Frozen Blueberry Bites Are the Sweet Little Treat You’ve Been Craving – Approved by “Power Foods Fitness”


Healthy, delicious and easy to make with only three ingredients in total. This ‘PureWow‘ recipe will become a go-to favourite for snacks after school and work, as well as busy weekends.

Ingredients and Instructions:
– 227g vanilla yogurt
– 2 teaspoons lemon juice
– 473g blueberries

Step 1: In a large bowl, carefully mix the blueberries, lemon juice and yogurt together. (Be gentle; you don’t want any berries to get squished.)

Step 2: Scoop out the yogurt-coated blueberries one by one and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Step 3: Freeze for two hours before serving.

Watch this video to see how super easy these are to make:

Enjoy! xx



Great Protein Debate – ‘Which Protein is Best?’

protein shake image

Protein powders are very popular among health conscious people of all ages and stages of fitness experience.
There are many types of protein powders, made from a wide variety of sources.
Among the many options, it can be confusing to figure out which will provide the best results.
This article explains scientifically the best types of protein powder:

Protein powders essentially provide high-quality protein in a concentrated, convenient form.
Although not everyone needs protein powder supplements, they can benefit people who strength train, exercise frequently, or find it difficult to meet protein needs with food alone.

Happy reading xx

Ask The Protein Powder Chef: What’s Your Recipe For Protein Bread? – Approved by “Power Foods Fitness”


This Protein Bread recipe is gluten free and perfect for those that are nut allergic or intolerant. The Protein Powder Chef’s specialty is cooking with protein powder. This recipe is easy to make, versatile and tastes delicious.

So you may prepare the best version of this Protein Bread recipe to remedy your food allergic, intolerance and absorption needs please keep reading:

  • replace buckwheat flour with sunflower seed flour or coconut flour; and/or
  • replace milk with rice milk or coconut milk.

Source: Ask The Protein Powder Chef: What’s Your Recipe For Protein Bread?

Enjoy this high protein and low carb Protein Bread inside or outside the metabolic window of intense exercise. xx

Top 10 Foods Highest in Iron endorsed by “Power Foods Fitness”


Iron is an essential mineral used to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. A slight deficiency in iron causes anemia i.e. fatigue/weakness, and a chronic deficiency can lead to organ failure. Conversely, too much iron leads to production of harmful free radicals, and also interferes with metabolism, causing damage to organs like the heart and liver. The body is able to regulate uptake of iron, so overdose is very rare and usually only occurs when people take supplements. has written a great post detailing the best types of iron. Read more:

“ Iron from natural food sources, like the ones listed below, are considered safe and healthy. While iron is better absorbed from heme (meat) sources, non-heme (plant) iron is better regulated causing less damage to the body. High iron foods include clams, liver, sunflower seeds, nuts, beef, lamb, beans, whole grains, dark leafy greens (spinach), dark chocolate, and tofu. The current daily value (DV) for iron is 18 milligrams (mg). Below is a list of high iron foods. For more high iron foods see the lists of high iron foods by nutrient density, iron rich foods (heme and non-heme), and the list of fruits and vegetables high in iron.”

#1: Squash and Pumpkin Seeds

Iron in 100g 1 cup (227g) 1 ounce (142 seeds) (28g)
15mg (83% DV) 34mg (188% DV) 4mg (23% DV)

Other Seeds High in Iron (%DV per ounce (28g)): Sesame (23%), Sunflower (11%), and Flax (9%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#2: Liver (Chicken)

Iron in 100g 1 Liver (44g) 1 ounce (28g)
13mg (72% DV) 5.7mg (32% DV) 3.6mg (20% DV)

1 tablespoon of chicken liver pate provides 7% DV. One ounce of liverwurst sausage provides 10% DV. Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#3: Seafood (Oysters, Mussels, Clams)

Iron in 100g 3oz (85g) 1 Medium Oyster (25g)
9.2mg (51% DV) 7.8mg (43% DV) 2.3mg (13% DV)

More Seafood High in Iron (%DV per 3oz (85g)): Cuttlefish (51%), Whelk(48%), Octopus (45%), Mussels (32%), Abalone (18%), and Scallops (14%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#4: Nuts (Cashew, Pine, Hazelnut, Peanut, Almond)

Iron in 100g 1 cup (129g) 1 ounce (18 cashews) (28g)
6.1mg (34% DV) 7.8mg (43% DV) 1.7mg (9% DV)

Other Nuts High in Iron (%DV per ounce (28g)): Pine nuts(9%), Hazelnuts (7%), Peanuts (7%), Almonds (7%), Pistachios (7%), and Macadamia (6%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#5: Beef and Lamb (Lean Chuck Roast)

Iron in 100g 1 lb roast (454g) 3 ounce serving (85g)
3.8mg (21% DV) 17mg (96% DV) 3.2mg (18% DV)

A Rib-Eye Steak (10oz, 281g) provides 41% DV. A serving of Lean Lamb Roast (3oz, 85g) provides 13% DV. A Lamb Chop (4oz, 155g) provides 10% DV. Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#6: Beans and Pulses (White Beans, Lentils)

Iron in 100g 1 cup cooked (179g) 1 Tablespoon (11g)
3.7mg (21% DV) 6.6mg (37% DV) 0.5mg (2% DV)

Other Beans High in Iron (%DV per cup cooked): Soybeans (49%), Lentils (37%), Kidney beans (29%), Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas) (26%), and Lima beans (25%), Navy (24%), Black Beans (Frijoles Negros) (20%), Pinto (20%), and Black-eyed Peas (20%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#7: Whole Grains, Fortified Cereals, and Bran

Iron in 100g of Quinoa 1 cup of Quinoa (185g)
1.5mg (8% DV) 2.8mg (15% DV)

Other Grains High in Iron (%DV per cup cooked): Oatmeal (12%), Barley (12%), Rice (11%), Bulgur (10%), Buckwheat (7%), and Millet (6%). Fortified cereals provide up to 140% DV of iron per cup. Check nutrition facts, and also be careful of the high sugar level in commercial cereals. Bran from whole grains can harm absorption of iron supplements, while whole grains are a good source of iron, they should not be consumed with iron supplements. Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#8: Dark Leafy Greens (Spinach, Swiss Chard)

Iron in 100g 1 cup of Cooked Spinach (180g)
3.6mg (20% DV) 6mg (36% DV)

Other Greens High in Iron (%DV per cup): Cooked Swiss Chard (22%), Cooked Turnip Greens (16%), Raw Kale (6%), and Raw Beet Greens (5%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#9: Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

Iron in 100g 1 cup grated (132g) 1 Square (29g)
17mg (97% DV) 23mg (128% DV) 5mg (28% DV)

1 cup of cocoa powder provides 66% DV. A 1.5oz (44g) candy chocolate bar provides 6% DV. Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#10: Tofu

Iron in 100g 1 cup of firm tofu (126g) 1/4 Block (81g)
2.7mg (15% DV) 3.4mg (19% DV) 2.2mg (12% DV)

Calcium can interfere with non-heme iron absorption. Try to buy tofu without added calcium for greater iron absorption. Click to see complete nutrition facts.

Eat your way to optimum health and happiness xx

Egg in a Mug – QUICK, EASY & SO VERY ADAPTABLE BREAKFAST by “Power Foods Fitness”

190714 Egg In A Mug

5-minute microwave breakfast recipe and this includes the preparation and cooking! Say “Good Morning” with protein-packed scrambled egg whites, broccolini, bacon and black quinoa microwaved in a mug. Quinoa can be substituted for most cereals and is a good replacement for rice. It has a subtle flavour with a fluffy, creamy and slightly crunchy texture.

This recipe is a fool-proof, quick and easy way to power-up for the day with a blend of first class proteins, right carbohydrates and good fats.

Single serve

  • 1/3 Cup x diced Broccolini
  • ½ Cup x Egg Whites
  • 2 Tablespoons x finely chopped Bacon
  • 2 Tablespoons x Black Quinoa
  • Salt and Black Pepper to taste
  • Flaxseed Oil


  1. Spray inside of a large microwave-safe mug* with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Stir in egg whites, broccolini, bacon, quinoa, salt and pepper with a fork.
  3. Microwave on HIGH for 1 minute. Stir, then microwave 30 seconds longer or until eggs are set.
  4. Drizzle very lightly with flaxseed oil. My favourite is Waltanna Farms certified organic flaxseed products.

*Use a mug that holds at least a 2-cup glass measuring cup.


  • Substitute smoked ham, turkey ham or smoked deli turkey for bacon. Use whatever meat you have on hand… Just chop it up and stir into the egg whites.
  • Using butter-flavour cooking spray is especially tasty.
  • Depending on the mug used, eggs may rise up over the top of the mug, but don’t worry they won’t overflow. The eggs deflate quickly once the mug is removed from microwave.

This is a basic “egg in a mug” recipe with infinite possibilities and only takes a minute or two to deliver fluffy yumminess. xx

Your beliefs become your destiny! Mind Training to reset your life.

170714 Brain Blog

Do you contently plod or are being awake to the fullest potential of your life? Many people wander through life content with average and don’t even realise they are choosing to live this way. Now consider this: if you’re average, 50% of everyone else is better than you. Mmm.

Is that really good enough?

More than likely this is the same mentality with which you approach your training or nutrition?

When we change our thoughts, we change how we “show up” in situations, and this changes our actions and overall outcome.

As stated by Michelle Adams – Director Science and Education “The simple fact is that 50% of the people who start an exercise program drop out within 6 months.”

So, even if you just simply stick with your program but never push yourself, you’re still at the average 50% mark aren’t you?

At what point will you start to:

  1. Expect more of yourself?
  2. Take responsibility for your thoughts?
  3. Strive for excellence?

Rather than ask yourself what you want to accomplish, the question you need to answer is:

What is the plan to get there?

Visualise success, emotionally expect to succeed and be willing to make the tough decisions to create new habits to reach these goals.

Average means you give into your cravings and are contently plodding through life. 

Excellence is being awake and means you find a sustainable alternative and have the discipline necessary to get you to the next level.

Read the full article by Michelle Adams explaining the mind dynamics by clicking the link below:

Signing-off with love for each of us to grow are these famous words from Mahatma Gandhi:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”