase your flexibility by improving your range of motion at certain joints and improve your posture, which can give you the illusion of feeling and looking longer or taller. But lengthening? NO not possible!!! I am honest enough to say that claims like these are just trying to appeal to people who fear bulking up. 

*By performing your basic exercises every week, progressively adding resistance and increasingly challenging your body, over time you will add muscle mass, decrease body fat and VOILA you will look more “toned”. Therefore you will be more muscular and leaner.

YOU NEED TO FUEL YOUR BODY. Lastly, if you truly want to be “toned” – now I hope I may use the correct term “more muscular” – it’s important to take a good look at your diet. You need to get 4-6 quality meals a day. Eliminate the processed crap you put into your mouth on a regular basis, but treat yourself once a week. Pick a day on the weekend to indulge in your favourite snack or meal and get back to business the rest of the week. You deserve the occasional treat.

DON’T STARVE YOURSELF! Eat! In order to get “toned” LOL “increase your muscle mass”, you need to feed your body with the nutrients it needs to make that muscle. Starving yourself will only result in a temporarily skinnier version of you as your body eats its own tissue for fuel!!! Reality is, if you are pear-shaped, by restricting calories to an unhealthy level you will just be a smaller pear. Bottom line is that you will not change the shape of your body. And sadly, it will not last and here we go again… another round for the “yo-yo dieters and gym junkies”!

Your body is built to be a survivor and will eventually do whatever it has to, in order to make up for those missed calories. Hence why we feel an uncontrollable urge to binge when we deprive ourselves for too long. And, talk about lack of energy and fatigue… It’s hard to exercise when you feel like a slug and just want to crawl under your rock. Food has essential nutrients that help keep your immune system strong and fight off viruses and infections to avoid illness that starvation attracts.

So, regarding this “toning” thing. You’ve been sooo had ladies…the wool pulled over your eyes…sucked in, scammed, fooled, tricked, downright deceived by clever marketing tactics within the mainstream fitness industry. But, not to worry, if the desire to be “toned” has peaked your curiosity about fitness, great! But, let’s enter reality now. “Toned” simply means you will be “adding muscle” or “increasing your lean muscle mass” and at the same time decreasing body fat.

Don’t be afraid of the word MUSCLE, rather learn to desire muscle tone. You will not get big and bulky by lifting weights properly, progressively and consistently and eating a real foods diet.

Trust me,  as a woman the odds are WAAYYY against you! It is best to seek the advise of a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach to design a progressive Strength Training Program for you as well as teach you the correct technique and tempo (this is a topic for another post) combined with a balanced Menu Plan.

So, the next time you hear another female say “I don’t want to get big and bulky, just more “toned”!”, DO educate them about the ongoing “toning” scam.

 As a peer once said to me: “NO TONE, NO CHROME, JUST HARD WORK!” xx


BODY SHOT & COACH GEORGE FEEDBACK – “Power Foods Diet” Week 12/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Pic Stitch of Sofija

from Week 1/52 of next transformation

for Women’s Health and Fitness Cover Model 2014


to NOW Week 12/52 – significant changes in tone and strength!

Sofija’s progress update:

Still in the muscle building phase and still steadily loosing body fat!

These photos are an example of commitment and focus to the process of a big picture goal.



Kale Chips

I must confess that like you I LOVE eating great tasting foods but finding recipes that support my fat loss goals is a challenge.

In essence, the hardest part is finding NEW recipes again and again.

Thankfully, with this Blog “Power Foods Fitness” you now have a head start as the newly created CATEGORIES contain many fat burning recipes that are gluten and dairy free as well as vegan friendly.

Here is another one of those great recipes to try – SUPER CRUNCHY KALE OR ZUCCHINI CHIPS.


Serves 2

2 handfuls Kale Leaves or 1 x Zucchini thinly sliced
1 tspn Cayenne Pepper
Cooking spray
Sea Salt


1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. Arrange kale or zucchini on a non-stick baking sheet.
3. Very lightly coat kale or zucchini with cooking spray and some sea salt.
4. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on top of the kale or zucchini and bake for 10 minutes or until crispy.

Enjoy at home, on the road or as an appetizer when entertaining. xx 



This week I am at week 11/52 of my next body transformation and it was a tough week as my Business Partner and Coach George was away ill for the week… This presented the challenging task of choosing what work you take on and what you leave for next week in terms of client sessions, group classes, admin and marketing, and also doing so without eating into my training schedule, food preparation and sleep… Well, look at the wording of my last sentence… Mission accomplished …. I had defined what my personal fitness goals were for the week to keep me on track on my bigger picture goal… 

Now this brings me to this week’s post, the essential 9 questions, if answered honestly will help you make the right choices to succeed and fulfill your fitness goals. 

Ask yourself these 9 questions – PAUSEtake a moment to really think about it… By doing this impromptu 9 minute exercise, you will have taken a huge step toward mastering your own training.

1. Have a destination – what is it you want to achieve at the end of your fitness goal/program? But keep the specifics to yourself. Do you even have a goal?

2. The world is full of Victims, Blamers and Precious Princesses who can only criticize. Are you one of them?

3. Use a program designed for your goals rather than borrow the program concocted by amateurs such as your peers, family and friends. Is your program unique to you and leading you to your destination?

4. This cliché is true… The things you hate to do are the things you need to do most. Are you doing them now?

5. If you’re not making progress, it is most likely your attitude that needs adjusting. Are you willing to accept change in your mindset?

6. Your time and energy are limited on any given day. Are you wasting them by talking BS in person or virtual rather than “walking the talk”?

7. Become your greatest fan! Become a fanatical believer in your cause. Do you really believe you’ll succeed in reaching your goal/s?

8. If you’re afraid of breaking any of your precious eggs, then don’t expect too many omelets in your life. Define what are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals?

9. There are people who are better than you, who know more stuff than you and some are experts is their field! Are you listening to them?

Always remember in fitness it is ME AGAINST MYSELF. Always has been and always will be! xx


*TOPIC: “DOMS” is GOOD PAIN – ME @ WEEK 10/52 Of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


This week I am at week 10/52 of my next body transformation and really enjoying the intensity – physically and mentally – of my athlete style training program to build strength and lean muscle mass. The topic for this week’s post is DOMS – as many clients who have experienced progression in their training program with me are either alarmed or curious to understand the pain they are feeling after their session.

DOMS is the abbreviated term used to describe the pain and stiffness felt post exercising, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

* What is DOMS all about? 

There are several theories about what causes DOMS however none are universally accepted and it is still a topic that is not that well understood in the scientific and fitness worlds.

Some say it is caused by a build up of lactic acid (the waste product produced by the body when training – when you feel “the burn” i.e. the lactic build up). Others  say its a result of tissue breakdown (cells being damaged). Some say  its an inflammatory response from the immune system. Possibly it could be a combination of all these things? 

It is a bit of a mystery and as you can see there are many explanations for it. However, it can be very frustrating as the pain and lack of ability to carry out normal function may continue for most of the week. DOMS occurs to the best and fittest of us, any time we tend to exercise differently or different muscle groups.

DOMS is thought to be caused primarily by eccentric exercise (the lengthening phase of a muscle contraction, i.e. the downward movement in a bicep curl) and can present itself anywhere from 8 to 48 hours post workout, DOMS can be felt for the next few days, it’s not unusual for it to last up to 5 to 7 days in some extreme cases, particularly if you are a beginner to exercising.

Note: It is normal, so don’t worry!

* Why Weights Training brings on DOMS?

Weight training exercise consists of two types of movement:

  1. Eccentric or negative phase; and
  2. Concentric or positive phase.

Most of this post will revolve around the eccentric phase, as most all of the microtrauma* happens here. *Microtrauma is simply the tearing of the muscle’s fibers and connective tissue. The fact is, much fewer fibers are involved during this – eccentric – phase. Therefore, each fiber is subjected to greater forces during exercise.

Conversely, the concentric phase recruits far more fibers, and  more metabolic activity takes place here. So as more fibres are recruited in the concentric phase this means greater depletion of muscle energy – adenosine triphosphate  “ATP”, as well as muscle glucose “glycogen”.

The combination of the two – depleted ATP and glycogen – lead to altered cellular calcium. This happens during and after the actual exercise. The cellular calcium eventually leads to the activation of enzymes that break down cellular proteins, with the inclusion of contractile proteins… In turn, increased mitochondrial calcium decreases cellular energy production. So at the end of all this, there’s now muscle debris and swelling begins. Fluid enters the cells to make way for the immune system’s “clean up”. The immune response now triggers the release of free radicals and this also damages the muscle.

Now, the muscles are damaged and their ability to store fuel (glycogen) is compromised. The two now make it necessary for proper recovery before the next training session. It’s commonly accepted that a muscle can reach full recovery after 7 days. Some studies even indicate the process can take up to 14 days!

This is where proper real foods nutrition and supplements comes into play. It’s long been said that there is a 30 minute “window” after intense exercise. For those of you still novice to the training world – this window represents the time to get protein into the system. Science has since learned this window is nowhere near this long… The time to get protein into your system is much closer to 12 minutes. Using a high quality whey protein is necessary such as our Be Fit Hub Pure Whey Protein Powder. Whey protein has the highest biological value for humans based on it’s amino acid profile, as well as it’s speed of digestion and assimilation into our cells. Getting these raw materials in you immediately ensures proper muscle protein synthesis.

It doesn’t end there as the muscles still need to replace muscle glycogen. Be mindful at this point the muscle’s ability to refuel itself is compromised… You may have visions of you shoveling loads of carbohydrates down your throat… Umm no – not quite… Yes, eating ample amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day will lead to muscle recovery. It just can’t happen in one fell swoop! BE AWARE loading carbohydrates indiscriminately will only cause fat deposition. REALITY IS what the body can’t store, the liver converts to fat. You are best to have a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach complete a Nutrition Plan for you where your macronutrients are specific to your training and body composition goals i.e. tone or athlete intensity training.

* Should you continue to train with DOMS?  

Some would argue that DOMS is a warning sign to slow down or stop and after many years of exercising and experiencing DOMS this is NOT TRUE! But whilst rest is important for the muscles to repair, further activity can and I feel does alleviate the soreness (though causing more pain afterwards) – this is a “chicken and egg” situation.  There is no evidence that further training has any adverse effect on recovery therefore it is unlikely that DOMS is a warning sign to stop training and  it is safe to continue.  At the end of the day the best cure for stiff muscles is to keep them mobilised to keep the blood and oxygen flow pulsing thru.

You can reduce the effect of DOMS by ensuring that you warmup prior to any workout and cooldown as well as  stretch the worked muscles at the end.  The warmup will prepare the muscles for activity rather than shock them. The cooldown and stretches will aide the muscles to recover and repair better before your next workout and prevent injury from occurring.

* Other TIPS to help minimise DOMS:

Split Program – Your Personal Trainer can change your program intensity or split your program up into a 2 or 3 way split working different body parts on different days.

Overall, you should look to change your program every 4-6 weeks regardless as the muscles will become used to the exercises and eventually the effectiveness of the exercise and the effect of DOMS will reduce.

Active Recovery – This does mean your body is still moving LOL… It means not resting but doing gentle exercise. So light jogging or walking the day after can help.

Gentle massage – Refrain from remedial or sports massage or you will end up on the ceiling of the treatment room, just light, long strokes that release the toxins in the muscles, no digging in!

Ice… or ice bathsor a swim in the ocean – this is my favourite remedy!!! Sore muscles usually mean inflammation in the muscle so cooling down always seems to soothe.

Anti inflammatory – May help, just the over the counter stuff like Voltaren, Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

One important thing to remember is that DOMS happens to the best of us. It doesn’t mean you are unfit and need to workout more! Top athletes suffer from DOMS, from marathon runners to body builders. It’s just a sign that you have pushed your muscles to their limit, damaged them a little, but the ensuing recovery will see them build and grow stronger and this is what we want!

BE BRAVE, BE BOLD and TRAIN like a WARRIOR… Then you will really know the true meaning of DOMS – when you feel your fitness progress and see your overall tone improve!!! xx



*TOPIC: WHERE IS THE FITNESS INDUSTRY HEADED? Coach George @ Week 4/5-PHASE 2/3 & Week 1/4-PHASE 3/3 of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT!


This fortnight Coach George and myself are training our clients of Be Fit Hub’s first wave of “Power Foods Diet” into their last phase of their body transformation. Along the way these clients have adopted real foods nutrition as their core to fuel their bodies and their workouts. For each client their has been an invaluable gift blessed upon them of learning to build their training regime by learning basic movements well then progression with intensity relative to their body composition goal. In contrast we had some time to reflect on what is happening in the fitness-conscious community around us… I will hand you over to Coach George as his words speak truth:

Where is the fitness industry headed???

I like to keep with a theme with my posts, however, sometimes an issue comes up and I feel the need to let you all know where and how it affects us now and in years to come. There are a few issues I want to touch on and eventually expand upon in future posts.

Working in the fitness industry as a young Personal Trainer and an athlete, I found it easy to be in great shape pretty much year round and never really had an issue with my own body image as it wasn’t really a big thing.

Wind forward 5 years and every kid and his dog are using terms like “shredded”, “aesthetics” and looking to “gear up”; and to be honest, know more about injecting “gear” than I do! It’s not uncommon to walk into a gym nowadays and look at more than half the people in front of you doing some kind of cycle. Since when did this become normal? The sad fact is, hard work and dedication are taking a backwards seat for the quick fix to results. Is this a little indicator of bigger issues in society where children grow up being spoon fed and handed everything on a silver platter. The biggest injustice you can do to your child is make their life easy… Where did hard work and discipline go???

On another note; kids are no longer using weight training to get better at their sport or activity, rather gym is becoming its own “sport” as such. That’s a good thing, regardless of age or demographic, getting moving and working towards a goal is always a great thing, regardless of what those goals are. For gym goers and kids especially, setting and achieving goals are an awesome way to teach and promote dedication and consistency! I won’t even go into the health issues associated with steroids in today’s post. Next fortnight…

And finally, my biggest beef is with the methods behind the madness. People with a YOUNG TRAINING AGE (young and old) are jumping straight into 5 day body part/bodybuilding training routines that have never MOVED before in their lives. I’ve never seen an L-plater win the Bathurst 1000 for a reason. You’ve got to earn your dues people!!! 

It’s like taking a toddler off training wheels and going straight into a mountain bike: recipe for disaster! Take the baby steps and PROGRESS the right way to achieve desired results.

I love the fitness industry and really enjoy my own personal training as well as helping those who need it. The more we get into fitness as a nation the greater the modalities of training that become available to train with. Not a problem as such, but the potential for issues slowly increase as do our options.

Ending off my little rant (excuse the jumping from topic, I got a little excited) I’d like to finish off by asking you simply to pay the toll and go thru all the stages needed to achieve your goals. Lets become a positive influence on the younger generations and prove how results can be achieved without the extra help!


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redo Grain Free Porridge_edited-1

A perfect Winter bliss experience is the only way to describe this coco-nutty grain-free porridge. Our version of traditional oats – Coconut and Almond Grain-Free Porridge – is a gluten free, “Power Foods Fitness” approved, vegan friendly dish, that has just enough sweet in it to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

One large serving

2 Tablespoons x Almond Butter
1/4 Cup x Shredded Coconut
6 Tablespoons x Warm Water or Coconut Milk (full fat)
1/4 Teaspoon x Vanilla Extract
1/2 Teaspoon x Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon x Raw Honey OR Maple Syrup — for our vegan friends
1 x Teaspoon Rolled Flaxseed* (optional)
* I use Waltanna Farms Rolled Flaxseed  for its delicious nutty flavour and is certified organic
OR  Slivered Almonds (optional)


1. Combine all ingredients in a small mixing bowl, and mix thoroughly.

2. Transfer to a sauce pan, and heat over a low flame until it reaches your desired temperature.

3. Pour into your serving dish and top with rolled flaxseed or slivered almonds.

4. You’re done. Too easy!!! Serve with a piccolo (made with almond milk, of course) or green tea.

Enjoy this Winter warmer! xx

*TOPIC: “Good & Bad CARBS” REQUIRED for REFEEDS to train your body LEAN!!! – ME @ WEEK 9/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


This week I am at week 9/52 of my next transformation and  in this post I want to take a bit of a different look at high protein, moderate fats and low carb eating in relation to a healthy lifestyle and fitness/athlete training goals.

As always is the case, information taken solid research certainly does seems to lead to extreme pendulum swings in terms of belief and perception.

*”Carbs” vs “Proteins + Fats” explained

High protein, low carb is the perfect example of this. Too many folk don’t bother to learn about this and adopt 1 of 2 opposed stances: all carbs are “bad”; or eating high protein is “bad”. Reality is neither is holistically correct nor entirely wrong!

Eating low carb means eating low glycemic index i.e. low GI. Low glycemic load, low – or – no processed carbs, does not mean avoiding carbs. However it does mean avoiding starchy carbs, but as we will see even these starchy carbs have their uses in Carb Refeeds.

Let’s make no mistake – there is such a thing as “bad” carbs and they are the highly processed calorie dense nutrient sparse crap that fills our western (money spinner for governments and industry) diet. Overall eating highly processed, high GI and high GL foods are detrimental to your health. Now lets “flip the pancake”… eating high protein will not cause heart disease or any of the other highly touted but never proven side effects – but like any fuel source too much can cause imbalances in your body systems

REALITY CHECK: in every case too many calories eaten above those needed for your activity level and you will put on fat – no matter what the source of those calories. BUT as we discussed in previous posts the source and type of calorie does matter – processed foods with HFCS and transfats elicit different and damaging responses from our metabolisms compared to a meal of baby spinach, sweet potato and steak!

Many “fans” of low carb diets will only eat the bare minimum of carbs that they feel is necessary to maintain health and this style of eating is extreme and wrong. Carbs are not to be shunned! Rather, carbs need to be chosen wisely, and eaten in line with your body’s needs and your fitness/athlete training goal. YES, it is alright to go high carb if you earned it!!! ,

The best, the healthiest and most “acceptable” forms of carbs are vegetables such as sweet potato and fruits such as berries. So although most carbs aren’t the “bad guys” they’re not viewed in the same light as “heroes” like protein and healthy fats and there is good reason for the food discrimination

*How does your body “perceive” energy availability explained

Body fat is essentially stored energy. It’s also an endocrine organ that secretes the hormone “leptin”, the amount of which in circulation is directly proportional to the amount of adipose tissue on your body. Simple… the leaner you get, the less body fat – and less stored energy – you have available to drive leptin secretion. Even if you’re not as lean as you’d prefer to be, your lower body fat levels are low enough that the brain isn’t getting the “high energy availability” message from leptin.

The hormone “insulin” is another indicator of energy availability. Insulin increases leptin secretion in fat cells. As far as the body’s concerned, if insulin is present in significant amounts then food has just been eaten… and this means food is probably available in the environment. If food is readily available, the body doesn’t need to cram as much food in and go into starvation mode, nor does it have to conserve energy. Actually your body is free to do things that aren’t essential to immediate survival; like play a game of football, have sex, go surfing, or workout, because there’s plenty of energy available.

Leptin goes up, reducing appetite and increasing expenditure. Ughh… when your insulin is constantly elevated, another set of problems arise with leptin resistance, and that is another topic for another post…

Carb content of your diet, perhaps independently of the increase in insulin, also affects leptin levels. Be aware that protein also increases leptin, and fat seems not to, but carbs have the largest effect.

The overall calorie content of the diet is an indicator of energy availability. Numerous studies show that calorie restriction causes the body to lower serum leptin levels in order to protect against further weight loss, thus that supplementary leptin kick-starts weight loss all over again.

Now this brings me to the topic of “Carb Loading” or “Carb Refeeds” and this can be used, quite effectively, by those of you interested in dropping the last couple body fat percentage points. We at Be Fit Hub do not recommend carb refeeds for overweight individuals. For them, sticking with a low carb eating plan is the easiest as well as safest way to drop the weight!

Turning our “Power Foods Diet” into a super-leaning out program is possible and would mean distinct changes in its inherent nature as an effortless system without weighing and measuring and applicable to those who have the goal to lean out and achieve that ultra-ripped men’s or women’s health cover model look. It would entail significant, painstaking adherence to a strictly regimented program of macronutrients as well as functional training.

As Nutrition Coaches – George and myself – are also focussed on helping people reach their natural genetic potential through sustainable lifestyle behaviors. So for most people, their natural genetic potential is quite good – lean, strong, fit, healthy and our “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle is perfect as a guide to the right food choices for life.

*Carb Refeeds and Leptin explained

Now back to carb refeeds that are typically done while “cutting”; that is, creating a caloric deficit so your body is forced to rely on fat as an energy source. Most folk on any low carb diet i.e. less than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day or implementing any extreme caloric deficit (for the purpose to shed body fat) should incorporate a carb refeed.

Carb refeeds are used to raise leptin, refill muscle and liver glycogen, as well as providing sanity release from dieting as your body is temporarily thrown into a state of metabolic balance.

*A Layman explanation of Leptin

Leptin is considered to be an anti-starvation/metabolic balance hormone. As your leptin levels decrease, the signal is sent to inform that your body is going into starvation mode… As your body goes into starvation mode we all know what happens next… Your fat loss slows down immensely or in some cases to a screeching halt. So in order to kick fat loss into gear again, you need to raise your leptin level.

Common sense dictates that the body seeks harmonious balance of all systems, and if you endeavor to upset that balance – you have to outwit your body. Fortunately we were built for survival, and unfortunately for the serious fitness driven – athlete training/bodybuilding – oriented folk, survival did not mean 170 pounds of ripped mass at 6% body fat. 

I can’t count have many people have asked US (George and myself) this very question, “Why did they loose fat after a cheat meal/day?”… They go on to explain they have been so good and clean on their diets for weeks and then their results slowed down, they got frustrated, they cheated and 2 days later woke up lighter and leaner than before the cheat.  Let me explain this… Main reason in this scenario – that they leaned out – is that they raised leptin. Raising leptin levels will give your body the kick-start it needs for the next few days to keep you out of starvation mode as you diet and maintain your macronutrients. As long as your body is out of starvation mode, the faster the fat loss, and the less likely you are to lose LEAN BODY MASS, while suffering on all counts in the process with the side effects of eating carbs.

*How to Eat Your Way Out of Metabolic Hell explained

So, now you are probably thinking, “I do need to increase leptin? How do I increase leptin?” 

Light Bulb moment: “Eat lots of carbs… And depending on your fitness/athlete training goal – I’m not necessarily talking slow burning carbs here either folks. 

I know, most of you reading this right now are thinking WTF is she talking about? 

Simple explanation only required here!!!… The way to raise leptin is to actually SPILL OVER into your fat cells. 

In order to fill your muscle glycogen you need carbs, once your glycogen stores are full, you are now spilling over into your fat cells.

Like Coach George says “1 Step Backward for 2 Steps Forwards.”

Remember folks you will not get fat in 24 hours. This is not a new method of fat loss either. Bodybuilders and athletes are doing this everywhere and with fantastic results. A carb refeed day is NOT and I repeat NOT a cheat day!!! There are rules to this that should be followed to avoid gaining fat during the carb refeed and your carb refeeds need to be designed specific to your body composition and fitness/athlete training goal. 

Typically a carb refeed is done every 4-5 days, although the frequency of the carb refeeds can be adjusted to suit the person – for example my carb refeeds are every 3 days.  Hence, the lower the caloric deficit you’ve managed to create, and the lower your BF%, the more often you should carb refeed. “Why???” I here you ask? Reason being your leptin levels plummet as your calories drop and your body fat decreases; remember, we want to stay out of starvation mode. 

*How do you know when you should carb refeed more often, or less often?

No 2 people are the same regardless of similar goals or benchmarks… It is a personal process of trial and error and the general carb refeed plan is just that – general! If you find yourself constantly obsessed with food, and if you are losing a significant amount of muscle and strength, you may have to carb refeed more often such as every 2 to 3 days.

As you are learning from this post a carb refeed may also be shorter or longer in duration. For instance, some prefer to carb refeed for 24 hours, in which case they may consume anywhere from 25 to 50% above their maintenance caloric intake. So for these shorter carb refeeds, such as those that last for 6 to 10 hours, people often do not count their calories; rather, they pack down as much as they can within the designated time-frame to ensure that their fat cells have a hefty bag of new fuel to stoke the metabolic furnace with.

*Appropriate Foods For a Carb Refeed

During your carb refeed, you should aim for around 1G of protein per Pound of body weight, keeping your sources of fat to a minimum, so you are only taking the fats that are in your proteins and carbs.

HEY HEY HEY this is the fun part – CARBS!  Yes, lots and lots and lots of carbs. Not necessarily brown rice (gluten-free), sweet potatoes (paleo and vegan friendly) and oats here either… Depending on the length and regularity of your carb refeed in relation to your fitness/athlete training goal you may include:



White Rice



Ice Cream




Yes, all the things many of us crave… If it’s low fat or fat free, have it! Remember, no additional fats!!!

Also, you should keep fructose to a minimum. Sticking to 50-100G (for fructose, probably lower, like 25%) for the day is plenty. Note: sucrose is 50% glucose and 50% fructose so seeing that we need to watch our fructose, staying away from sucrose (table sugar) is probably best. Yes, in order to successfully elevate our levels of leptin, we want to spill over muscle, not liver glycogen.

*It’s a Wrap! Making sense of it all for your body and your goals

Be practical and don’t bother stepping on the scale the next day if you choose a short carb refeed – you will be heavier. Duhh! Remember, carbs make you hold water but in a day or two it will be all gone and your body will burning fat like mad again. Yeah!

Some of you who are frightened of other carb sources may opt to refeed with slow burning carbs and that’s fine. Just keep in mind it’s going to take a hell of alot more oats to raise leptin than 1 bowl full of cereal. If you are doing a relatively short carb refeed, you may want to reconsider your food choices… a short carb refeed absolutely requires a drastic increase in your calories, as well as the consumption of refined carb sources.

The fiber in the slow burning carbs can be counter-productive when trying to raise leptin, that’s why many bodybuilders and athletes use refined carbs. Refined carbs raise leptin much quicker and you won’t feel like a stuffed pig all day for having to eat 3 cups of oats to equal what 1 bagel could have done. And for those of you who are mmm… scared, it’s up to you to look at the big picture, especially in light of how the body seeks balance. Then, if you truly understand the issue, you will no longer fear the calculated nature of a carb refeed… even if it requires you to consume those foods that are typically forbidden in your mind!

Some of you may be “Carb Cycling” and so you do not need to follow this carb refeed strategy. Let me explain carb cycling… The carb cycling diet uses the “High Carb” days – every 2 days – to raise leptin.

Of course most of us are now aware of the processed carb/insulin/fat storage connection and this is one of the biggest reasons to keep processed carb consumption low. If you can keep insulin sensitivity high and insulin levels low you will not only be maintaining a healthy and optimally functioning body, you’ll also be able to drop body fat if you need to.

We also know that our bodies love to become efficient at everything they do so they can reduce the amount of energy used (our bodies are still focussed on energy  conservation) – this is why you should alter your workouts at least every 6 weeks – to keep ‘inefficiency’ and therefore metabolism high…

The purpose, as I see it, of carb refeeds is the restoration of leptin levels in the dieter. As we know, caloric restriction reduces leptin levels and with lower leptin comes increased hunger and reduced adherence to a diet. Then the domino effects of plateau begins: cravings arise; energy wanes; and immunity suffers. The lack of leptin elicits the cascade of hormones that down regulate metabolism and energy expenditure. Your muscles use less energy and become more efficient – BUT much weaker and less effective. Also menstruation and fertility become issues. Dropping calories even more will just makes the problem worse.

You need to restore leptin, at least for a bit, to right the path to achieve your weight loss or fitness/athlete training goal. A carb refeed designed by a professional Nutrition Coach can help you achieve this! xx



*TOPIC: CUT THE “BS” & “GET REAL”!!! – ME @ WEEK 8/52 of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Well let me just put it out there – this week’s post is not to offend!!!

MY INTENTION is to spark some thought as to the lie many of you are living!

An amazing week of BALANCE and lessons relearned as I allowed for pride and humility to dance within my heart in gratitude for my life, my health and the beautiful souls that play along my path… Yes I am now at week 8/52 of my next transformation and embracing the positive changes in body, mind and spirit!

As many of you are aware I am a Pilates/Yoga Teacher, Personal/Rehab Trainer and Nutrition Coach in the Health and Fitness industries for almost 15 years…

Now I feel I have completed the full circle having opened the doors to our studio “Be Fit Hub”; collaborating on nutrition and training concepts with my Business Partner/Coach; as well as – Writer – wanting to share all that I know via this blog. My aim is to inspire and teach you all to make the right choices to be healthier and happier versions of you! To become your fullest potential in body, mind and spirit.  

* So why is it that when you want to learn to drive you enroll into a Driving School, then involve your friends in accumulating your learning hours?

* So why is it that when you buy your first property you research madly and see as many Mortgage Brokers as you can to learn of your options rather than borrow from the first financial institution you encounter in this scenario?

* So why is it that when you are to marry you have a Celebrant, Priest or Pastor that you have a history and/or connection do so, rather than go with who the person sitting next to you in the office had marry them?

* Now when it comes to YOUR FITNESS most of you are choosing to have the “BLIND FOLLOW THE BLIND”!!!

“Annoyed” is an understatement to how I feel at the moment!!!

So many of you are happy to have “Jan” your peer at work or “Jo” your neighbour next door tell you exactly what is working for them and how it will work for you in regards to diet habits exercise rituals.

Then add in the “self-esteem/self-love equation” and most of you remain suppressed  as well as concocting your own nutrition and training plans based on media feedback and your so called EXPERT’S guidance from peers, friends and family… And so you spiral downwards as nothing is really changing for the long-term good… What change you see is cyclical to your awareness of where your fitness regime is at in that particular moment! For example: that slight rush of endorphins for going for a morning walk; or your body rejoicing in having its first series of eggs, greens etc for breakfast for the first time in years;  reducing your week-night wines that instantaneously eases the toxic release work of your kidneys and liver…

Then give and take a few busy weeks and social gatherings – Guess what?… your old habits creep in! Then the next magazine article on “no carbohydrates” captivates you and the person on the bus suggests a “term of boot camp to loose weight quick” LOL LOL LOL and off you go again…

TIRED of reading this… I am TIRED of watching and hearing this… YEAR IN and YEAR OUT!!!

YOUR BODY IS YOUR HOME – not the bricks and mortar you have a mortgage for 40 years on!

YOUR MIND IS YOUR VEHICLE and drives your life – not the people and circumstance around you – sorry to say this: you create this with your strength of mind. 


So why feel that to give yourself attention and speak openly about your frustrations with your body and mindset is a vulnerable trait? It is actually your first step in loving yourself to want a better quality of life for you! 

Why wait until the life-changing awakening – THE BULLDOZER (I call it)???… the diabetes diagnosis, the cancer scare, the fatty liver syndrome confirmed, heart attack, stroke, knee replacement, shoulder reconstruction etc.

Act on THE TAP… the little voice in you head that says: “I am sick of feeling tired all the time – I want to feel more stamina and play with the kids!”… “I want my skin to be clear and glow – not red and blotchy from stress, sleep deprivation and processed food!”…

If you have gone past “the tap” and are at THE KNOCK: “I am out of breath on the stairs every day?!”… “I am 2 dress sizes up in the last 6 years and only heading north!”… “My food is out or control – so want to know what to eat and when around my desk job and training?!”… then why volunteer yourself thru your own ignorance for “the bulldozer”?…

AH HAA MOMENT!!! Why would a stranger LOL/EXPERT in the Fitness and Health industries not be your first port of call?

Duhh! We – the EXPERTS: the NUTRITIONAL COACHES as well as PERSONAL/REHAB TRAINERS – are in the Fitness and Health industries because we embody the nutrition and training principles we teach. We have studied for many years to be accredited in coaching in nutrition and training in functional movement, and for most of us we have our own testimony that created the passion to help others as we also have been helped in a previous chapter in our own lives.

We are to be your FIRST port of call as we are equipped with the information and skill-set to create the Nutrition and Training Plans you need to live in you home – your BODY – with quality of MIND and as a result: quantity of time to fill your lives with happy ventures.

We are open to dealing with your frustrations, we work closely with all levels of Medical/Health Practitioners – General Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Dietitians etc as well as Specialists/Surgeons and we are the KEY to preventative health and fitness practices for the communtity. 

So next time our paths cross at a Fitness or Health Workshop or you happen to see Be Fit Hub’s studio doors open – or any other personal training studio – come in and be honest about the home you live in and let us help you take control of your most important asset – YOU! xx

lulu blog funct

Coach George @ Weeks 2 & 3/4, PHASE 2/3 – FATBURN of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT! *TOPIC: EDUCATION BEFORE DECISION!

This fortnight Coach George and myself launched our “Power Foods Diet” website as well as presented a Nutrition Workshop to an international retail group to inspire and teach the real foods and functional training lifestyle. As with ALL experiences in our lives we learnt so much from the evening… about our ourselves as experts in fitness and nutrition… as well as the community’s perception of the fitness industry… This post from Coach George encourages you all to seek education before decision on starting any fitness goal/s. Read on…

For those of you who are new to this blog, this is my own account of a health and fitness LIFESTYLE. I care very little for weights lifted and number of veins or how many people look at you at the beach. 

I’m here to educate the average everyday Australian who has never picked up a weight in their life and help them take the steps required to become a better representation of their current self.

As my business partner – Sofija – and I ran a workshop on Wednesday evening, it became very apparent we had over prepared our content for the random group that had joined us. From my understanding, they would have had a reasonable level of nutrition knowledge; which was not the case… 

Standing in front of a group of strangers with very few knowing what we were talking about, it became clear that this small cross-section was a great representation of the general population.

Of course I mean no disrespect in saying this, but it’s very clear a lack of general knowledge and fundamentals are missing in regards to the fitness industry. I say this within reason as the level of knowledge required for someone looking to “complete a triathlon” vs someone looking to “get lean” are completely different; but that’s not the topic of discussion here.

I believe in: EDUCATION before DECISION… For example, if I had a problem with my plumbing, I’d call the plumber. I wouldn’t google a response and then go knees deep in shit trying to fix it! Can you see my point here? 

I’m not begging you all to go out and throw money at Personal Trainers to do basic movements while they text away and mumble “2 more reps to go…”

Like anything in life, the beauty is in the detail: 

1) FIND out what you want to achieve

2) DECIDE if it’s what you really want

3) REALISE it’s going to require effort and then decide if it’s REALLY what you want…

4) SEEK out who knows what they’re talking about. Ask for their help…

Personal Training may be a little out of your price range and that’s ok, myself like all Personal Trainers are happy to program for your specific goals in regards to training and nutrition. As a minimum a structured nutrition and training plan is by far the most important beginning to your training life.

Seek out the help and educate yourself! 



BODY SHOT & COACH GEORGE FEEDBACK – “Power Foods Diet” Week 8/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Pic Stitch of Sofija
from Week 4/52 of next transformation
for Women’s Health and Fitness Cover Model 2014
to NOW Week 8/52 – lean and strong personified!
Sofija’s progress update:
down another 1/2kg of body fat
and a loss of 5cm in girth sites…
Not bad considering we’re in a muscle building phase!
Photos are a great way to track progression…
How are you tracking your progress?

ME @ WEEK 7/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp! *TOPIC: BALANCE IS “BEING THE DOING”!


BALANCE is optimum health and fitness!!!

BALANCE defines who we are and the direction the various paths in our lives are taking! BALANCE strengthens, restores and renews us! Likewise – the opposite is true of  “IMBALANCE” that can destroy our relationship with ourselves and keep us separated and fearful of our fullest potential to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves.

As I drive home from our studio on Tuesday night a smile is on my face… I am getting real with getting balance. My poor stomach and head have been fiercely fighting off the onset of the flu for days and so I listen and sleep more since Sunday, ditch my own Tuesday night HIIT session to head home for an early night to allow me the space to restore and renew my body and mind with what it needs most in this moment – quiet and rest!

For the first time I did this without guilt that I will be behind in my business chore list or lagging my training schedule…

For the first time I knew I was loving myself enough to stay true to all the areas in my life by restoring to my fullest vibrancy and being in a position to give authentically when tomorrow comes.

For the first time I was maintaining my gains knowing all is still growing and thriving in this moment – this week; being at week 7/52 of my next transformation; enrolling into my Nutrition Therapist course to further validate my works as well as presenting our first public Nutrition Workshop

– and I can only do so if I am embodying BALANCE!

As a Trainer/Teacher/Coach I NOW feel

I am GETTING REAL when I preach “BALANCE”:









BEING in the NOW in your body, mind and spirit!

ALIVE and awake that this is your life and not the expectation of others!

LOVING yourself when at play, work and rest!

ALIGNMENT to purpose in your personal, professional and spiritual lives!

NURTURE your soul – it is your “Higher Self” guiding you!

CONGRUENCY – actions speak louder than words so “WALK the TALK”!


Aim for your fullest potential that only BALANCE can bring you!

You were born to be ALIVE IN YOUR LIFE and AWAKE to your GREATNESS!

PAUSE, REFLECT and DIRECT every cell in your BEING to presence with you, your dreams and the goal/s you have set on your timeline to BECOME your fullest POTENTIAL. Along the way… if you need to play the body then do… if you need to rest the mind then do… if your spirit needs meditation and prayer then do…

Your are DOING the BEING when you are in BALANCE! xx


ME @ WEEK 6/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp! *TOPIC: PRIDE IS ALLOWED! “PRIDE IS PASSION PERSONIFIED!!!”


 Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE:


Creating this website has been the birth of my next chapter

as Director/Owner of Be Fit Hub.

As you know Be Fit Hub’s “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle


and to best address the health and fitness industries personnel I present to you with great pride and joy the gift of the tools that will change your destiny and connect you back to the power of strength that optimum health and fitness brings to your body, mind and spirit.


Being at week 6/52 of my next transformation physically as well as steering the path of our company  I have come to shake hands with “PRIDE” and respect this powerful emotion that can direct our determination and focus to successfully achieving our goal/s.

I am grateful for all the lessons that come my way, the beautiful souls that bless my path and the opportunity to know I am as powerful as I believe I am!

Like I said to my Dad when I phoned for his birthday last week:

“Decisions are easy… I only have to ask myself ONE question each time I need to know if this is the RIGHT CHOICE right now…

‘I always visualise myself as an 80-year-old lady chillaxing by the sea and looking back with a smile on the chapters in my life, the opportunities I created, the people I loved and the places I have seen… if I smile in this visualisation then I know I am to do this scenario and do it with pride! … any other feeling in this visualisation I know that for this life this will not serve for my higher good!’!!!”

SO “YES” was  my answer to: trek alone thru Bali without an iPhone or Polar watch; to learn to surf; to learn to drive (honestly – got sick of riding my surfboard to the beach); to open the studio doors of Be Fit Hub with my Business Partner and Personal Trainer – George; to dream up the holistic “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle; to start writing my BLOG and soon to be released eBOOKS;  and NOW I present to you hours of collaboration with my Graphic DesignerRiannon and Coach George our official Be Fit Hub website.

These are ALL decisions that made me SMILE as I stood in the shoes of the “80-year-old ME” looking back on the gift my life is!

Enjoy every moment!

You will receive so much more learning from your training, eating, friendships and professional scenarios if you are BEING rather than DREAMING!


Your belief in your potential to BE is PRIDE personified! xx

web pushup photo

Coach George @ Week 1/4, PHASE 2/3 – FATBURN of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT! *TOPIC: GOAL SETTING – “S.M.A.R.T.”

This week Coach George and myself have been reviewing our business goals as well as setting new business goals as like life new opportunities and ideas knock and challenge the importance and relevance of existing rituals and processes…

I love the “SMART Model” and have utilised this for many years when I first began working for myself and running a small business 13 years ago. And agree with Coach George as he talks on this model and its relevance across all business and personal endeavours…

Goal Setting – Is what you think you want what you really want? 

May sound really stupid but some ideas we generate may come from a previous experience under very different circumstances than our current ones; so the expectation to succeed and prosper becomes quite big! 

I’m a massive fan of setting goals and taking small baby steps each day to achieve those goals. A few “musts” I use in setting my own personal goals are as follows:

I have to actually want it! I can’t just kinda want it… If I wake up in the morning and its on my mind or I catch myself drifting off and thinking about it on a daily basis then I’m in the right track. 

It must have an end date. If not then where will the sense of urgency come from?? I know if I have a date to ‘compete’ on, I don’t want to let myself or anyone else down for that matter.

It must be realistic. At 6 foot I’ll never be an NBA star. That’s a fact…

It must scare you! If it takes you out of your comfort zone then you’re truly on the path to achieving something great. If not, then is it really a challenge? What will you gain from it?

How will you track progression? Be specific in your markers of progress. A body fat calliper test is a great tool for someone looking to change their physique but if you have a competitive goal for a sport, it becomes relatively useless in measuring skill progression!

Just be S.M.A.R.T guys… 





Time based

Follow this criteria and you can’t go wrong!  



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post anabolic

An Introduction to Anabolism and Catabolism

is a post that I live and teach every day!

Being at week 5/52 of my next transformation

to show women that body weight

is not at all an indicator of a lean and toned physique  

as I aim  for Top 10 of the

Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine

Cover Model 2014 Competition.

There are two very important words in the health and fitness industries, and in this post I thought I would share what they are, and why we really should care about them. These words are derived from a process we know as “METABOLISM”.

Metabolism refers to biochemical processes that occur with any living organism – including us humans – to maintain life. These biochemical processes allow us to grow, reproduce, repair damage, and respond to our environment. Most people use the term “metabolism” incorrectly for either anabolism or catabolism… 

Yes you guessed it???

This post is dedicated to explaining “ANABOLISM” and “CATABOLISM”.

According to Medilexicon’s medical dictionary, metabolism means “1. The sum of the chemical and physical changes occurring in tissue, consisting of anabolism (those reactions that convert small molecules into large), and catabolism (those reactions that convert large molecules into small), including both endogenous large molecules as well as biodegradation of xenobiotics. 2. Often incorrectly used as a synonym for either anabolism or catabolism.” 

In detail :

*Anabolic or Anabolism:

Anabolism, simply put, is the process of “building up” organs and tissues. In terms of fitness, we refer to anabolism when we talk about lean muscle growth, gaining muscle, or building muscle.

When our bodies are in an anabolic state, the body has all the things necessary to build new muscle molecules from smaller molecules. This is a state we want to be in as much as possible and requires a real foods diet that delivers your macronutrients for survival as well as your training load.

Now pay attention here – this doesn’t just mean ‘getting big’, an anabolic state is required to simply repair your muscles after enduring exercise.

*Catabolic or Catabolism:

Catabolism is the exact opposite of anabolism.

Catabolism is the process of “breaking down” larger molecules into smaller ones, or breaking down organs and tissues into smaller molecules that can be used for other functions, and also “cellular waste” – as I bluntly state to my clients “Your body is eating itself!”.  

Light bulb moment… You know that soreness you get after an intense workout? It’s from lactic acid. Do you know how lactic acid is created? The truth is lactic acid is waste from the catabolism of your muscle during the workout! Not good! 

Think about it… Or is it? 

Catabolism is good to an extent, it triggers anabolism, and the repair of the muscle to be stronger and larger. So if you are really sore, it means you really did a number on your muscles, and as long as you are getting the proper nutrition where you are eating enough calories to cover the energy expenditure of your workout, they will be rebuilt to be better than before.

However, too much of catabolic state can be a very bad thing. When the body is overly catabolic, and it doesn’t have the proper resources from your diet – i.e. NOT EATING ENOUGH – to make muscle repair, the body will actually break other undamaged muscle tissue down in order to repair the damaged muscle tissue. Hate to say this – but your workout was in vain… 

Like I say to many of my clients particularly the ladies: “You need to eat to fuel your workout, create fat burn and recover whist building lean muscle!” Otherwise your body will eat itself to fuel your workout and continue doing so to repair muscle used in the workout rather than build new lean muscle. This gets you nowhere!

Why bother at all commencing a training regime with this fearful attitude to food? To commit to a training regime with a fitness goal in mind is to accept that 70% of your training is preparation and consumption of Real Foods and 30% is the toned physique that functional exercise creates fueled by the right macronutrients. 

In short, we always want to avoid a catabolic state!

So how do we do that?

As stated above – to avoid a catabolic state… EAT ENOUGH! 

The number one reason I see people not getting results with their fitness programs is because they have it ingrained in their minds that “less food = more fat loss”. This is not true!

In any fitness program, a lot of catabolism is occurring, and if the nutrients just aren’t there to make the repairs in time for the next workout, further breakdown i.e. catabolism occurs, the body starts getting the resources it needs from undamaged muscles, and your overall amount of muscle mass decreases. Like I stated before “YOU ARE EATING YOURSELF” and eventually you will become weak, burn out, and possibly injure yourself.

So let’s now back track to last week’s post: “MACRONUTRIENTS DEFINE YOUR BODY COMPOSITION” where I explained “keeping your calories at a proper amount is CRUCIAL.” As summarised in this post  the most important aspect of any Nutrition Program is the overall calories; how much your eating for your body. The most important elements are setting the right caloric intake for your activity level as well as training regime, and getting adequate protein and essential fatty acids. As for carbohydrates they need to be  a plant base for most people on a mission for optimum fitness and as for those working at an athlete/competitive level this may need a slight variance.

Higher intensity athlete level training requires inclusion of brown rice and oats to meet the macronutrient requirements as well as other forms of carbohydrates when their Nutrition Plan requires a “CARB REFEED” to boost their metabolism and lean muscle growth… a post I am so looking forward to living and writing in the next few weeks… This is really where the pancake is turned upside down in regards to the role of carbohydrates in meeting your fitness goal/s!

Supplements also can aid in keeping our bodies in an anabolic state as much as possible. It is best practice to take some whey protein such as our Be Fit Hub Pure Whey Protein 10 – 30 minutes before your workout. This pre-workout meal will help to create an anabolic environment when your muscles begin to break down during your session. Immediately after your workout a recovery drink of whey protein should be taken. This will begin the anabolic process immediately! 45 – 60 minutes after a normal meal consisting of a good serve of protein and complex carbohydrates and some good fats is ideal.

In addition to whey protein, L-glutamine has been shown to decrease catabolism. Taking a teaspoon of L-glutamine at night before bed with Casein protein (a slow absorbing form of protein) can do wonders for keeping your body from going catabolic during your 6-8 hour fast.

And there you have it – “You are what you eat!” now explained in reference to ANABOLIC and CATABOLIC.

STRONG is the new SKINNY! xx

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Eat Well, Eat Real Foods! xx

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Coach George @ Week 3/3, PHASE 1/3 – DETOX of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT! *TOPIC: IMPORTANCE OF TESTOSTERONE!

This week Coach George talks on one of the essentials to growing lean muscle mass for both men and women – “Importance of Testosterone” – read on:

The scary “T” word, most link the though of it automatically to the injectable steroid kind! All those terrible side effects of testosterone doping have people scared for all the wrong reasons!

Truth of the matter is, the body is hugely efficient at producing its own high levels of testosterone with the right method! Testosterone isn’t the “be all and end all” in muscle building, but it sure is important.

Male or female, the human body is in a constant state of speeding up and slowing down the responses to hormonal balances/imbalances regardless of age, training experience, lifestyle.We are a very responsive machine, designed to make the most of each scenario.

My 5 most important tips to increasing natural testosterone production:

1) Eating smaller regular meals! This is a given when it comes to calorie restricting but the benefits stem to a higher production of testosterone! Easy done!

2) Increase your zinc consumption! A highly active individual may be suffering from a diet low in Zinc, a crucial mineral that’s required to build a lean physique.

3) Take vitamin C! Proven to lower to cortisol (the muscle growth inhibitor) post training and on a daily basis. Stops the production of the hormone that eats away at hard earned muscle tissue AND also keep the common cold away? Sounds pretty good to me!

4) Avoid alcohol! I’ve heard it so many times “vodka soda and lime only has 50 calories” try drinking them every weekend for 2 months and tell me they don’t have an effect on physique… I dare you! They stimulate the production of oestrogen (the female hormone) and inhibit testosterone getting to work and doing what it does best!

5) Stay hydrated! Low hydration levels mean higher levels of cortisol, nobody wants that. As a minimum shoot for 37mL/kg of body weight. For a 70kg person, this equates to 2.6L per day. In my experience, the general population is seriously undermining their efforts by sticking to this 8 glasses a day crap!

Success is the sum of small, daily efforts. Do the extra 1% things to make sure you actually get where you want to go!


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An Introduction to Macronutrients is one of those posts that has been felt in every layer of my life

as I have had to take responsibility for my menu plan and training

whilst away interstate to attend a girlfriend’s wedding

– then return to another week of managing our studio

as well as client sessions whilst “giving my all” to my progressive Functional Training schedule

and embarking on my NEW “Macronutrient Plan”

being at week 4/52 of my next transformation

to make Top 10 of the Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model 2014 Competition.

As we mentioned last week there are three macronutrients being protein, fat, and carbohydrates and all perform essential roles in the human body. Macronutrients are the main components of our diet. Our bodies require other micronutrients as well, such as vitamins and minerals and these are needed in much smaller quantities. The main function of macronutrients is to provide energy, counted as calories.

While each of the macronutrients provides calories, the amount provided by each type of macronutrient varies:

Carbohydrate provides four calories per gram,

– Protein also four calories per gram,

– Fat provides nine calories per gram.

For example: if the Nutrition Facts label of a given food indicates 12 g of carbohydrate, 2 g of fat, and 0 g of protein per serving: the food then has (12g carbohydrate x 4 calories = 48 calories) + (2g fat x 9 calories = 18 calories) (for a total of 48 + 18 calories = 66 calories per serving).

Macronutrients also have specific roles in maintaining the body and contribute to the taste, texture and appearance of foods, which helps to make the diet more varied and enjoyable as well as defining your BODY COMPOSITION: “You are what you eat!”

So what’s more important? “Macronutrients” or “Calories In vs. Calories Out”

They’re both important!!!

Reality is, the over-riding factor for whether you gain, lose or maintain weight is “Calories In vs. Calories Out.”
Plain and simple, if you eat more calories than you burn in a day/ week/ month/ year, you’re going to gain weight no matter what combination of macronutrients – protein/ fat/ carbohydrates you eat.
The opposite is also true, if you eat less calories than you burn over the same period of time, you’re going to lose weight.

So if you’re a beginner, this is the number one principle you need to know. As I say “Simplicity In Consistency” – do start a Food Diary, it’s the most important tool in your arsenal and it’ll help you keep track of your calories as well as portion sizing and placement. I began mine from my first “Power Foods Diet” transformation and now have a new Food Diary for my next transformation to make Top 10 in the Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine 2014 Cover Model Competition.

As you progress in your dieting journey, as you get closer to your ideal weight (within 5kg of your target) your macronutrient ratio i.e. “MACRONUTRIENT PLAN” comes into play.

For example: Picture this – you’re a month into your weight loss program… You’re following a solid Functional Training program and you’re on a 1800 calorie per day diet. Where the 1800 calories COMES FROM WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The macronutrients; protein, fat and carbohydrates have different physiological effects on the body. In essence, when and how much of each that you eat can make a difference in your body composition i.e. fat loss.

Let’s look at these 2 scenarios with 2 different macronutrient ratios:

1. 1800 Total Calories

40% of total calories from Protein

30% of total calories from Fat

30% of total calories from Carbohydrate

2. 1800 Total Calories

20% of total calories from Protein

10% of total calories from Fat

70% of total calories from Carbohydrate

As you can see, the total calories exactly the same at 1800 per day. However, for someone trying to lose body fat, choice A will be more effective than choice B due to how your body reacts to and assimilates the macronutrients.

In detail we will look at how each macronutrient affects your body composition:


Provide energy Promote growth and development Regulate body functions
Carbohydrates Proteins Proteins
Proteins Lipids Lipids
Lipids (fats and oils) Vitamins Vitamins
Minerals Minerals
Water Water

(Illustration by GGS Information Services/Thomson Gale.)


Dietary fat intake has gotten a bad rap over the years, and from the last post there are “Good Fats” and “Bad Fats”. Eating fat does not make you fat!!! EATING FAT can be your BIGGEST ASSET IN LOSING FAT!

Both essential fatty acids and essential amino acids (i.e. protein) cannot be manufactured by the body, and therefore needs to be ingested through your diet. To get enough essential fatty acids, you need to make sure you aren’t going too low with your fat intake. Being low on fat intake is when you are below 20% of your calories. Dropping your fat below that amount can cause other negative side effects to your body too. If you’re eating a balanced real foods diet full of eggs, meat, fish, nuts, and seeds, you’re probably getting in your required essential fatty acids.

Besides being a source of energy, fat stores protect the internal organs of the body. Some essential fats are also required for the formation of hormones. Fats are the slowest source of energy but the most energy-efficient form of food as each gram of fat supplies the body with about 9 calories, more than twice that supplied by the two other macronutrients. Because fats are such an efficient form of energy, they are stored by the body either in the abdomen (omental fat) or under the skin (subcutaneous fat) for use when the body needs more energy.

So I hear you ask:  “How does eating fat help you LOSE body fat?”

Eating fat can help you LOSE body fat in several ways:

1. Fat satiates you. This means a meal with a higher amount of fat and a lower  amount of carbohydrate will stave off feeling hungry for a longer period of time. Fat takes longer to digest than carbohydrate.

2. Fat also stabilizes insulin levels. In contrast a higher carbohydrate meal will raise insulin levels quickly, and then soon after, your blood sugar levels plummet… bring on the dizzy spells, fuzzy head and lethargy… feels like you need to put more in your tank to just stay awake…
This is that phenomena where you feel like you’ve just eaten not too long ago, but dammit, you’re hungry! The truth is, your body has enough fuel, but the high-carb meal threw your system out of whack and you think it’s time to eat again. UGGH!!!

Visualise the fuel gauge in your car. Lets say you just filled the tank and you’re hitting the road. An hour into your trip, the fuel tank is on empty. Now you know there is fuel in the tank, but the gauge is telling you otherwise. If you go to fill the tank up again, fuel can spill out and go to waste.

Our body is smarter than that. Mistakenly sensing your body’s fuel tank is empty, you go to fuel up again by eating when in fact the body doesn’t actually need the fuel, so it’s going to store it for future use. Mmmm where would that storage area be? Unlike a fuel tank in your car the body can not spill-over the excess fuel, rather it becomes BODY FAT!

Understand this truth: by lowering your carbohydrates and increasing your fat intake at each meal, you avoid this fat storage scenario.


Protein is the other essential macronutrient. Be Fit Hub’s “Power Foods Diet” recommends 2.2 – 2.6g/kg of body weight in protein grams. This usually comes out to between 35 – 40% of calories, depending on whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain, or gain.

Protein is GOLD! Every cell in your body is made of protein! Every biochemical process that happens in your body needs protein to do so!

Protein has a huge impact on your body composition as explained below:

1. Protein is needed to make muscle fiber. Muscle fiber is your body’s natural Fat Burning Furnace.

2. Protein satiates you in combination with fat. Protein and fat works wonders when you’re dieting and needing to reset your fat burn to grow lean muscle. Protein also takes longer than carbohydrates to digest so it leaves you feeling fuller, longer.

3. Protein has a high TEF (Thermic Effect of Food) rating. This means the body burns many calories simply in the process of breaking down the protein foods you eat– adding to your caloric deficit.

4. Protein is comprised of amino acids, which are used as the building blocks for your hormones and neurotransmitters. Having a healthy hormonal and neurotransmitter profile affects your mood in many positive ways, which include keeping you in a balanced state of mind while dieting (less cravings). They also keep your tolerance high, which means they bolster your “stick to it- ness”.

5. Protein should be eaten with every meal: breakfast – eggs, lunch – chicken and dinner – red meat.  At Be Fit Hub we recommend the bulk of your total protein intake being consumed in liquid form surrounding your workout such as “Be Fit Hub Pure Whey Protein Powder.”


This brings us to the most controversial of macronutrients – carbohydrates. They are the main energy source of the body. Carbohydrates are chains of small, simple sugars that are broken down and enter the body as glucose. Glucose is essential for the body, as it is the preferred source of energy in our brain, heart and central nervous system.

No other nutrient has caused so much confusion.

Carbohydrate intake is relative to your goal and you can be successful eating hundreds of grams a day, and you can be successful eating zero grams per day.

The key is to find your individual level that you can live with – one that will ensure long-term consistency in your nutrition and deliver the body composition you desire.

I am not a supporter of extremely low-carb diets. I’m very active, and do a lot of high-intensity exercise as well as full body weights training. I need glucose to fuel my exercise and loads of protein and fat for lean muscle growth. Therefore, I typically eat around 100 -120grams/day. For someone that doesn’t do much activity at all, or has a sedentary desk job, their requirements will be relative to their output. Athletes may need more.

Food for thought…

If you recall the beginning of this post I mentioned micronutrients. These consist of your vitamins, minerals, and (for some) fiber intake. So on any given day you need to meet both your macronutrients and micronutrients requirements. Let’s now debunk any idea that you can attempt to meet your macronutrients for the day consuming pizza and cake… Yes you also have to consider your micronutrients. It is very important that you include a good amount of vegetables (sweet potato, broccoli and asparagus) and fruits (berries) in your diet along with hitting about 30-50grams of fiber per day.

If you take all of these above-mentioned factors into account, you will soon realize that creating a macronutrient-tracking based diet is a great way to maintain a healthy and well balanced “Real Foods” diet without completely blacklisting your favorite foods.

To get the best version of your Macronutrients Plan you do need to invest in either a Dietician, Nutritionist  or Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach such as George and myself to define your unique macronutrient breakdown for fat loss essentially. “Power Foods Diet” is built on the template 40/40/20.

First and foremost, your macronutrient breakdown is obviously very goal dependent. Meaning, that these numbers would most likely be different whether one’s goal is primarily fat loss or muscle gain in contrast to the level of training you are at.

In the end, the wisest approach is to focus on how much of each macronutrient you’re eating per kilo of bodyweight. You could be eating 40/40/20 every day, but if you’re eating 10000 calories a day, it doesn’t matter.

By using percentages: 40% protein + 40% fat + 20% carbohydrates you’re working on a ‘relative’ scale (relative to your total calories)…

As I have discussed previously a calorie-based weight loss system doesn’t work for two principle reasons… Firstly, the different macronutrients  produce different hormone responses that directly influence the metabolic rate and whether the body is in a fat burning or storing fat mode. Secondly, the amount of calorie i.e. known as the thermic effect of food  required for the body to break down different foods varies greatly. For example: your body burns significantly more calories digesting a meal of animal protein and fibrous leafy greens than a meal of carbohydrates such as pasta with tomato sauce. Light bulb moment: Even fewer calories are required to digest processed foods like cookies, white bread, or potato chips.

In detail:

Macronutrients Dictate Hormone Responses

The first part of the faulty calorie system of weight loss is that the macronutrient ratios of your diet does dictate hormone response. Carbohydrates, particularly those with a higher glycemic index, immediately increase the level of the hormone insulin known as an “insulin spike.” When you eat a lot of carbohydrates – as is the norm in calorie-counting diets in which a person eats low-fat, high carbohydrate foods – you will be consistently driving up your insulin levels. Chronically elevated insulin makes the cells resistant to the insulin, which drives up levels of the stress hormone cortisol and this in turn causes cellular aging. The combination of insulin and cortisol produce fat gain and diabetes.

If you were substituting protein and “Good Fats” for a portion of those carbohydrates, the protein would be used to restore tissue and build lean mass, while the fats would be used to strengthen cellular lipid layers to improve insulin sensitivity, restore brain health, and build hormones like testosterone. We all want “T” i.e. testosterone as this is vital for lean muscle growth.

And yes it all goes wrong if you eat trans fats, processed protein or carbohydrates, or foods with additives, dyes, and chemical sweeteners – as detailed below:

Calorie Restriction Alters Hormonal Response

Restricting calories to lose weight over the long term is more detrimental to your metabolism because it will turn your body into a hormone-induced hunger machine. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that after putting overweight individuals on a ten-week calorie-restricted diet of 550 calories a day, they experienced elevated levels of the hormones ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, and gastric inhibitory polypeptide, which promotes fat storage. The hormone Leptin, that suppresses hunger and boosts fat burning, was profoundly reduced after the ten-week diet and unfortunately stayed that way for the duration of the one-year study.

Note: At the end of the ten-week diet all participants lost 30 pounds, but due to the way they had severely altered their metabolic hormone responses to food by restricting calories, they regained an average of 15 pounds in the next year.

The Thermic Effect of Food: Calories Are Stupid!

It’s primarily the macronutrient content of the food you eat that dictates body composition, but if you overeat every day (this is relative to the calorie requirement of your training goal), then you will get fat!

The thermic effect of any diet is the amount of calories required to break down food, synthesize enzymes, and perform metabolic processes and this also needs to be taken into consideration when creating your Macronutrient Plan in relation to your health and fitness goals.

Whole and Processed Calories Aren’t the Same Either

Whole calories from real foods are a cleaner fuel source for our body. The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and the thermic effect of eating whole “Real Foods” – is much higher than if you ate the exact same amount of calories from processed foods. A study compared the effect of a whole real foods meal with a processed foods meal that contained equal calories as well as  equal macronutrient content.

The thermic effect of the whole real foods meal was almost double that of the processed food meal. Participants burned 50% more calories after eating whole real foods! Equally significant is that the participants who ate the processed food meal had their metabolic rates drop below their average RMR during the fourth hour after eating, while the whole real foods meal group never fell below the RMR. Also the duration of elevated energy expenditure from digestion in the whole real foods meal group lasted an hour longer than the processed food group.

What matters is how much you’re eating, not the relative amount of one macronutrient to another. The most important aspect of any Nutrition Program is the overall calories; how much you’re eating for your body. The most important elements are setting the right caloric intake, and getting adequate protein and essential fatty acids. As for carbohydrates  they need to be from a plant base for most people on a mission for optimum fitness and for those working at an athlete/competitive level this may need a slight variance and inclusion of brown rice and oats  to meet their macronutrient requirements.

To wrap up the key points regarding Calorie Count vs. the Right Combination of Protein/ Fat/ Carbohydrates:

* They’re both important, but as a beginner, keep it simple and focus on taking in less calories than you’re burning each day for weight loss.

* If your goal is to gain lean muscle you need to eat 300 – 500 more calories to fuel your training intensity as well as energy expenditure and muscle growth.

* Once you’re more familiar with proper eating for fat loss, start manipulating your carbohydrates and fat intake while keeping an eye on calorie count.

* Eat protein at every meal!

You need to manipulate your calorie intake with regards to the three macronutrients – Protein, Fat  and  Carbohydrates – in order to achieve your goals! Essentially when you know how many calories you need to intake and what the macronutrient breakdown of that should be according to your goal, then you can effectively construct your diet. Let the experts do this for you and guide you through this life-changing transformation to optimum cellular health and fitness.

George and myself love what we do and walk the talk and from this place authentically desire you to experience the happiest and healthiest version of you! xx

BODY SHOT & COACH GEORGE FEEDBACK – “Power Foods Diet” Week 4/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp!


Pic Stitch of Sofija

from end of Week 4/4 of Phase 3/3

i.e. beginning of  Week 1/52 of next transformation

for Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model 2014 Competition

to NOW Week 4/52 + NOW SIZE 8 DRESS – real clothes!

From the  progress photo above for Sofija’s transformation;

not much of a visual change as this week

was inclusive of extra bloating due to the female menstrual cycle,

something that’s only temporary.

Progress now shifts over to added strength

which will eventually translate to new muscle tissue

Small steps are the ends that climb the mountain!


ME FLYING TRAPEZE ON MY REST DAY – SUNDAY! BEING THE 1% IMPOSSIBLE! Facing my fears as I strengthen my mindset…


 Do “whatever” outside your comfort zone



Train your MINDSET

to be comfortable in the uncomfortable!

Spend more time in this space – to meet your fullest potential!

Know that in all of us we have the POWER to be GREAT,

to RESET our path,

and ACHIEVE our goal/s



Inspire Yourself, Inspire Others! Life is precious… xx


Coach George @ WEEK 2/3, PHASE 1/3 – DETOX of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT! *TOPIC: BLIND FAITH!

This week George – my Business Partner and Coach – and myself  talk “Blind Faith“… We continue to reflect on the “MINDSET” being the driver of your training intentions as well as your commitment to follow your menu plan… easier said than done as George reveals here:

Wow this is a lot harder than I thought… There most certainly is a struggle mentally more so than physically with getting back into the training mindset.

To be completely honest, I don’t blame the gym novice for becoming impatient. I’m untrained for 2-3 months and I’m finding it hard to get my head in the game. Luckily I know the processes that work and what I need to do… So I’m doing it! Progress is slow but I’m in it for the long haul.

Bottom line is, listen to the experts. By all means I’m miles away from knowing a lot in the fitness industry, but I do know what works and how to apply it somewhat. “Trust what you’ve been given to do and more importantly, do it!”

The main focus of this post was a reassurance for anyone going through the same problems. 

You can’t try a style of eating for a week and expect to hit your goals. 

It just doesn’t work that way. 

Do what your plans tell you to do and ultimately you’ll end up better off than what you were before you started.

Didn’t achieve your goals? No problem, you’re just that much closer to it.

Did you figure out how your body adjusts to eating certain foods and craving others? Sweet, you’re able to make smarter choices long-term and keep your hard-earned gains. I don’t really see a down side… Do you?

I wouldn’t really trust myself to build a house considering I probably wouldn’t be able to build a Leggo house. Would seem silly not to ask someone whose job it is for help!



ME @ WEEK 3/52 OF Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Comp! *TOPIC: GOOD FATS DEFINED “YOU NEED TO EAT GOOD FATS TO BURN BODY FAT!”


Yes another precious week on this journey we are all on to become LOVE – essentially that is the sum of life and all the situations it presents us with to grow into our fullest potential and inspire others to do the same in their lives.

Well this post is to spread the wisdom “YOU NEED TO EAT FAT TO BURN FAT!” This mantra was a challenge for a lot of our clients on WEEK 2/3 of PHASE 1 – DETOX of Be Fit Hub’s FIRST WAVE  of “Power Foods Diet”. All participants were encouraged to eat pasteurised meat and fatty fish, cook with coconut and olive oil, dress their greens with more olive oil as well as snack on almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts… Most of us are on a diet to lose weight or gain weight… and in the background you all hear the same advice being thrown around all the time: “FATS ARE BAD, BAD, BAD!!!” WAKE UP – this is simply not true! Yes, some types of fats can be categorized as harmful, but other fats when used correctly can be very beneficial. Fats have been given a bad reputation due to the fact that high intakes of bad fat are associated with heart disease and cancer.

Dietary fats are important for metabolic processes such as energy production. Fat has twice as many calories as protein and carbohydrate, providing 9 calories per gram, so it’s the most concentrated source of energy you can get. Higher fat diets play a major role in the ideal lean muscle growing/bodybuilding lifestyle. In an optimum state fats fuel much of your daily activities. Dietary fats help you absorb important fat soluble vitamins like vitamin E, D, and A.

Fats also slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream which keeps blood sugar levels from spiking. This keeps energy levels constant and also keeps the body burning fat for fuel. Eating fat can actually help keep you lean!

Many hormones in the body, including testosterone, are dependent on fats for optimal production and function. And what do we need “T” for? Mmm… “LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH”!

The bigger picture… there are three macronutrients being protein, fat, and carbohydrates and all perform essential roles in the human body. Macronutrients are the main components of our diet. Our bodies require others nutrients as well, such as vitamins and minerals. However, these are needed in much smaller quantities, and thus are referred to as micronutrients. All three macronutrients are needed in the diet, as each perform vital functions in the body.

The truth is we used to try to avoid fat, but we still gained weight. Now we know that we need some fats in our daily diet to keep ourselves healthy, avoiding all fats can be detrimental to our health. The healthy fats are known to us as the “good” fats.

We all know natural fats as either saturated or unsaturated.

Saturated fats are mainly from animal fats like butter (not organic and not from grass-fed cows), cream and various cuts of beef. These fats are solid fats and are not good for us in large quantities over time.

Unsaturated fats are mainly oils from vegetables like olive oils, as well as the oils that we get from seeds, nuts, eggs, oily fish and leafy green vegetables. These are all needed, as they give us the essential fatty acids that we need from the groups Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is important that you are getting the correct ratio of Omega 3:6 in your daily diet, it is essential for good health and can protect us against certain disorders and food allergies.


In detail these essential fatty acids are needed in the body for many reasons:
– Healthy hormone production
– Healthy immune system
– Protect our internal organs
– Help improve cholesterol levels
– Fuel to burn when needed
– Keep our skin & hair healthy
– Maintaining our mental stability
– To assist in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E and K, which we need for healthy growth and development.

Unfortunately due to lack of nutrition education most people tend to eat too many saturated fats! It’s hard to avoid them with the packaged and processed food product that we find on the supermarket shelves. When you are next thinking about cutting the fat on your diet to lose weight, don’t include the “good” ones as you need them for a healthy diet.

Let’s define the fats that are extremely good for you. These fats convey abundant benefits including aiding in the achievement of optimal body composition, the prevention of  cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.  

1. Eat Lots of Omega-3 Fats

The fat derived from fatty fish is extremely important for a healthy body.

Note: The omega-3 fats are actually called essential fatty acids (EFAs) and you must eat them in order for the body to function properly.

The EFAs support body composition because they are incorporated into the outside lipid layer of cells. This improves insulin signaling to the cells, which allows for a better metabolism, whereas a diet high in carbohydrates and low in EFAs and other fats is very sluggish, leading to one destination – fat gain! Other benefits of EFAs are brain protection and lower inflammation throughout the body, and this allows for decreased cancer and heart disease risk.

Omega-3s are found in fish, fish oil, organic and pastured meat and dairy, and flaxseeds.

2. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very high in medium chain fatty acids, which have been shown to promote health, aid brain function, and improve body composition by helping you burn fat! Recently a study found that when Malayans ate 30 ml of coconut oil with each meal for a month they lost a small amount of body fat (about 1 pound) and significantly decreased waist circumference.

Do make sure the coconut oil you buy is “virgin” and not partially hydrogenated—this is extremely important as the fatty chain is not the same.

Begin cooking with coconut oil in place of vegetable oils. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and can be treated like butter in recipes. It has a high smoke point (around 350 degrees) and this makes it ideal for stir-frying.

3. Eat Butter

Butter is good for your body as long as it’s organic and from grass-fed cows. Butter contains lots of fat soluble vitamins, especially vitamin K, which is particularly important for bone health because it enables calcium metabolism. In addition, it has conjugated linoleic acid, which is a potent cancer fighter and has been found to produce fat loss when it is eaten daily.

Butter also contains medium chain fatty acids, which don’t enter the cholesterol cycle, and although butter is high in saturated fats, it won’t raise “bad” LDL cholesterol. Reality check – when eaten without an abundance of high carbohydrate foods,  animal-derived saturated fat is benign!

Eat butter however you desire, just make sure it is from grass-fed cows. Avoid margarine, butter substitutes, and opt for a lower carb diet full of complex carbs from vegetables for best health results.

4. Eat Avocado, Olive Oil & Nuts

Avocado, olive oil, and tree nuts have all been called “anti-obesity” foods by food scientists  as  they all provide omega-6 fats. When Omega 6 are eaten in balance with omega-3s, then fats are extremely good for you.

There’s much confusion about omega-6 fats because the typical Western diet is dangerously high in isolated, processed omega-6 fats in the form of vegetable oil. Those are fats you want to avoid, but avocado, unrefined, virgin olive oil (or olives), and tree nuts aren’t processed and can improve body composition, while countering inflammation. Bonus – if you eat any of these fats with vegetables, the fat actually bolsters absorption of vitamins and nutrients in vegetables.

Add avocado, olive oil and nuts to salads, or cooked vegetable dishes. 

5. Go Low-Carb & Avoid All Food Product

Food Product is processed foods and are easily recognised as they are packaged and don’t resemble their natural state. The biggest culprit is man-made fats and processed carbohydrates as they both produce chaos in the body because they elevate blood sugar quickly and lead to a lot of insulin being released. Aside from making you feel sluggish, this produces oxidative stress and encourages you to hold/gain fat.

Most people have accepted that man-made trans fats are BAD news, but the idea that processed low-fat foods are also horrible for you is taking longer to sink in thanks to powerful and persuasive advertising from food companies as well as government endorsed health bodies!

Possibly this is because it’s very counterintuitive that processed carbohydrates, many of which are “non-fat” and “low-fat,” cause cholesterol buildup. Think about this scenario in regards to the digestion of “non-fat” and “low-fat” food product… when the fat is removed from the products, they are digested very quickly and the carbohydrates hit the blood sugar with a bang, producing inflammation and high cholesterol.

This is where George and myself step in as your Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach to define your best macronutrient breakdown for fat loss? “Power Foods Diet” is built on the template 40/40/20. 

First and foremost, your macronutrient breakdown is obviously very goal dependent. Meaning, that these numbers would most likely be different whether one’s goal is primarily fat loss or muscle gain in contrast to the level of training you are at.

In the end, the wisest approach is to focus on how much of each macronutrient you’re eating per pound of bodyweight. You could be eating 40/40/20 every day, but if you’re eating 10000 calories a day, it doesn’t matter.

By using percentages: 40% protein + 40% fats + 20% carbohydrates you’re working on a ‘relative’ scale (relative to your total calories)…

Next week’s post we will delve into this in much more… here is a taster: there are potential disadvantages to using this approach. For example, 40% of 1500 calories is a lot different than 40% of 2500 calories. This approach fails to take into consideration overall caloric intake, which is affected by a number of different variables – the amount of muscle you carry and whether your dieting for fat loss or more focused on muscle gain for example as well as your training level and style.

So while the percentage is constant, the absolute number of protein, carbohydrates, or fat grams is much different, and this is what is important – how much you’re putting in your mouth!!! Even with what seems like good percentages, you could still be getting too little or too much of any macronutrient and  this is where you need professionals to assist you creating your unique menu plan.

What matters is how much you’re eating, not the relative amount of one macronutrient to another. The most important aspect of any Nutrition Program is the overall calories; how much you’re eating for your body. The most important elements are setting the right caloric intake, and getting adequate protein and essential fatty acids. As for carbohydrates  they need to be from a plant base for most people on a mission for optimum fitness and for those working at an athlete/competitive level this may need a slight variance and inclusion of brown rice to meet their macronutrient requirements.

In summary eat GOOD FATS, eat PROTEINS THAT HAD A FACE and eat COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES that look like they came from a country garden! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! xx

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Coach George @ WEEK 1/3, PHASE 1/3 – DETOX of “Power Foods Diet” – FROM FAT 2 FIT!


Well as you know BE FIT HUB is the brain child and baby of both myself and my business partner and Coach George.

I am the the REAL FOODS POWER WOMAN on a mission to spread the message that “STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY” and have been posting on my BLOG “Power Foods Fitness” for the past 13 weeks.

My first transformation was to share with you all the concept of “Power Foods Diet” and the three phases essential to RESET your metabolism, RESTART fat burn/lean muscle growth and REFINE your functional training! Thus being a “TEST DUMMY” for “Power Foods Diet” to show you all that you can transition from “ordinary fitness” to “optimal fitness” by eating real foods and training your body in functional movements. The results speak for themselves if you refer back to the post of “ME @ WEEK 4/4 of PHASE 3/3 – LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH.”

Now as you know I have embarked on training at an athlete level using the platform of our “Power Foods Diet” to become lean and strong and make Top 10 of the Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine Cover Model Competition in 2014. So NOW I am in my second transformation that will show you how our “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle will take me from “optimal fitness” to “competition level fitness”!!! I WANT ALL WOMEN TO KNOW THAT BEING LEAN AND STRONG will give you your feminine curves and keep your body “fat adapted” and cellular health optimum!

…who wants to be chained to the scales?

… think thin and skin hanging of bone is ideal – remember that saggy skin is where lovely lean muscle SHOULD be – ?

… or become so weak as an older women that you can’t hold your posture tall ?


NOW George has been involved in competitive level sports his whole life and knows too well commitment to training and fuelling your body with just the exact “macronutrients” to peak and execute success!

In contrast to my experience and to show the diversity of our “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle – to deliver optimum cellular and fitness health in every stage and goal/s in life –  George has decided to travel a road that he has not been on and become FAT – 10kg heavier (in fact) to show you men out there, that you can with the will of your mind, commit to new habits to loose your excess weight whilst building lean muscle tone.

So each week for the next 11 weeks George will post his experience as he now is in WEEK 1/3 of PHASE 1/3 -DETOX  from the sugar he ate to gain the 10kg in combination with getting the body moving again to create fat burn and lean muscle growth.

* Coach George talks on “FAT to FIT”:

Years of Personal Training meant I’d heard all the excuses under the sun.

“I’m tired”

“I have no energy”

“My days really busy”

“I’m always hungry” etc etc…

But I’m not sure I fully understood the meaning behind it. I haven’t really stopped ‘training’ (it definitely has evolved but never stagnated) for the past 4 years. After a few frustrated weeks I decided my own goal was not to get in the best shape possible. It was the opposite. I was going to go outside my comfort zone and focus on not training and eating a diet high in processed carbs and drinking alcohol on a weekly basis.

So off I set on the path to gaining 10kg the worst way possible to see just how it felt to have no energy and eat processed foods on a daily basis. Without this knowledge, I’m pretty sure my skills as a PT are limited in who I can help but more so how to implement strategies to help this sugar addiction. It’s also given me a chance to show you how well our “Power Foods Diet” lifestyle actually works by doing it !

17/4/13 I weighed in at my heaviest weight EVER.. 95kg! With my measurements and photos done, I’ve begun my transformation to show you all it can be done, regardless of lifestyle, excuses, work load etc etc. It sure as hell doesn’t feel good, the effects are really affecting me and my lifestyle but I’m determined to show it can be done!

For all the males out there, my goals is to shed the 10kg I purposely gained and add some good lean muscle tissue in the process…

For more information regarding my fat loss plans and Be Fit Hub’s “Power Foods Diet” contact us via this BLOG “Power Foods Fitness” or FACEBOOK “Be Fit Hub”.

Stay tuned!



Well another week of maintaining my desired habits – my mantra for this is: “DISCIPLINE PERSONIFIED!”

Our lives are layers that all beat to the same drum of our mindset regardless of their intent. As I always say:



Your mind determines the attitude and the energy you focus to achieve your goals in all areas of your personal (health and relationships) and professional lives.

As myself and George always say as Personal Trainers at Be Fit Hub:


There is no running from yourself! I always make peace with my day and myself each night before I go to sleep. Being “HUMAN” there are occasional days that would have gone more smoothly or been softer on myself and others if I were present to my actions and their ripple effects.

By doing this I also have to sit in my own skin and accept that only I have the power to change any part of my perception and behaviour in any given situation!

As a result I come a step closer to realising the most amazing power I/WE have: the POWER WITHIN – OUR MIND!


“You need to know your mind to know the changes you need to make in the strategies you place to commit to a goal!!!”

On a peripheral level we are all on the journey to BE HAPPY!!!

We feel this more intimately when we surrender the “VICTIM” i.e. “…oh my parents and grandparents were obese so size 14 is not so bad!” and “BLAME” i.e. “…parents always served us frozen dinners so never learned to cook!” mentalities!

We need to embrace that what we are projecting forward is a direct reflection to our understanding of the role of our busy “monkey” mind.

When we unleash: the strength of focus our mind has the potential to BE and add the passion of the heart to DO this in action – we  LIVE OUR GOALS rather than DREAM watching others LIVE THEIR GOALS. 

We only have ONE LIFE and every moment is precious and we need to be mindful where we direct our focus to in that moment. At times we are GIVING of ourselves to encourage others in this scenario to grow. At other times we are RECEIVING all the relevant impressions we need to successfully facilitate a positive change in our lives. 

In today’s TABATA/FOAM ROLLER class that we are running for participants of the FIRST WAVE of the “Power Foods Diet” I explained there is no “NORMAL”… LOL

What we only have is a direct relationship of what effort we put into our diet and training in contrast to the cellular health and fitness goal/s we have set ourselves. Everything in between stems from the power of your mind to stay on track with the consistent baby steps to grow into each phase essential to eventually receive the goal.

If your goal is to be “fat adapted” as mine was in my first transformation then you will only eat REAL FOODS that support your metabolic goal to increase fat burn and lean muscle growth as well as training goals to build stamina in body and mind to be able to practice athlete level “CrossFit style” functional training. Now I am in Week 2/52 of my next transformation and eating to facilitate my athlete level training to achieve lean muscle growth and the word that best describes this chapter in my life is “precision”!!! 

My mind and body are now reflecting each other in focus, drive and strength IN ANY GIVEN MOMENT! Functional Training initially connected me to fuelling my body with REAL FOODS, SUPPLEMENTS and REST to become “fat adapted” as well as leaner and stronger. What this style of living has now blessed me with is a deeper relationship with my mind and knowing that in any moment I have the choice to drift or BE the ACTION that SERVES the INTENTION of my GOAL.

Most people drift as they lack the intensity of focus and fear the unknown – “WHY FEAR THE UNKNOWN – WHEN YOU HAVE YET TO EXPERIENCE IT?” If only people moved past that UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING IN THAT BRIEF SPACE WHERE THEY ARE ENTERING A NEW ZONE – MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY – THEY  WOULD BECOME ADDICTED TO THIS “HIGH”!!! Living in the IMPOSSIBLE is being ALIVE and I know as it took me many moons to shift from the comfortable pace of existing to BEING AWAKE TO LIVING MY LIFE! There is no comparing!!!

So this brings me to the FINE LINE BETWEEN: “LETTING GO” OF A HABIT and GIVING THE SABOTAGING HABIT “POWER OVER YOU” IN THE PROCESS OF LETTING GO… Do yourself a favour and ask yourself the next time you want: to ditch the HIIT session because it’s 7:30am on Saturday morning and raining; order dessert to keep up with the carb loaded ‘Jones’ at your dinner-do; or have a glass of wine before retiring “…is my life a dress rehearsal for when I wake up to being REAL?” THE MORE TIME YOU SPEND IN DENIAL OF YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL THE MORE CONVENIENT AND COMFORTABLE THIS PLACE WILL FEEL AND THE STRONGER THE PULL TO KEEP YOU THERE BECAUSE YOU HAVE CONDITIONED YOURSELF TO THINK IT IS SAFE. Now ask yourself this: “What is so safe about standing still in your self-sabotaging cycle of habits that keep you overweight and unfit?”

I always say to my clients when you taste this WINNING spirit in one layer of your life you will transcend this into all other layers of your life and EVERY MOMENT BECOMES FULL OF “JUICE” and keeps you vibrating at your fullest potential.

You also know where you came from… and this is “CONTRAST”!!! CONTRAST is the PEARL OF WISDOM where every cell of your body and mind acts as a “FILTER” – only allowing positive feedback in and abandoning baggage from the past and of those around you that contract you away from growing into your goal i.e. ”…choosing to eat steak and greens rather than pasta with creamy sauce at the monthly team meeting!” LIFE IS GOOD IF YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT IS!!!


As much FUNCTIONAL TRAINING you do, is as much MENTAL PROGRAMMING you need to do!

The tougher the goal, and the higher your ideals (such as me now athlete level training to grow into lean muscle for my cover girl competition in 50 weeks time), the more you need to focus on this and stay positive about your diet and nutrition (such as me eating just the right macronutrients to deliver the energy to train intensely, build lean muscle as well as teach and manage our studio!)

Many people live in fear of the unknown and are not willing to make sacrifices, but those people are also the ones that will lower their standards or never get real about what it takes. 



As I say “TRAIN LIKE A WARRIOR”, and “LIKE A MACHINE” sometimes. Remember your goals and use all the tools in your toolbox to reach them. 

Know that food is 70% and your training is 30%. Learn to love the REAL FOODS that help you!

Remember that if it were easy then everybody would be doing it. Know that everything worth having you need to fight for! xx 

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Sofija @ HIIT on Wednesday in Week 2/52 of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover Model Competition 2014!